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GW Men's Hoops » GW beats Navy Game » 12/06/2023 2:04 pm

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The assist to turnover ratio tells the story for this team. 
117/129 needs to be flipped.
JB @ 44/34, Jacoi 20/14 (10 steals second on team,) and Trey 7/5 are the only ones with +a:to ratio.
Max 14/22 (and leads team with 13 steals and 7.7 rebs.)

The low energy vs mental toughness debate is a good one.  Some would say that reaching rather than using legs is lazy.  Not sure here.  Max obviously makes a lot happen with his activity but he is definitely a risk taker with his handle, passing and defense. 

Hopefully discipline will improve with maturity and we won’t take the roller coaster ride when we’re up by 7 and then throw a pass into the 3rd row of Georges Army.

Looking forward to the growth.

GW Men's Hoops » GW beats Navy Game » 12/05/2023 9:52 pm

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Always nice to get a W! 
Setting all time blocks record…nice! Congrats to Stretch (I knew Kevin Hall very well may he r.i.p.)

If anybody wants to beat us, just play a soft 1-2-2 press or leave us open at the foul line, or put us there, and we lose.  Too many sloppy, soft, lazy, stagnant possessions.

Hope we grow from this (I think we’re gonna see new rotations soon)

GW Men's Hoops » GW beats Navy Game » 12/05/2023 8:01 pm

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Very disappointing half.  12 turnovers..really?
Darren, Jacoi, Trey, Garrett, Stretch playing full speed.
Max, JB swaggin around half speed. I’d sit them both to start 2nd half.  Their ballhandling sucks!!

GW Men's Hoops » A10 POY, GW All Time Leading Scorer Races » 12/03/2023 11:05 am

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James and Max are still adjusting to their new teammates and vice versa.  Both of them prefer scoring off the dribble which seems to get the ball stuck.  Very little catch and shoot and drives to the hoop end in off balance prayers that haven’t even been close.  We need to finish stronger and get more physical in all aspects.

Don’t think James has the footspeed or ballhandling abilities for the next level. He can score and get hot, but  we’re seeing difficulties with ball movement by him and Max. 

They’re both very talented but I think they have some adjustments yet to be made in order to improve this teams chances.  Until then we’ll keep seeing bad body language and emotional outbursts when things don’t go their way.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs South Carolina Game » 12/02/2023 10:22 am

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You either win or you learn!  We see new rotations being tried and certain to see many more.  SC was very comfortable in their own gym and enjoyed shooting practice against us.  I wish we tried some full court pressure to take them out of rhythm.  At 30-26 Max had a defensive rebound taken away (right in front of CC who had to turn away) and  Carolina got a killer second chance 3 to swish.  Ugh down 7 again.  Same thing with JB4 in second half giving up an and 1 on the turnover.  Twice could’ve cut it to 2 but loose/soft care of the ball stopped us.  Max was off  but did get 8 boards.  Would rather see him not get stuck too far underneath and kick it out.

Was happy to see Darren, Jacoi, and Trey bring the energy and solid play.  As CC starts to mix and match in next few weeks, I think we’ll see growth and more consistent play.  Hey, we’ve had 2 20 plus games from a 6th man. That was pretty cool.

Looking forward to this team growing.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs South Carolina Game » 12/01/2023 6:44 pm

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Haha Jersey Guy. Agree.

This should be fun since SC hasn’t lost yet and probably feels a bit cocky and overconfident.

We’ve had a week to prepare with good coaching and game planning and have every reason to be confident.  I’m certain CC will keep our guys focused and hopefully we start out with hot shooting and strong D.

Hope the refs aren’t a factor.


GW Men's Hoops » GW beats Delaware Game » 11/27/2023 2:14 pm

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Was happy for our guys finishing this trip on a high note!
Nice to have positive momentum and a happy flight home back to campus.

We have 4 bonafide offensive talents averaging double figures.  We get 40 rebounds a game. We shoot 3’s and free throws very well.  Sounds like a great situation!

What we haven’t done well is start games, minimize turnovers, stay locked in, and be consistent.  It’s schizo to shoot 22% in a half and 70% in second half of same game!!  Need to modulate the right emotions. 

Just look at UConn and FAU.  They play angry with a chip on their shoulder whether the shots are falling or not.  Yes they are super skilled but they make their opponents feel them!  It’s part of winning. You can play with your hair on fire and still be under control.

