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3/13/2022 11:31 pm  #1

Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Besides American and Howard in the NCAA, two other teams beaten by GW during its non conference schedule that are going to WNIT are Old Dominion (23-9) and Quinnipiac (20-11.)
Rhode Island, Fordham and VCU are A-10 representatives in WNIT.
I didn't see Northwestern in WNIT field.  Maybe they decided to sit it out.


3/16/2022 10:54 pm  #2

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Dayton crushed DePaul 88 - 57 in the First Four with a barrage of 3 pointers in the first half.  Dayton had 55 at the half.  First NCAA appearance for the six year seniors.  Qualified in 2020 but tournament canceled.  
Erin Whalen had career high 28 points, 7 - 12 from beyond the arc.  Jenna Giacone had 21 with 4-6 from 3 pointers.  Makira Cook had 16.  Tenin Magassa had 7 points, 14 rebounds and 7 blocks.  Flyers had 15 blocks total.
DePaul's freshman star and second team All American Aneesah Morrow had 28 points and 17 rebounds.  
Whalen and Sam Breen of UMass were third team CoSIDA Academic All Americans.  Aliyah Boston was Academic All American of the year.  Joining her on first team were Caitlin Clark (Iowa,). Lexie Hull (Stanfiord - her sister was second team,)  Ayoka Lee (Kansas State,) and Sam Thomas of Arizona.
Northwestern's Veronica Burton was third team.  The Wildcats did decline WNIT bid.  
Davidson, 16 - 14, is the 6th Atlantic 10 team in the postseason as part of the WBI in Lexington on March 18 - 20.  They play Nevada, 19 - 11, in first round.  Each of the 8 teams will play 3 games.  The consolation round has a consolation round.  Tournament is played at Transylvania University.

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3/17/2022 8:57 am  #3

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Shout out to Howard which won it's first NCAA game.


3/18/2022 10:21 am  #4

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Thursday First Four results:
Longwood 74, Moint St Mary's 70.  Longwood led at halftime 36 - 18.
Longwood, 22-11, led by Akila Smith with 32/14.  Mt St Mary's finished 16 - 13, led by ex-Colonial Kendall Bresee with 20 points, 15 during 3rd quarter rally.

Missouri State 61, Florida State 50.  Missouri State is 25 -7.  Seminoles end season at 17 - 14.
And thanks BC for shout out to Howard.  It was late and I forgot to mention their win.

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3/18/2022 4:40 pm  #5

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Sadly for Howard, the reward for winning was a game with #1 South Carolina at SC.   I need not repeat the score.  


3/18/2022 9:57 pm  #6

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Georgia 70, Dayton 54

VCU 56, Stony Brook 48
Quinnipiac 61, Rhode Island 50
Bucknell 73, Fordham 64

Nevada 76, Davidson 63.  Wildcats to play Northeastern in Consolation Round. 

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3/19/2022 9:22 pm  #7

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

NCAA First Round:   #5 Notre Dame 89,  #12 UMass 78.  Minutewomen finish 26 -7.
Red hot Irish got off to a fast start, and stayed hot enough that UMass never got closer than 6,  Not enough secondary scoring after Breen and Taylor.  Breen finished with 31 points on 12 - 19 shooting, 3 - 4 from beyond the arc, and 4 - 4 FTs.  Also had 4 rebounds and 2 steals.  Taylor had 21.  And not enough defense too.

Incompetent planning by ESPN/NCAA caused much of the first half to be available only on ESPN APP, due to runover of a 2OT game.  And this was one of many (if not all) games where ESPN missed live action because they were showing fans,  bench players, coaches, replays, graphics ...  They missed turnovers in a few games due to showing extraneous crap..  

At least ESPN didn't get the chance to miss Breen's half court, buzzer beating, highlight reel three point basket just before halftime.  It was during a coninutation of live action.  

WBI:  Davidson 90, Northeastern (14-17) 65.  Wildcats will play Austin Peay (20-12) for consolation champioinship gane tomorrow.  Second ever postseason win.  Chloe Welch had 19 points.  Cameron Tabor, averaging 4.8 points per game, was next with 18.  Davison is 17 - 15 so has clinched a winning season at least.

SEC is struggling in the NCAA, with a 4 - 4 mark I believe.  Could have been worse.  Ole Miss and Arkansas. lost yesterday.  Princeton upset Kentucky for their second ever NCAA win.  Two of Princeton's 4 losses were to A10 teams.  (OOC losses to URI, Fordham, Seton Hall, Texas and wins include Villanova, Florida Gulf Coast and Buffalo.). UCF beat Florida.  Knights were the higher seed, but it was their first NCAA win and first win ever  over the Gators after 26 losses.  Tennessee struggled with Buffalo.  (Go Belmont.). and LSU squeaked by Jackson State.

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3/20/2022 4:33 pm  #8

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Davidson beat Austin Peay (20-13) 66 -58, to win consolation bracket in WBI.  Wildcats finish 18 - 15.

In postseason, A10 teams are 1 - 2 in NCAA, 2 - 1 in WBI, and 1 - 2 in WNIT with VCU still playing with a game tomorrow.

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3/21/2022 10:49 pm  #9

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

VCU fell to Seton Hall (21-12) 70 - 67 in New Jersey, ending the Atlantic 10 season.  Rams finished 16 - 12.  Taya Robinson had 27 points.

In NCAA, chalk pretty much held today except for minor upsets of 6 seed Ohio State beating 3 seed LSU, and 5 seed Norte Dame crushing Oklahoma.  Lower seeds Belmont, Princeton and UCF all went toe to toe with big time, home standing programs Tennessee, Indiana, and UConn, and were in their games until the last minute.  As Buff & Blue Bandit noted, ex Colonial Neila Luma plays for UCF.   She played 9 minutes tonight with 0 points and a rebound.  She averaged 1.2 points and 1.3 rebounds.  Pam Ward mentioned that that she had transferred from GW.  
The importance of free throws.  UCF lost 52 - 47.  They shot 10 - 20 from the line.  

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3/22/2022 9:12 am  #10

Re: Postseason/GW victims, A!0 in WNIT

Thanks WMC.   Practice those free throws!


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