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GW Women's Hoops » Schedule » 9/19/2023 5:24 pm

Former GW WBB player Maddie Loder actually transferred to Stonehill for her grad year before last season but she has since graduated/ran out of eligibility.

Not a huge fan of taking a trip to UMES (or Towson) but I realize that's how it goes sometimes. Playing a D2 school at home for the third year in a row is awful (and they managed to find a team that lost by 20 to Wilmington, who GW beat by 44 last season). I understand that there are difficulties in CBB scheduling in this day in age (as has been discussed at length on here) but surely there is a low major D1 team they can play who will at least count towards their metrics. This team is at the point now where I could see them competing in the A10 and with some luck they could make a run at the A10 title. They don't need to be playing bad D2 teams and it would be a shame to see them have their postseason chances/seeding affected by playing games like this.

With all that complaining over with, I think the MTE is exciting. I always love to see games against P5 schools and SIU and Charlotte are no slouches either. Should be a fun year

GW Men's Hoops » Which Newcomer Are You Most Intrigued By? » 8/29/2023 4:34 pm

1. Benny Schroeder
2. Jacoi Hutchinson
3. Garrett Johnson
4. Babatunde Akingbola
5. Darren Buchanan

GW Men's Hoops » Meet the Revolutionaries » 8/17/2023 10:53 am

Classes are starting a week from today to allow students to have the full week of Thanksgiving off. Plenty of newcomers on both the men's and women's soccer teams but hopefully the women can take advantage of a cupcake game to start before they travel to play a Bucknell team coming off back to back Patriot League championships and picked first in the Patriot League again this year

GW Men's Hoops » Kenner League 2023 » 7/16/2023 10:25 am

Harvey started out very strong and hit four open threes in the beginning of the game. He definitely slowed down once the other team realized he could shoot but started getting to the foul line and scoring from there. He was solid defensively but nothing to truly write home about. He piled up the rebounds in the second half. Generally a strong performance but he wasn't as much of a presence down low offensively as he was in the other game he was named player of the game in.

I also saw Max play and he was very average. He didn't get the ball a bunch and when he did his shots weren't really falling. His passing looked pretty good and he ended with 4 assists. He was playing against Call Your Mother, which has Ricky Lindo who was very poor. 0-5 from the field and didn't record a single stat in the second half. Also on Call Your Mother yesterday was 5 star 2024 Bryson Tucker, who Max was matched up with a bunch. I was impressed with Tucker, who looked very comfortable among guys older than him. He got to the rim well and showed off his smooth stroke with some midrange jumpers. He's been offered by any high major worth their salt in the mid-atlantic so he won't be coming to GW (we haven't even offered him) but I just hope he doesn't go to Georgetown.

GW Men's Hoops » Jamion Update » 7/12/2023 4:11 pm

From what I can gather it looks like they were relegated last season so he will be coaching in Serie A2 next season. Fascinating landing spot for him in my opinion and I hope does well

GW Men's Hoops » Kenner League 2023 » 7/02/2023 7:45 pm

Keegan played almost exclusively down low today. It was nice to see him finishing through contact even if the threes weren't as much of his scoring output as normal

GW Men's Hoops » Kenner League 2023 » 7/02/2023 12:08 pm

Buchanan was impressive and was arguably the best player on the court. His first half was way better than his second half but one aspect of his game I was impressed with was his passing. Harvey couldn't really find his groove and the fact that the threes didn't fall spelled trouble for him

GW Women's Hoops » Roster out for women's team » 6/27/2023 3:30 pm

dmvpiranha wrote:

Looks like Sheslanie and Aurea aren't returning to the team this year. Does that mean we still have one open spot for next year?

Yes, one scholarship spot available as far as I can tell

GW Women's Hoops » AC Sherrill Baker to Bucknell » 6/26/2023 12:07 pm

Looks like the replacement will be Ali Jaques based off some social media posts from her, the team, and recruits visiting campus. GW assistant from 2006-08 and was the head coach at Siena from 2012-21. Most recently was an assistant at Seton Hall


GW Men's Hoops » New official web site/roster. » 6/24/2023 8:47 pm

Interesting to see them practicing in the student gym (aka the Lerner Health and Wellness Center). The luxuries of students not being on campus over the summer!

