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8/02/2022 9:15 am  #1

Paul Jorgensen on an Indiana Podcast

Quite interesting.  He started some mention of the A-10 and GW about 4 minutes in for about three minutes.


8/02/2022 10:06 am  #2

Re: Paul Jorgensen on an Indiana Podcast

I thought Paul did well on the GW talk.  It was his best offer out of high school and everything about it seemed right on paper.  Says it turned out to be two grim years where he lost his love for the game.  I've always seen his situation as follows:

Year 1: Played well behind Joe and Kethan and while he was anxious to play more, likely understood his role.

Year 2:  Alex Mitola transferred in which likely devastated him.  As a graduate student, ML likely felt that he owed Alex some playing time if he came and proved himself.  This came at the expense of Paul.  I think Paul would have better understood this if Alex had been a demonstrably better player than he was.  But I don't think Paul ever saw it that way.  Paul likely had more natural talent but Alex was steadier and less prone to make careless mistakes, while Paul could both make big plays and strike out while swinging for the fences.  Alex was a more comfortable choice for ML and despite Paul having an opportunity to play big minutes during his junior and senior seasons, the damage had already been done.


8/02/2022 10:20 am  #3

Re: Paul Jorgensen on an Indiana Podcast

Well-put, GWMayhem.  I'm glad he's having continued success playing overseas.

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