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11/15/2021 9:38 pm  #1

2022 Transfers

Believe it or not but there are already 49 names in the transfer portal.

One entry that caught my eye was Tariq Ingraham from Wake Forrest.  Originally from Philly.  Seem to recall we did pretty well with the last 6'9" transfer from Wake.

None of the staff currently follows him on Twitter so I doubt it's a real possibility.  But given our need for a big and at least one open scholarship, would it be somehow possible to get him eligible for the second semester?


11/16/2021 11:59 am  #2

Re: 2022 Transfers

A second semester immediately eligible serviceable big man would be great, needless to say.
We have more openings than we should and seem to be placing our bets on transfers for good or bad, so 
that should be to our advantage.


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