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10/28/2022 4:03 pm  #1

Tin Tabernacle Club--Worth it?

Been kicking around the idea of joining the Tin Tabernacle Club for 2022-23. It's $1750. Is it worth it?

Is the food any good? How are the chalk talks? How frequent are they?

It's both pre and halftime festivities, right? Does that mean buffet for both pre-game and halftime or just snacks at pre-game?

The flyer says that $1250 of it is tax deductible. Does that make a difference? I'm not baller so it would be nice to know.

I know this thread has the potential to devolve quickly, so I'll just get the inevitable "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" joke out of the way.

Go Buff and Blue


10/28/2022 6:40 pm  #2

Re: Tin Tabernacle Club--Worth it?

Some years the food is good, others not as much.  Nice to have somewhere to grab a beer at half.  I do t get there early enough anymore to enjoy the pregame chalk talk but it used to happen every night


10/28/2022 7:22 pm  #3

Re: Tin Tabernacle Club--Worth it?

For me its worth it.   Great place to have a meal, always decent, occasionally real good,  maybe get a beer or wine (or soft drink), chat with the diehards as well as members of athletic department staff.   Also get a scouting report from someone on the coaching staff.   At halftime, always good desserts and halftime stats are available, not to mention the buff and blue M & Ms.   


10/28/2022 8:47 pm  #4

Re: Tin Tabernacle Club--Worth it?

If you can afford it go for it! We complain about students not showing up. It’s up to alums to do what they can if they can.

The  food and halftime beer or snack are good IMO.


10/29/2022 6:21 am  #5

Re: Tin Tabernacle Club--Worth it?

And validated parking!!!


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