We have a bunch of stuff to clean up and I’m sure the coaching staff will address it.  The most encouraging thing is that CC wants to win and so do the players. They’ve definitely bought in and are enjoying the ride.

GW Men's Hoops » GW vs UIC » 11/25/2023 2:28 pm

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21 turnovers (for whatever reason) is not going to cut it.
Making 40% from 3 can only fix so many sins for so long.
As yet, not sure who the best ball handler on this team is, but hoping one will emerge as they grow.
Go Revs (and as Clark Kellogg says, “gotta squeeze that orange!”)

GW Men's Hoops » GW Beats Ohio Game » 11/21/2023 5:16 pm

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I’m excited for this team.  They’ve had a promising start to the season and along with the fans are discovering their own skills and personalities. As important as the matchup is with Ohio, this is a new shared experience by the team and coaches which should bring everyone closer.  It’s not easy taking this large family to Baha Mar and keeping everyone on the same page.

The demographic of the team is cool featuring grad students, transfers, freshmen, and a few countries.  Would give anything to listen in on some of the team chatter during meals and travel.

Have to say that I have some concerns with Max, Benny, and not so much Trey.  Each has shown negative emotions when frustrated. Trey is pressing and needs to settle down and play freely like Jacoi, Stretch, Garret, Darren, and JB4.  Benny seems to sulk and wear his emotions on his sleeve.  Max also presses when things don’t go his way as in getting tossed. Just want everyone to stay engaged as does CC.

Excited to see this team grow and improve.  Keep stacking the W’s.

Go Revs…Raise High…Have Fun!!!

GW Men's Hoops » GW Beats Hofstra Game » 11/14/2023 9:50 pm

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Nice W!  Loved the contagious energy…yeah Stretch, Trey and Co.
Some ugly minutes but CC and Co. adjusted.
Audio…sucked (turned it off 2 games in a row)
Officiating are you kidding???? Not that I mind letting em play, but holy crap…whistle swallowed for 5 minutes at a time!!
Happy for the squad and CC said we’ve only just begun.
Gotta luv it!

GW Men's Hoops » GW Beats Hofstra Game » 11/13/2023 1:04 pm

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Looking forward to Hofstra and more home cooking once again.  Would like to see us kick up the intensity a bit from the get go.  Against W&M we lost the first four 50-50 balls. 

Just as winning, shooting, and rebounding can be contagious, I hope Max’s game rubs off on everyone.  Great to see his development with less turnovers and more discipline.  JB4 needs to tighten up the passing game and limit the 3 point attempts from 35 feet. Otherwise let him be him in the rhythm of the game.

Really like the athleticism of Stretch, Jacoi, and Darren.  They run the floor very well and have good length.  Jacoi has obviously focused on D but does have a nice shot as well. Great motor as they say.

I’m sure they’ll fix the press break along with some defensive rotation issues.

This is a likable team and coaching staff.  Looking forward to their growth and success.

GW Men's Hoops » A10 Media Day » 10/18/2023 12:47 pm

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Really enjoyed media day and can’t wait for this season to begin. Coach C and JB4 seemed very comfortable and confident unlike some of the media dudes. So many facets need to come together for every team between now and March. All the preseason ratings and unknowns give me a headache.

Here’s what I do know.  This coaching staff is for real and they genuinely care about developing team chemistry.  They emphasize preparation and being in game shape.  They do tons of video review. They set goals both individually and as a team. 

My hope is that this squad steadily improves each week and that the players enjoy the ride.  Sure there will be frustration with freshmen turnovers and poor decisions.  But am confident it won’t be for lack of effort.

JB4 said that Coach C gave him and the team confidence.  He also taught them to have a short memory.  I think GW fans will be pleased with the product this season.  May they stay free of injury and get all the good bounces.  GO REVS!!

General Discussion » Off-Topic Warning » 10/11/2023 12:19 pm

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Sorry Joel, couldn’t disagree more.  Don’t know what esteemed forums you participate in, but referring to the state of GW basketball as “sad” is simply propaganda.
Au Contraire my friend, things are quite encouraging.  Please revisit us once the season is underway. Meanwhile happy forum hunting

GW Men's Hoops » Does Temple regret » 10/01/2023 12:00 pm

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I’m sure there is some regret but revenue does matter.
For the basketball purists in Philly they still get a steady diet of the traditional matchups. Temple plays St Joes, La Salle, Penn, Villanova, Drexel regularly.  Those games played at the Polestra carry plenty of tradition to satisfy the local fan base.

