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GW Men's Hoops » Yuta Update » 6/13/2024 4:14 pm

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GW Alum Abroad wrote:

Appears Yuta is close to signing with a team...

Lets get this straight, I just invested in 25 seconds of Googling and note that he is closing in on 30 and has a wonderful bride in Japan.... This move makes sense.

GW Other Sports » RevsBall season #1 » 3/13/2024 10:09 am

Last night, I watched GW Softball take the last two games @ UC Davis This is a rebounding year for the program. They look good in the field. at the rubber and at the plate. The second game was the 3rd game at Davis and GW took a mercy killing victory. The Davis Aggies played their 2nd game of the day right after against U of Iowa . Loojks like both men and women are getting on to it on the diamond.

General Discussion » FloSports Scam » 1/27/2024 7:27 am

jf wrote:

Believe I successfully cancelled, but saw something about a class action lawsuit.
My dream is that one day, we will play in a tournament not covered by FloHoops.

As I suggest, I even keep notes that I cancelled and the time. Keep an eye on it.

General Discussion » FloSports Scam » 1/25/2024 11:14 am

Did anyone other than me sign up for Flo to watch the first tourney thinking that it was a month $'s to see 3 games? I went on line and cancelled only to be charged after cancelling... it appears that they scam a one year membership. They have already been sued. I have emailed a lawyer associated with the class action case.
What a rip off, didn't even get a free Trump steak.

It would be a good idea that GWU AD knows about how this hits it's fans. The school should find away to buy a bundle of subscriptions for broadcasts that they could markup as a fundraiser. At this point, I could be facing up to $'sw that could fly me to Peru for the rest of the winter and the added hassle. GWU never again!!!!

GW Men's Hoops » GW beats George Mason !! » 1/18/2024 9:44 am

Gwmayhem wrote:

Not an either/or folks.  You can feel completely wronged by the officials and yet still do enough things poorly to lose a game on your own.  There was nothing on the Fordham scouting report to suggest that they would set a school record for 3's in a game against GW.  But the fact is that they did, and in the majority of these cases, we did little to contest.  Teams have gone 24-72 (33%) from 3 against GW ever since so apparently and hopefully, lesson learned.

To quote a since departed noted GWU Stat Prof. Charles Mann, "Unlike some people, I don't mind telling someone, I told you."

As more time is spent by bigs and most college players invest more time to work on their long range shooting, every team will have guys shooting 3's at a clip that starts to look more like Pros. I, mention that hot shooting nights by opponents will have to be dealt with.

As for the Mason game, I was struck by two very positive takeaways, first, Mr. Akingbola's ability to both menace shots in the paint and still set to maintain an active positioning for pulling  a defensive rebound.  I have been a critic up to this game, but against Mason, Babakunda delivered a master class.

Second, the "maturing of this rotation" to sense the game state of the game, when to hit the gas after a stop or when to slow it down and make safe passes. CC doesn't have to call time outs. Sometimes this TOs allow the opponent to see that they about to roll you.  GW as a team was reacting by working for a down hill drive to the rim and sometimes getting a hoop and a harm which immediate the possibility of a game changing rally into what was becoming a dumpster fire.

I like Tony Skinn as a coach. he isn't a coaching fraud, like so many. Reading between the lines in has post-game, he was saying that he had been out-coached and he was taking it personally. Much of the the credit must go to James and Max as they share the game with the newcomers at GWU.

GW Men's Hoops » GW beats VCU Game! » 1/08/2024 12:04 am

dmvpiranha wrote:

It's hard to ignore that the team went on a run in the first half when Stretch was pulled after picking up his second foul. Would CC have pulled Akingbola at that point if he hadn't been called for the second foul? It's interesting to think about, but it ended up benefitting the team at that point. Determining when Stretch should play has to be tough. There's no denying his elite blocking ability (that block on JoeBam was one of the best moments of the season; coming into the game,

After the Navy game, I got yelled at about the 11 block performance may be a cloud with dark lining when Draper got 16 boards including 6 offensives on the way to scoring 19 after coming off the bench to log over 36 minutes for Navy..

Before the Fordham game, I suggested that the coach may take Stretch off the court and play small by adding a big guard. GW played with two subs ( our two leading freshmen guards). What does standout on the states are the number of offensive rebounds that we surrendered and the 3 point shooting by Fordham. Both stats can be credited to by getting breaks by the starter players at the 1-4.

Against VCU, we closed out one players shooting the 3 Pt. We shall as always run into hot shooting teams. It will cost a game or two. It is the new game.

