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GW Men's Hoops » GW vs Saint Louis Game » 2/22/2024 7:57 am

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Predicting sports outcomes is always tricky, and it depends on various factors such as team performance, player form, and game dynamics.
The outcome of the game will unfold on the court, and it's an exciting aspect of sports – you never know what might happen! Best of luck to GW; may they secure a victory and improve their record to 15-12!

GW Men's Hoops » Other Games Thread » 2/22/2024 7:44 am

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The Dude wrote:

Hunter Dean and LSU take down Kentucky at the buzzer!

That was a close one I was on the edge of my seat when that happened 

GW Men's Hoops » The March Madness Bubble » 2/22/2024 7:40 am

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Exciting times for college basketball! The A10 is heating up, and teams are making their case for the coveted NCAA tournament spots. Gonzaga's impressive computer ranking is notable, but the absence of a quad one win keeps them on the bubble. Keep a close eye on Texas and other power programs as they navigate the challenging path to secure their spots. February promises to be a decisive month!

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