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10/18/2021 2:55 pm  #1

GW, Thoughts on The Upcoming Season

The program is, at least expected to be, not yet where any GW fan would've hoped when the change was made in March 2019.  

Finishing 11th-13th would not be some grand accomplishment, simply what virtually every outside mind expects of the program this upcoming season.

Now, if GW finishes closer to the middle of the pack, that would be a real surprise and sign of some genuine progress.  

Personally, I'm more interested in how the talent looks, projecting forward, because a pretty bad W-L looks baked into the cake.

Is there any clear evidence that JC has things moving in the right direction?  Even a bright eyed optimist, I'd have to say not really quite yet.  Perhaps the on paper talent coming in.   

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