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 9/19/2023 12:41 pm

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Interestingly the Dartmouth basketball team is trying to unionize in much the same way the cafeteria workers have.  This, to me, symbolizes the murkiness of college athletics.  Who is an employee? Is there a student in any of this? Yes Ivy doesn’t have athletic scholarships just a nice diploma.
I remember when scholarships were referred to as a “full ride.”  It was a big deal. No longer?
Coaches are employed. Student athletes currently are not.
Throw NIL into it and you get comments from Nick Saban like “we need to up our NIL to compete with Texas A&M.”
He might be right since they look average.
But only the big boys can play this out with Coach Prime riding a huge wave until he loses and all the hype goes away. I’m sure the Colorado players are studying hard today, just like the Kentucky one and dones.
Joe Bam needs guidance and help.  Hope he gets it.
I just hope Coach Caputo doesn’t get poached from us if we get really good. Jus sayin!
In this day of super hype and big NIL $$ we have a long basketball tradition at GW which will never be erased.  I hope we can navigate these next few years in such a manner that the coaches/players/students develop a deep respect for each other and a long lasting relationship.  Don’t need the hype.

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 9/15/2023 2:40 pm

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The way I see it, the pandemic created the transfer frenzy when NCAA made changes to their policies. As in many facets of American life there was a green light to enjoy poor health, work remotely, get free money and malinger big time. It spilled over into athletics.  The coaching merry go round didn’t help. The rewritten policies were abused and now they go back to their original intent.  Oh the days when we knew what red-shirt meant and abided by it.
Cutting somebody mid year isn’t new.  It’s the equivalent of sitting somebodies ass down before shipping them to Butler or Minnesota.
With NIL, conference realignment, transfer rules, etc there is a lot yet to unfold.
The coaching side of it is also intriguing.  There were provisions to help the player deal with the surprise exit of a coach they believed in. That’s where I lose it with coaches.  They broke their commitment and should pay an exit fee to the school and athletes for turning the program on its ear. (figured I’d throw that one in since we’re making new policies.)
I’m confident that in the current climate our team will flourish.  CC is committed to this group and has pressed the right buttons so far.  We’ll know for sure in the coming season.  Hoping that the grad students set a great example for the freshman and that all are on same page.  Play for the love of the game! Develop meaningful relationships and contacts. Go to class! Have fun! Ignore all the background noise and greed.

GW Men's Hoops » 2023 Transfer Portal Szn » 9/13/2023 5:41 pm

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Wow, didn’t realize Joe had so much going on. I feel bad for him on many levels and hope it all works out for him.

He’s a freakish athlete that should compete on some level in some sport. Did he ever run/jump track?  What a leaper!

And what now? Are all his transcripts at VCU? Is he a student? 

Yes, a lot going on

GW Men's Hoops » 23-24 A10 Season Previews » 9/13/2023 11:18 am

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Two expressions come to mind: 1) “the way too early predictions” and “everyone is entitled to my opinion.”

Unless someone observes each teams workouts/practices for hours on end, nobody can adequately evaluate the conference.

Coaches and transfers have been hopping around like there’s no tomorrow and each coach doesn’t even know what they have ie Loyola, Mass, RI, Davidson and yes us.

I can only go by the optics of last year.  CC got the most out of what he had.  He motivated our guys to play to the final whistle including 4 OT’s. A positive sign among many.  There was a game plan for each game, and positive energy that everyone bought into. 

There is no reason to think this won’t continue. Skill level and talent will show itself as will team chemistry and unity.  Last years team was very likable and easy to root for.  This year should be even better.  Can’t wait for others to jump on the Rev bandwagon when we can’t get over how great a shooter someone is or rebounder or foot speed. We need patience. There will be rookie mistakes and frustrating turnovers.  Just give me a team that likes their coach and each other and brings the effort an energy every day.  Show me those predictions.

GW Men's Hoops » 23-24 A10 Season Previews » 9/07/2023 4:23 pm

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Well said Dude!

My hope is to have new weapons who buy-in and pleasantly surprise to the upside.

The fun at this early juncture is what CC et al create in competitive workouts. 

Jacoi had me at “my favorite player is Shai Gilgeus-Alexander. How can you not love him?

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