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5/30/2022 8:00 pm  #1

Amir Harris

The 2022-2023 GW Men's Basketball Roster lists Amir on the team  I think it is fair to say that primariy due to injuries, Amir's impact on the team has been negligible since his arrival.   My question is whether this is a good thing, or are we better off using his scholarship in the portal?   My feeling is that I am glad he is returning, although admittedly I would not be terribly upset if we went portal shopping.   I think Amir added an athleticsm and maturity, as well as leadership, to warrant his return.   


5/31/2022 7:52 am  #2

Re: Amir Harris

I'm happy that Amir is getting the opportunity to earn a graduate degree and he is a versatile guy who can give us some defense/occasional PG minutes. Otherwise, I don't see this as a good thing honestly. It's not just Amir specifically, but we need to be looking to the future.

Expectations in year 1 are going to be low regardless, but I'd rather start the Caputo era with more of his guys than 10/13 JC players which creates a fairly low ceiling. Most didn't make too much of an impact. We probably didn't need more than half of the team to be JC guys, although I understand Caputo was hired relatively late in the cycle.

We currently have three grad students (Adams, Lindo, Harris) and three seniors on scholarship next year, so there's a nonzero chance we have six open spots next year and lose most of our leaders in scoring (Bishop, Dean, and Samuels have an extra year if they want to take it). That would be effectively starting over again in year 2, which is something we could have done this year itself. At least the younger guys have a chance to grow with Caputo in the future so that makes more sense. I don't see 1 year of the older guys playing under Caputo as making a difference long-term.

I'll probably talk myself into liking the roster somewhat depending on what we do with the last two spots. I do think we should use both of them, especially 1 on a point guard that has more eligibility long-term. I would have felt different if JC was still here for year 4 with this roster. If he was canned the following year at least Caputo would have had open spots to work with in year 1.

Anyways, I still like the Caputo hire long-term. Just short-term it feels a bit meh. The roster is weirdly frontcourt heavy and it feels like there are only a few players with breakout potential.


5/31/2022 11:22 am  #3

Re: Amir Harris

Very good points here. The roster wasn't CC's construction, yet he is stuck with it--and is coming late to the transfer market, which we are very well aware of.
Equivocal on Amir's scholarship spot, certainly offensively, though if he has had a full miracle recovery from his injuries, you could see what a threat he would have been in driving to the basket pre-Nebraska injury.
     The positive side is that Amir has really shown to have defensive skills and inclination, especially on last year's team.
And on last year's team, Amir played with unusual maturity. Also, he can defend bigger players and was a rare Colonial with an interest in at least trying to mix it up under the boards.  That is always a good thing to have on any team.


6/01/2022 8:28 am  #4

Re: Amir Harris

IMO, the flaw in DMVPiranha's thinking is that today is June 1 and the pickings, particularly among 17 and 18 year olds, are slim.  This is one of the prices to be paid for making coaching changes.  It is often very difficult for a first year coach to recruit "his guys" for that first season.  For all of the success that Hobbs and Lonergan had, their first seasons at GW ended in disappointment, largely due to coaching a prior coach's recruits.

As for Amir, I would love to see him back.  Again, I don't think he'd be taking the spot of an incoming freshman who would be a real difference maker.  He is arguably the player with the highest basketball IQ on the team. Also, consider that last year, he endured all of the hard work, the practices, the weight training, the runs, etc., with little to show for it.  I'm just not sure he signs up for all of this again only to duplicate his playing time of a season ago.  To me, this is a sign that his health has improved considerably.  Plus, with Brayon gone and no true point guard announced to have replaced him (at least for now), I would feel more comfortable seeing the ball in Amir's hands than anyone else's (and that includes James who I hope can continue to thrive as an off-guard). 


6/01/2022 11:08 am  #5

Re: Amir Harris

I don't disagree that bringing in freshmen in year 1 is a hard task. In a previous post about a month ago I actually made the point that first year coaches should not be trying to bring in true freshmen at all in year 1 unless they are able to secure a guy who reopened his commitment/was a late stock riser on the HS circuit. I am assuming Caputo is working to gain international contacts for the future and that too may be a hard market to tap into at this point.

However, I do think bringing in transfers in year 1 should be classified as "Caputo's guys". I acknowledged that he was hired late and had some catching up to do in the transfer portal (I really like the staff he has assembled), but I still think we could have added more players like Maximus that didn't play much/limited at a P6 school and has many years of eligibility left. UMass and URI have brought in a lot of underclassmen transfers this offseason and I think that makes a lot of sense long term. You are basically getting a freshman who went through the strength/conditioning at a bigger program previously and is more physically ready to contribute. If the NCAA ever decides to follow their rules, you are getting a guy who transferred for the first time which means they have to sit out if they transfer again. That's a huge if I know.

Given the number of forwards we were looking at this offseason when Caputo was hired, I am led to believe we actually were trying to turn over parts of the roster but were unable to secure some commitments leading us to stick with what we currently have. Jorge Diaz had he committed would have been the fourth player 6'10" or taller on the team so you'd think one player would be on the way out. It's just very unusual that a new coach is hired and absolutely no one leaves (Bamisile and Freeman had already entered the transfer portal before Caputo was hired).

Next year (at least for me) should be about looking to the future. The landscape of college basketball is different from the Hobbs/Lonergan era. Some continuity is important, but we are bringing back nearly 80% of last year's team, largely with guys that didn't make too much of an impact. On top of that, at least half of these guys are nearly out of eligibility so they cannot grow with the new coach. The roster is also weirdly lopsided, where nearly half the roster are forwards. I fully expect us to add a piece or two in the backcourt, hopefully a bit younger because Adams, Harris, Bishop, etc. are almost out of eligibility and we have no one else long term outside of Edwards who is more of an off ball guard.

As for Harris, I guess it's agree to disagree. Amir provides some nice minutes as a glue guy, but I think it's a mistake at this point if he's playing more than 5-10 minutes. He's not here beyond next year. A few seasons ago, he honestly struggled bringing the ball up against a little bit of pressure (the game at UMass comes to mind). He is also raw offensively so no one will respect his jumper. We will effectively be playing 4 on 5 on offense. This is definitely an unpopular opinion, but I am okay with Bishop handling some of the minutes at point as long as it isn't the full 40 as he did his first year here. I trust Caputo will hopefully put him in places to succeed. It's interesting that despite better talent around him, Bishop's efficiency actually dipped last year. He was less aggressive and although I initially liked the thought of moving him off the ball, shooting under 40% from the field is bad.

Anyways, I don't like being so down on the team so I'll leave it at that. I'm excited to see what CC can do with the pieces we do have. Just wish we got a faster start on the rebuild that's all. It would be unfortunate if we have to start basically from scratch in year 2 given our recent track record of firing coaches after three years.


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