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9/28/2022 9:09 am  #21

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

Am pretty certain that the repeated Penders references are being said for my benefit.

Nevertheless, with all of the outrage that The Dude exhibits towards Mike Lonergan, this does beg the question of whether The Dude is pro-player abuse or anti-player abuse?  Why would he have such a  problem with ML and yet seems to embrace TP, when TP allegedly:

Phoned players in the middle of the night, after games, to point out what they needed to do better, sometimes screaming at them.

Suspended a player for academic reasons while the school acknowledged that the player did not deserve to be suspended

Instruct either a secretary, an assistant coach (who may have been covering for the secretary), or both to fax the grades of this player to a local radio station so that they could read them over the air, thereby violating the student's right to privacy

Call in to the radio station, while vacationing in the Caribbean, to discuss this stunt and subsequently throw his assistant coach under the bus, denying the directive ever came from him.  The assistant coach was blackballed from coaching and filed a lawsuit against TP.  (For a moment, I'd like you to picture an Assistant Coach making this move on his own without the knowledge or consent of his boss.  Talk about career suicide.  I can not imagine anyone doing this unless he was ordered to do so.  And even then...)

Just seems like an odd choice to worship after considering his feelings about alleged player abuse.


9/28/2022 9:31 am  #22

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

Gwmayhem - Obviously the Dude posts these things because he thinks he is clever troll when he is in reality a very transparent troll. Most recognize that here. Hopefully soon others will too and action will be taken. This is probably the 100th + iteration of the same attempt to bash ML. Sad that ML so consumes the Dude's conscious thought more than 6 years since he last coached a game for GW. Pathetic really.

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9/28/2022 1:19 pm  #23

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

No doubt GWRising.  Each and every time he leaves Lonergan's name off of a list of accomplished GW basketball figures, and each time he adds Penders's name to such a list, his sole motivation is to troll the board.  His purposes in being here are to antagonize others and giggle like a little girl when he believes he's successfully pissed someone off.  The reality is that his tired little act isn't pissing anyone off.  Like a mosquito, The Dude is just this little annoyance that we all must put up with.


9/28/2022 2:06 pm  #24

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

100 years of GW basketball history in play here

From Holup to McKeown and Jarvis Yinka Beck Jonquel. The Tallent brothers??

Surely there are GW fans who prefer an occasional thread about our proud and sometimes great history as a basketball school

That's why I didn't include Jerry Reinsdorf who really has nothing to do with GW basketball, even though he attended our school as a student.

The thread is an oppotunity to discuss GW's HOF candidates and inductees.   You want to include your own candidates, great that's the point of the thread. 

100+ years of GW history to discuss here.

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9/28/2022 4:29 pm  #25

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

Every board needs a dud.
He's our most prolific poster here, far exceeding everyone else at 2000+ irrelevant posts.
I'll play along: My top 5 for GW Hall of Fame:
1. Patrick "what time is happy hour" Nero
2. Stevey "let me receive my retirement check in peace" Knapp
3. Forrest "what is this thing you call basketball" Maltzman
4. Tanya "thanks for the mentorship Patrick" Vogel
5. Maurice "do I still need to drive the school van if I get the job" Joseph

These are the strongest candidates who have had the most influence on our program being what it is today.



9/28/2022 5:02 pm  #26

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

Barry-- I´d say this thread has ceased to serve a useful purpose (assuming it ever did). If the board´s resident flamers (plural) cannot recognize the names of the GW grads in actual Hall of Fames (plural), then it is time to put this thread in to the "rewind" black hole.


9/28/2022 7:29 pm  #27

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

I’ve got to say I’m dumbfounded that some of you still bite when Dude posts his drivel.Do not respond!
To anything he posts.Stop responding-Please.You are part of the problem.He’s trying to “hook”you.
He is very good at it.Did I say don’t respond.


9/28/2022 8:45 pm  #28

Re: GW In The Hall of Fame

Or you know, post what GW players or Coaches you think might or should be in the Hall of Fame

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