As you point out, when Akingbola picked up his 2nd foul, CC made a move to go with Smith who had the most game experience at this level.. Then he inserted Zam after a couple of minutes. Zam hit a big 3, which was a bonus. At that point, with the use of Jocoi and Trey, he had gone nine deep.That mad GW dangerous as we could lean on the four major scorers from the starters.

Our subs won the Plus-minus battle. Jocoi had his best game at both ends. Trey out rebounded Joe and Joe scored 9 points of his 18 on 3s that he took.

The other clear thing was that Akingbola is fighting to control his man on the boards. One can see that they are working with him on his technique. His 4 points were critica

GW Men's Hoops » GW beats VCU Game! » 1/07/2024 2:45 pm

Class 'o 70 wrote:

At one point, when Bamisile was getting in position to shoot a foul shot, JBIV was standing nearby and you could see a (rare) smile on James's face as he bantered with Bamisile. so, it appeared that they might still be on good terms.

That was right after Bam got a friendly bounce on a free throw off the top of the backboard. Class, I had the two of them laughing after that and I will share.


GW Men's Hoops » GW vs Fordham Game » 1/02/2024 11:00 pm

James has been giving up the ball.Starting against the Rams, the coach will change his tune. Look for 30 points. To get a guy off the blocks, coaches will park them on offense at the free line. If I were CC,  I would make an unconventional move and use Max with Bishop. CC never figured out how to use Stretch in the offense in a way that produced much of anything I would get him off the floor and go with a big guard and defend hard and straight up.

GW Men's Hoops » Best Freshmen Duo in GW History » 12/23/2023 6:46 am

LA Colonial wrote:

Agree with Yegor/Shawta, but for us old folks there was Pat Tallent and Keith Morris in the backcourt along with Haviland Harper and Clyde Burwell up front.   (Bob Shanta was also in that class).   The problem was that as Freshmen, they had to play on the Freshman team and could not play varsity.  The Freshman team went 17-1 splitting with Maryland for the only loss. This included a 100+ point victory margin over Kirkland Hall.  The Freshman team routinely routed the varsity in practice...

Finally. yes, for the younger crowd, Pat and Keith were the bomb. Pat was a scorer and Keith, though not small was lighting fast. He could use his first step to open up a pass and his passes were all catch-able. Pat was a great outside shooter like Bob, but with his size and his knack to bump defenders and fake them out could score within 10 feet.

Bob Shanta, if memory serves, was from the Pittsburgh area and was the size of a modern day tight end. Thinking of the Alcorn game, Bob was the human solution to weak side defensive rebounding issues. Haviland was the Yegor of the group one of the speed boys out of Philly. Clyde would reject everything.

LA Colonial, the coolest thing about the team was that both Clyde and Haviland were in my.upper level Math classes. they were scholars and both took advantage of their GW degrees.

I look at that team as the launch of modern GW basketball. Bob Tallent's teams would (1) run breaks like surgeons (* banking easy points); (2) contest for offensive rebounds; (3) and find the open shooter and match up advantage.

I would say that CC is a good coach. He has to teach his players to read the gamescape and deliver what is need at the moment. With Pat and Keith, Bob Tallent had that the second they stepped on campus. Alcorn was a film session gift. Chris has to work through tendencies with every player.


GW Men's Hoops » GW beats Navy Game » 12/07/2023 11:34 pm

GWRising wrote:

russianthistle wrote:

GWRising wrote:

If you look at the game, you will see we pulled off a rare feat. We won despite giving up 20 offensive rebounds, making 18 turnovers, shooting 54.5% from the line and giving up 20 points off turnovers and another 20 off second chances. If you told me those stats beforehand I would tell you we would lose 99 out of 100 times. Why did we win? We erased 15 shot attempts. Huge in a game where the other team had nearly 20 more attempts. That is truly rare.

To raise the ghost of Bobby Knight and many of his assistants, do you see a connection between all the blocked shots and the number of the offensive boards and associated with the points in the paint? Just asking.

 If the point is that we left our feet too many times and didn't box out on the D glass, stipulated. 

They always say that you are smarter than Knight. Get over your self.

GW Men's Hoops » GW beats Navy Game » 12/07/2023 12:19 pm

GWRising wrote:

If you look at the game, you will see we pulled off a rare feat. We won despite giving up 20 offensive rebounds, making 18 turnovers, shooting 54.5% from the line and giving up 20 points off turnovers and another 20 off second chances. If you told me those stats beforehand I would tell you we would lose 99 out of 100 times. Why did we win? We erased 15 shot attempts. Huge in a game where the other team had nearly 20 more attempts. That is truly rare.

