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2/24/2022 2:48 pm  #21

Re: Other Games Thread

Wednesday scores. URI 67 (12-1.)       Foppossi 23 points, Tahane 6 points/8 rebounds
                                 St Bona (4-11.)     A Johnson 17.
                                  Fordham (7-6,)    Dingle 31, DeWolfe only 9.
                                  Richmond 79 (6-9.) Townsend 25/13.

                                  Duquense (6-9.)   Bazelak 25
                                  LaSalle (8-6.)      Spruill 17,  Explorers lead Fordham for 5th place.

                                  VCU 57 (9-4.)     Robinson 16. Rams have lost twice to Minutewomen.
                                  UMass 66 (10-4.) Taylor 23.  Breen 15/12.

                                  Dayton 59 (13-1.)  Cook 19/6.
                                  St Joe's 47  (6-8.)  Brugler 14

                                  St Louis (5-8.) 58.  Harbison 12 points.  Flowers 12/16, 7 blocks.
                                  Mason 35 (2-12.).  Scott 11.  Patriots have lost 6 in a row.

                                  GW (4-10) 46,  Taiwo 15/11 but 1 - 5 FT as part of that abysmal team 4 - 15.
                                  Davidson (6-9) 51.  Welch 13.

Unless I've goofed somewhere, it will be GW vs Bonnies in first round on tournament.  Mason will play one of the 5 teams still in the mix for seeds 7 - 11.  With uneven number of games, it's hard to figure out yet.  Bonnies and Mason play on Saturday, but outcome doesn't affect which team GW plays.

With Fordham's loss, VCU and UMass have clinched double bye.  If chalk holds, they will play LaSalle and Fordham in quarterfinals.  


2/26/2022 2:08 pm  #22

Re: Other Games Thread

Early result:  George Mason 61, St Bonaventure 50.

Visiting Patriots break 5 game losing streak to finish 3 - 12, 9-18,  Led by Taylor Jameson with 20 points.
Bonnies finish 4 - 12, 12 - 15.  Have 6 game losing streak heading into GW match-up in Wilmington.  Asiane Johnson had 23 points.  According to announcers, Bonnies 6 year coach hasn't won a tournament game yet.

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2/27/2022 7:27 pm  #23

Re: Other Games Thread

GW plays in first game of tournament on Wednesday at 1:30, vs St Bonaventure.  
Saturday scores:

Richmond (7-9,16-13) 59, VCU (9-5, 14-10) 57.  Visiting Spiders were down 10 at the half.  Emma Squires led Richmond with 21 points.  Taya Robinson had 22 for Rams.

URI (12-2, 22-5) 46, Dayton  (14-1,23-4) 60.  Janna Giaconne had 21 for Flyers.  For Rams, Emmanuelle Thhane was 14/9.

LaSalle (9-6,16-11) 62, GW (4-11,11-17) 55.

Davidson (6-10, 15-13) 57, Fordham (8-6,17-9) 68.  Issy Morgan scored 17 for Wildcats while Anna DeWolfe led Rams with 19.

St Joes (7-8, 11-16) 73, Duquense (6-10, 11-17) 68.

UMass (11-4,23-6). 74, St Louis (5-9,9-17) 62.  Sidney Taylor had 28 for MW.  Destiny Philoxy only scored one point but had 9 assists.  Flowers was 19/16 with 4 blocks for Billikens, while Harbison had 16.  Flowers is going to use her extra year of eligibility and return next season.  Sam Breen does have another year of eligibility but hasn't announced her intentions yet.  

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3/02/2022 8:08 pm  #24

Re: Other Games Thread

First  Round scores
GW 54, St Bonaventure 49.  Game covered in other posts, but I'd note, as others have, a good start and gritty, clutch finish to overcome 18 -0 Bonnies run.  Nice win for the players not coming back, and a good building block/experience for next year.

Bonnies finished 12 - 16 with 7 losses in a row, putting a damper on a good start to their season.  Last tournament win was in 2014.  Jesse Fleming is in his 6th year as coach.  I don't know his overall record but I believe I read somewhere that 12 wins was a high water mark for him.  He has Olean ties as a student and assistant coach.  Could he be the one coach who is in danger of being fired?

George Mason 65, St Louis 50.  Game was tied at the half.  Patriots are 10 - 18.   Billikens finish 9 - 18.   The other first year coach gets a tourney win today also.

