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6/30/2022 2:56 pm  #1

GW Coaching Continuity

Big fan of the CC hire, not a big fan of changing coaches again after just 3 years and taking what looks like a big step back to do it. 

If you knew that it would cost us our best Freshman in years, Brayon, our most talented player in years, JoeBam, and we woudn't really add much year 1, would you still want to do this?   

We were 8-9 in the A10 this year, we could have returned everyone and added more players.  I don't think the needle moved enough, said so many times here, but why make the change now?  Could see some light at the end of the tunnel
 Looks like instead we're losing 2 of our 3 best players and going to play the year with a very limited roster. 

I'm confident CC will succeed in time, hopefully we actually give him the time to do it this time around.  


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