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12/27/2021 12:45 pm  #81

Re: No Fans

Thank you GWRising.    We did not buy tickets, so we can cancel our trip on very short notice.  


12/28/2021 10:42 am  #82

Re: No Fans

I have surveyed about 15 Men's basketball programs-- mostly A-10 and local plus a few national -- and I have yet to find anyone other than GW that has decided not to allow fans at games. Just sayin'


12/28/2021 11:38 am  #83

Re: No Fans

Gee, and I've seen TV games canceled all over the place, both Basketball and Football..


12/28/2021 3:04 pm  #84

Re: No Fans

As long as we discuss how it impacts GW basketball, this is a legitimate topic of debate, even if painful.
While GW has gone downhill as an institution, we still have plenty of good and excellent doctors and scientists.
And the issue is academic, so to speak, in any case, since we can't play because some of the players have Covid--and we need to protect them, along with the staff and everyone else connected with the program.
   As much as we enjoy lemming-like, crappy basketball in person, it's probably worth trusting those doctors and scientists, if they have real input on the decisions.



12/28/2021 4:15 pm  #85

Re: No Fans

Yes, lots of games have been postponed or cancelled but GW is the only school I have found who has instituted "no fans" for multiple games still scheduled.


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