Career high of 24 points from Tamia Lawhorne.  Jaxxmyn Doster has 14 and Amaya Scott scored 11.  Mason plays Fordham at 7:30 tomorrow for right to advance to play UMass.

St Louis was lead by Juia Martinez with 16 points and 14 boards.  Ciara Harbison (2nd team, All Conference) , in her last game,  had 12 points.  Brooke Flowers was 6/11 with a career high 8 blocks.  Flowers was Defensive Player of the Year in the A10, as well as 3rd team All Conference.  Lisa Stone has been a successful coach for years for St Louis and team had Covid and injury issues.  I doubt if her job is at risk.

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3/03/2022 10:59 pm  #25

Re: Other Games Thread

Second Round
#12 GW 64, #5 LaSalle 54.  Explorers are 16 -12.  Announcers thought they might get a WNIT bid.  That could depend on how many A10 teams make the big tournament, 1, 2 or a long shot 3.

#9 Davidson 66, #8 Richmond 62.  Spiders are 16 - 14, an even longer shot to move on in postseason.

#7 St Joes 65, #10 Duquense 49.  Dukes finish 11 - 18.

#6 Fordham 66, #14 George Mason 50.  Patriots finish 10 - 19.  Amaya Scott had 25 points.

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3/04/2022 10:12 pm  #26

Re: Other Games Thread

#1 Dayton 60, #9 Davidson 55.  In OT.  Flyers 24-4.  Wildcats 16-14.

#4 VCU 55, GW 47.  Rams are 15 - 10, now have better shot for WNIT bid if they don't win tourney.  GW 13 - 18.

#7 St Joes 51, #2 URI 48.  Hawks 13 - 16.  Rams 22 - 6.  Biggest upset of tourney.  Hurts URI chances of NCAA bid.

#3 UMass 66, # 6 Fordham 63.   Barnburner with a finish eerily similar to 4th quarter at Amherst when Fordham made a lot of 3s in first 3 periods but went 2 - 21 overall in final period.  This time it was Downey who was hot early, when she wasn't delivering a forearm shiver to Breen's back.  No bench points from either team.  (Same with URI.)

UMass outscored Fordham by 10 in second half.  Fordham shot 4 - 21 in the fourth. 2 of its last 12.
Conference Player of the Year Sam Breen had 2 points and 3 rebounds at the half and 6 points after 3.  She shot
5 - 6 from the field in the 4th, on short and med range jumpers, and finished with 12 points, and 2 rebounds, in the period.  Final stat line was 18/6, 7-11 from the field, missing her only 3 point shot which was a desperation heave at the buzzer of the 3rd.  Little Destiny Philoxy led UMass with 7 rebounds.  
The importance of free throws.  UMass shot 14 - 17, 5- 6 at the end of the game, its final points,  2 of 2 each for Breen and Wilmington's own Mayo.

Dayton - VCU at 11 am tomorrow on CBSSN.  UMass- St Joes at 1:30.  No guarantees this tourney, but if Minutewomen win Saturday, their chance to make the NCAA goes up a lot.  Screw Charlie Creme.

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3/05/2022 7:19 pm  #27

Re: Other Games Thread

Dayton 59, VCU 48.  Flyers are 25-4.  Rams finish 15-11.  I hope they get a WNIT bid with Rhode Island and Fordham.  Tough, gritty team that deserves another game(s.)
Robinson had 25 points.  Te-Biasu next with 10.
Whalen broke out of a slump with 20 for Dayton, 8 to start the game, and had a few late buckets.  Giaconne continued to struggle in the tourney with 8 points on 2 - 13 shooting, 4 - 4 FTs.  Cook had 12, but only shot 3 - 13.  Magassa 4 points but 9 rebounds.
UMass 76, St Joes 58.  Minutewomen are 25-6.  Hawks finish 13-17.  Rookies Fair (15 points) and Brugler (14-9) led the way.
Breen was only 8-8 in first quarter and 18 points.  She did miss two free throws.  Finished with career high 28 points, 9 boards, 2 assists, 1 block and 4 steals.  Was 13 for 19 from the field for a 2 game total of 20 for 30.
She was 2 - 4 from beyond the arc, the first game in a while when she's made more than 1 or none.
Taylor had 0 at the half and finished with 20 points, many on drives to the basket.  Philoxy had 7 with 5 assists,  
Overanalysis:  After losing to taller, longer, experienced Dayton and twice to URI in midseason Verdi had Breen play more on the perimeter and gave the 2 bigs more work in the most; probably in hope the work will help them learn to counter  bigger opponents.  Breen has upped her midrange game, and her feeding the ball to the bigs.  Taylor has often thrived when she adds drives to the basket with her 3 point shooting.  Little guards can also shoot 3s and drive.
Venue:  UMass players said the Chase Fieldhouse got real loud last night.  They had to communicate by hand signals sometimes.  They loved it.   Big change from "crowds" of 700-800 in the cavernous Mullins Center.  Attendance was over 1100 yesterday and over 2000 today.
Final is at 2 pm on ESPN2.  Should be fun.