Recruits » 2025 Recruits » 6/21/2023 11:31 am

2025 6'5 wing Brady Loughlin from

Loughlin’s been more good than lucky, for sure; the 6-5 wing guard, who’s playing his grassroots ball with Jersey Force, contributed 18 points in Don Bosco’s 56-33 win over Archbishop Carroll on Saturday morning, going 4-of-9 from downtown with a couple and-ones, including the circus shot. It’s consistent outings like that which have helped him pull in offers from Albany, Fairfield and Iona, with interest from some higher levels; he said he’d heard from George Washington, Florida Atlantic, William & Mary and “some Patriot League schools” and he’s also doing the Ivy League camp rounds, going to Yale, Harvard and Princeton’s at various points this summer.=11pt“Definitely something I’m looking for in a school is the high academics,” he said. “I just want to play the biggest basketball I can at the best school I can. Anywhere I can find both would be a great fit.”

GW Men's Hoops » GW New Moniker Discussion » 5/27/2023 10:58 pm

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Alumni would have a bigger say if they donated more money. And I recognize that it becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy in the sense that you won't donate when GW does stuff you don't like but that leaves the door open for a group of students to start a movement to change the name or do whatever. I understand that students are scapegoated here for many but as a student entering their fourth year at GW I have had no say beyond the surveys sent out to the community as a whole asking for opinions on potential new names. I understand that we often need to point the finger at other generations but I know there are many of us students/recent graduates who have been left frustrated by the name changing process (as many have alluded to here).

As for the name itself, I think Revolutionaries is marginally better than Colonials but a slight increase is not worth all of the time, energy, and money spent on the process. The fact that we had a year of lame duck Colonials without knowing what the name would be is absurd to me and points to the dysfunctional nature of the GW administration many of us are familiar with in many aspects. I've said this before but I think Colonials was a lame name and I stand by that. I'd imagine they'll opt to use Revs but I don't really forsee them moving away from the "George Washington" or "GW" on athletic uniforms. I guess we will see. FWIW, I think Commanders would have been great for GW but the football team stole it.

Also, as they have repeatedly said, they're not going to change the name of the school. If you are scared, get a dog.

GW Women's Hoops » A10 Transfer Portal Activity » 5/04/2023 6:43 pm

These updates have been amazing, WMC. As far as I can tell GW has filled all of their scholarships for next season but in the WRGW interview a week or two ago McCombs seemed like they were open to adding a player or two more. Right now I think we can be a double bye contender but I'd love to hear the thoughts of others (and I realize we have 6 months until the season starts)

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 5/03/2023 3:05 pm

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The deadline is to enter, not to make a decision, correct? Can players withdraw after the deadline?

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 4/20/2023 5:44 pm

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The other school I would be worried about is Butler. They are the only other school as far as I have seen that's demonstrated as much interest as us

Recruits » Transfer: Benny Schröder, Guard, 2022 - Transferring from Oklahoma » 4/18/2023 9:38 am

Buff&BlueBandit wrote: article announcing his transfer. Article says he only has three years of eligibility. Can someone confirm?

Confirmed. The coaching staff is understandably not pleased that he didn't get a redshirt for last season

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 4/14/2023 7:57 pm

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I really really don't like him going to VCU personally. I think he was fortunate to get a transfer waiver last year, so it should be more difficult for him to get one this year. He is a very likable character and a person I would absolutely want associated with my school if we leave basketball aside. But transferring within the conference, especially to a local school, seriously rubs me the wrong way. Maybe that is the nature of the new era of college basketball but I am not a fan in this instance.

Also you simply cannot be anywhere close to graduating on time when going to 4 schools in 4 years. Joe is really smart and if he found the right school at his first (or second) stop he could be an amazing ambassador for the ideal student athlete at that school. I will always have a soft spot for him but I just can't get on board with him going to VCU.

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 4/12/2023 2:10 pm

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Do we think Schroeder will get a redshirt for last year? I'm not intimately familiar with the new rules but from what I can tell he at least has a chance to get one. Bringing him in with four years of eligibility would be incredible. Either way I am very excited about this addition

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