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GW Men's Hoops » This should make everyone happy » 9/06/2022 11:40 am

To recap, in the past 5 years since the NIT, our head coach was fired under false pretenses because of a vindictive sex predator in the administration, we've had three head coaches under an AD who is completely inexperienced, are renaming the team, and now are thinking about effectively ending the program, against an academic backdrop of being completely unranked nationally. Quite the trajectory. Proud alum here.

GW Men's Hoops » Objective 2022-2023 Atlantic Ten power ratings. » 9/02/2022 5:39 pm

It will be a mighty team.
We might see what Nixon can do.
CC might have a great opening campaign.
Adams might shoot better than 30% from 3.
Lindo might show us some hustle.
We might be OK without our top 2 returning scorers beyond Bishop.
Those Mighty Mighty Hippos.

GW Men's Hoops » Let's Get Small? » 8/19/2022 6:50 am

Big minutes for Adams, which is a big problem.

GW Men's Hoops » Not a good place to be... » 8/12/2022 2:39 pm

I saw that list too and it's embarrassing. Free tickets for students still, right?
Maybe there's an effect when 2,500 watch you lose by double digits to the worst program in A-10 history.

GW Men's Hoops » Want To See (Arguably) The Best Freshman In The Country? » 8/10/2022 6:21 am

Brogdon (UVa.) became a pretty highly paid NBA player

GW Men's Hoops » 2022-23 Schedule » 7/29/2022 1:23 pm

GWRising wrote:

 I would make one minor amendment to your post. I would say it was a player not players that graduated from GW as I'm not sure Maureece Rice ever graduated. Omar Williams did for sure.

Not sure Carl Elliott did either. Regis might have. 

GW Men's Hoops » 2022-23 Schedule » 7/28/2022 5:49 am

Most inbred fans: Tennessee or Louisville? Vote in my poll!

Recruits » Transfer: EJ Clark, Guard, 2018 - Transferring from Alabama State » 7/15/2022 12:40 pm

Clark shot 46% from three and 86% from the free throw line last season. Was the best catch and shoot scorer in the SWAC last season, per @SynergySST.

GW Men's Hoops » Next Steps for GW Coaches » 7/08/2022 8:21 am

Not exactly the right thread but Justin Mazzulla has joined the GW-to-URI diaspora as an assistant coach.

GW Men's Hoops » Kind of Underwhelming, No? » 6/29/2022 5:34 am

Thin roster, no team name, a coach who's been here 8 minutes's like we're trying to have the most minimal, inconsequential basketball presence in D1 ever. We could be wistful for 1-27 this year. Go Tanya!

GW Men's Hoops » Hobbs and/or Lonergan to the GWHOF? » 6/07/2022 7:43 am

KH "cheated" and ML "abused players." 
Neither is true, of course. But then GW thinks it can reject recruits because it is an "academic school" (outside every Top 50 list in the US). 

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