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7/12/2022 6:11 pm  #1

Yuta & Japan start their Asia Cup journey

Yuta and Japan start their Asia Cup 2022 play in the wee hours (US time) tomorrow/Wednesday against Kazakhstan in Indonesia. There apparently is a paid streaming option, although sometimes out-of-region viewers can watch for free on YouTube. In any case, I think this game tips off at 6:30am Eastern. Other group opponents are Iran and Syria. Australia is the obvious favourite. I do not believe this qualifies for the World Cup, but with all the COVID scheduling changes it might be doubling as that, too.



7/13/2022 5:28 am  #2

Re: Yuta & Japan start their Asia Cup journey

I think I read somewhere that as a co-host to the 2023 World Cup, Japan has already qualified. Asia Cup is still something important for Japan to play for.

The first game cam be caught on ESPN+.



7/13/2022 7:37 am  #3

Re: Yuta & Japan start their Asia Cup journey

Yuta and the Japanese national team beat Kazakhstan 100-68.

Yuta's final line:
Time played - 29:26
Points - 21 (8/15 FG and 1/2 from 3)
Rebounds - 8 (4 offensive)
Assists - 4
Steals - 1
Blocks - 3


7/16/2022 11:20 pm  #4

Re: Yuta & Japan start their Asia Cup journey

Yuta played sparingly in the 117-56 drubbing of Syria in game 2 (8 points, 6 boards in a game the bench got the bulk of the playing time).
Japan can wrap up first in the group with a win against Iran on Sunday (another pre-dawn start time in the US). Iran is also 2-0 so far. Now, if without looking it up you can name more than three Japanese players and just one Iranian player you will have proven that you pay too much attention to this and really need to get outside more...

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7/20/2022 2:34 pm  #5

Re: Yuta & Japan start their Asia Cup journey

The news I was fearing about Yuta happened, but apparently mildly. Yuta sprained his ankle in a game against Philippines that he was dominating big time, after being pushed hard.
 It was reported that it is his second ankle sprain in the past month. (Think, if it is the same ankle, this is the same thing started against St Louis or someone in a meaningless end of a very losing game in the A-10 tournament).
  Apparently not sure if he is going to play in the next game.
But more worried about the fact that he is a free agent--and these games could sideline his NBA career or
his opportunities to be picked up elsewhere. Believe that Pops' pro career was pretty much over after being  injured in the London Olympics, including one million dollar or multi-million contract where he failed the physical. Wonder if Yuta should be playing in these games at all?


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