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3/06/2022 7:13 pm  #28

Re: Other Games Thread

Championship:  UMass 62, Dayton 56.  Minutewomen 26 -6.  Flyers 25 - 5.  They deserve a bid.

UMass got off to a fast start with Breen leading the offense with 17 in first half.  Dayton was out of sorts, helped by UMass defense.  UMass won 3rd quarter by a point.  Dayton's zone bothered them in the 4th but Flyers couldn't get a good run going to close the gap.  First trip to NCAA for UMass this century,
Breen only had 2 points in second half but others picked up the slack.  Breen finished 19 points/ 9 tough rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals.  Taylor was 10/3/3 assists and played an excellent floor game,  Mayo had 14 including 4 FTs late to seal the deal.  Bigs combined for 19/9.  Ngalakulondi improved for yesterday's 2 - 7 to go 3-4, 3-3 FTs,9/4.  Makenna White continued from where she let off in the second half yesterday, with 10 points (5-8,) 5 boards. (Only thing she did wrong was not tell the announcer how to pronounce her first name.)  Philoxy had 0 points, 3 boards and 3 assists, hampered by foul trouble from a couple of bogus calls.  Dropping your shoulder and running into your defender is a charge, not a blocking foul.  Still Philoxy is the heart and soul of the team.
Dayton shot about 38%, Cook 13, Whalen 10 and Giacone 9.  *CORRECTION Cook had 15.  Whalen 13.*
Breen was Most Outstanding Player of tourney.  Joining her on all tourney team were teammate Taylor, Makira Cook of Dayton, Taya Robinson of VCU and Laila Fair of St Joe's.
I might do a Bracketology thread in next couple of days, like in the men's section, just to dump on Charlie Creme and his love for 17 - 13 Florida State.  It looked like Lunardi was moving A10 men's teams to the "out" boxes.
And in other games, South Carolina missed 2 foul shots in last few seconds and then Kentucky hit a 3 pointer to win the game.  Shouldn't affect the Gamecocks seeding.  I had written off Wildcats when they were 8 - 7.  I still remember one of the first women's games I saw at GW was when Kentucky visited.  Must have been over 25 years ago.  GW won.  
And Iowa won the Big Ten title by beating Indiana for the third time in the last few weeks.  (Hope I got that right.)
One more A10  broadcast quibble.   The announcers were good but at first I thought they were challenged  in their "maths. "  However I believe the score on the screen was off by 2, well into the 3rd quarter.  Plus they were given two different scoresheets with different player foul totals.  Both are inexcusable.  

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3/07/2022 10:07 am  #29

Re: Other Games Thread

The importance of free throws showed up in many games (both men & women) yesterday.  Where you watching GW coaches?  As far as I'm concerned 70% is the minimum a team should shoot, aiming for 80%.


3/07/2022 7:15 pm  #30

Re: Other Games Thread

BC, I agree completely.  70% should be the minimum a coach would want, and aim for 75-80.
UMass improved its foul shooting in the second half of the season to .671, with opponents just .655.  Top 3 scorers were all over 70%.  In championship game, Minutewomen for 9 - 13, just shy of 70%.  Flyers were better at 11 - 14, but almost a wash for point totals.  Ngalakulondi shots 62%, but was a key 3 - 3 on Sunday.  Mayo is under 60% for the season, but made the clutch 4 in a row at the end of the game.  Actually, UMass was 9 - 11 until a battered Philoxy missed 2 with a couple of seconds left.  She shoots about 70%
Kentucky was 9 - 13 in their championship games while South Carolina was 12 - 20.  If they shot 75%, they win.
GW really needs to improve next year.
In Bracketology, Creme now has Dayton as last team in, with BC and Northwestern (and maybe UCLA) on the outside.  Florida State still second to last in.  And their seasons are all over.  I believe Creme is wrong in his assessment and prediction, but Dayton is in a precarious spot.  If they get in, Flyers could host a play-in game, whatever they're calling it this year.

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