To raise the ghost of Bobby Knight and many of his assistants, do you see a connection between all the blocked shots and the number of the offensive boards and associated with the points in the paint? Just asking.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs South Carolina Game » 11/30/2023 2:47 pm

TV.YouTube  is not coming up with anything(unavailable). I will be on the ESPN+ to watch. @Class 'o 70

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs UIC » 11/25/2023 12:54 pm

Alum1, I know that you are a solid observer of the game and are appreciated by me for your thoughts, but I am in the camp of AT Hiker. As I said pre-season in response to a pile of negative post on the site, I basically every wimps for whining. I may have the advantage over you having watched all of Germany's games in Europe this summer along with the England games.

In that post I added much of this season will hinge on how long it some our young players take to find out what they can get away with at this level. I mentioned Schroder, first on that. After one bad game for Germany, their coach had Benny play pont-forward and he pretty much ran what offense his team could muster, One of Schroder's TOs was a past that Jacoi would admit to dropped that should have been a simple layup. Schroder blocked a lot of shots to go with rebounds. Neither of us know what Benny is showing in practice.

Jacoi had a below par game and we won. Every time that happens, we get better down the line. The ability to go short is a testimony to the training progress. . I prefer 5-0 and seeing 8 players this season at this point and 3-2 and seeing 11 players. CC will salt the floor with subs in the first half when we go up by 10 - 12 in the first half. As they say, CC is coaching to the "gamescape." Otherwise, you have to be in it to win it.

Your wish may come true today as our team may not have any legs for tonight's game. I may have to buy a new bottle of Rum for the 7 pm tipoff. I am hoping to see UIC perform like the game that W&M after they played us. My guess is that we will see a lot of Trey in this one. They may leave him open after what they did in their first game--they seemed to sag defenders into the paint to stop drivers. My wild guess we will see Keegan or Zam early in the first half, just to get our starters minutes of rest and get them into the second half ready to win the game.

GW Men's Hoops » GW Beats Ohio Game » 11/24/2023 3:55 pm

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I will submit that we miss Adams when we try to shutdown a win....or I will when I hit the Submit button.

GW Men's Hoops » Robert “Handy” Handerahan » 11/22/2023 1:13 pm

Another brick in the wall of a good program. Agreed.

GW Men's Hoops » GW Beats Hofstra Game » 11/15/2023 8:34 am

What we seem to watching a coach and staff with a very good sense of "gamescape" a data/stochastic reactions to moves by the opponent's players and coaches and how the GW players are doing. That was clear to us how we performed right after Max was subbed (as pointed above). CC uses a first half lead to give his bench time on the floor. This may seem to result in a swing in the game flow, but pays dividends by game end.
Gamescape also is appearing as CC switches to the big lineup to the small. He catches the other coach sleeping at the switch, so to say. He does this at times throughout the game to pressure the ball, or switching into a zone. They the GW staff clearly watched the Princeton game and stole some defensive ideas to use against Hofstra.

Also about the rotation mentions, I feel this team is loaded with potential and DNPs or bad defense passages should not be true measure of what we have on the bench this year. Keep this in mind in the next couple of games.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs Stonehill Game » 11/08/2023 8:30 am

would you play for this guy?

Seems so!!! Is 2023 the return of GWU Hoops? It starts with recruiting. Why did Johnson start? Because he was going to score 20+ and pull 9 boards? He is a sound player and can keep the ball moving and as the coach said, he is a threat if you don't cover him. We have a team now that is set up to drub our opponents with a two man game on offense. We didn't bother against Stonehill. As Caputo suggested with the joy over Johnson's night exploding, we have the shooters. We had numerous good personal appearances in short chances. Our load of young guards, our depth with the young bigs....on and on.

The true tests are on the way.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs Stonehill Game » 11/03/2023 1:49 am

This team is going to blindside a lot of folks.We have a top coaching staff at GW and I want to see what they can do with a full bench.The player development has been amazing. Dean will pay a price for leaving this staff. Edwards and Bishop along with Adams worked so hard that by the end of a big game had little left in the tank.I could see the coaches grooming either Trey or Jacoi into an on the ball third guard. We more likely will see a lot of the freshmen guards for good stretches as we give Bishop and Edwards get blows. I really think that the coaches have to come up with a way to speed up the game to put the deep of this team into play, whether anyone respect it or not. Buchanan leads a group of 3-4's to GW who have proved that they can score within 9 feet without getting to the rim. This is a change up of years of watching Brown struggle. This should limit the help on Bishop and Edward.

The coaching challenge is getting Schröder to learn what he can get away with at this level and how he can create as a 3. If he is cooking, and teamed with Buchanan, the future in the A10 could be bright. One can only hope that the portal becomes less of a factor.

GW Men's Hoops » Smith Center Discussion + Renovations » 9/10/2023 5:29 pm

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GWU do us all a favor and go Local!!!!

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