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GW Men's Hoops » 2023-24 Schedule » 9/11/2023 8:40 am

I cant get the schedue to format properly
link is here
The D1 Docket: 2023-24 Conference Dockets

GW Women's Hoops » Schedule » 8/31/2023 3:42 pm

from the ESPN Site

Wed, Dec 6    at   Towson 
Thu, Dec 21   vs   Stonehill                  12:00 PM

GW Women's Hoops » Schedule » 8/29/2023 6:51 pm

i checked
last year the Men's A-10 schedule was released on Sept, 7

GW Men's Hoops » 2023-24 Schedule » 8/07/2023 5:17 pm

My prediction - OOC - 8 wins and 5 losses
Losses - Hofstra, Ohio, 2nd Bahamas game, SC, Alcorn State

GW Men's Hoops » Summer League Revolutionaries » 6/27/2023 5:06 pm

can a knowledgeable member(s) of this list put together 2 separate threads

1) all GWU players drafted by the NBA/ABA, and pro leagues before the NBA/ABA
2) all GWU players who played in the NBA/ABA and pro leagues before the NBA/ABA

GW Men's Hoops » Let's Get Small » 5/04/2023 10:43 pm

Since we are in DC - The Home of Go-Go
Let's Get Small
A DC/Go-Go classic by Trouble FunK
circa 1982

Let's Get Small (Special Mix) - YouTube

GW Men's Hoops » 2023-24 Schedule » 4/06/2023 2:16 pm

2022-23 season
13 OOC games

8 home
2 away        Hofstra, Radford
3 neutral     Washington State, Pepperdine, Seattle U.

GW Men's Hoops » 2023-24 Schedule » 4/06/2023 12:51 pm

There are also 2 exhibition /scrimmages that will be played.
Does anyone know Coach Caputo's preferences for public exhibition games vs private scrimmages?

GW Men's Hoops » 2023-24 Schedule » 4/06/2023 12:49 pm

gwfan25 wrote:

Pretty sure there is a return game with South Carolina

I assume that is an away game?

GW Men's Hoops » 2023-24 Schedule » 4/06/2023 12:39 pm

Does anyone have any insights into the 2023-24 Out of Conference Schedule?

1) I assume there will be another unbalanced 18 game A-10 schedule

2) Were any of last years OOC games part of Home and Away contracted games?

3) 4 home games vs HBCUs - I assume they were all buy games?

4) I expect American at home and Howard at home

5) Holiday Tournament is set

Gulf Coast Showcase
Monday–Wednesday, November 20–22: Estero, Fla.

  • Buffalo (MAC)
  • George Washington (Atlantic 10)
  • Valparaiso (MVC)
  • Wright State (Horizon)
  • 4 TBD


GW Men's Hoops » Jamison Battle » 4/06/2023 11:55 am

Ohio State Buckeyes land key transfer from Big Ten rival (

i assume/hope that he is a Grad Transfer
having spent 2 years at GW then 2 years at Minnesota

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs VCU Game Thread » 3/04/2023 9:06 pm

Free Quebec wrote:

Actually yes. I have Covid and can’t make it. Send me a private message on here. But only if you’re a GW fan (don’t remember this poster name)

Please take care and get well
i hope you were able t watch the game on TV
it was a good one

GW Men's Hoops » 20 win Fordham » 2/20/2023 10:11 am

The Dude wrote:

VCU Beats Fordham, Fordham drops to 21-6

Can VCU get an at large bid if they win out, and lose in the A10 Finals?


Regular Season Champion who does not win the Conference Tourney gets an automatic bid to the NIT.

Most "experts" have predicted the A-10 to be a 1 bid league this year.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs Saint Joseph Game Thread » 2/14/2023 10:26 am

Gwmayhem wrote:

Question and then some comments.

I understand that our mascot, cheerleaders and dance club members do not typically travel to away games until the conference tournament.  Am pretty sure this is true of most of the conference schools with one exception.  The SJU Hawk shows up everywhere, home or away.  Does anyone know why this is?  Can other schools bring their mascots to road games but choose not to do so?  


I believe it is an agreement between the 2 schools.

Last night i went to the UM-ES @ Howard game and was surprised to see the UM-ES cheerleaders on the court. There was definitely a "degree of antagonism" between the two cheerleading groups. But the UM-ES band was not there.

Many years ago - probably before many of you were born, I was a graduate student at Stanford University. The main rivalry is with UC - Berkeley.  For these basketball games both bands and cheerleaders of both schools participated, but the opposing band was given the worse seats in the arena.

This may be an outgrowth of football game where the visiting team performs pregame, and the home team performs at half-time.

GW Men's Hoops » Solving The Attendance Problem » 2/11/2023 7:49 am

WisconsinColonial2021 wrote:

My 7 year-old grandson and I watch the weekend games together (thank goodness for ESPN+) and he is now a fan. He wants me to take him to a game, which I hope to do some day. He also wants a James Bishop jersey but, of course, they don’t exist for sale. In fact, the bookstore doesn’t have much in the way of basketball stuff. Here in Madison, you can buy the jersey of every U of WI player, as well as former players. I know, apples and oranges, but still …

Go to amazon or ebay and you can have one made for you.  Does James B have an NIL - merchandise site?

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs Richmond Game Thread » 2/09/2023 1:01 am

I was at the game tonight

but why were there so few people and students in attendance?
Is it mid-terms week? or was there something else going on, on campus?

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs George Mason Game Thread » 1/16/2023 12:36 am

and student section seats for this game - behind the backboards - are $10 

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