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11/03/2022 1:40 pm  #1

Caputo in the Media

First, WaPo wrote an honest to goodness positive article about Caputo and GW.  When was the last time that happened?

Second, Caputo was on the Atlantic 10 Insider Podcast, recorded live from Tonic (starts at 15:00): The Atlantic 10 Insider | Podcast on Spotify

Third, on DC News Now tonight:

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11/03/2022 4:40 pm  #2

Re: Caputo in the Media

Half-listened to this interview while working and I have to say that I really enjoy listening to CC.  He clearly has taken the time to learn about GW's program history and you can really sense how appreciative he is for this opportunity.  He also has a very good sense of humor.  To illustrate, he was asked something along the lines of what he will do if guys aren't playing the way he wants or something like this, and was asked whether he would just send them to the bench.  Alluding to the team's depth, he commented that he didn't feel he had the luxury of sending anyone to the bench, right now.  Good stuff.


12/03/2022 10:14 am  #3

Re: Caputo in the Media

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