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11/14/2022 2:48 pm  #21

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

With the Howard game thread all but concluded, I wanted to make one statement about them and then transition to tonight's game.  I can't recall who said this but someone felt that GW had considerably more talent and while that may have been the case every other time GW has played Howard, I didn't feel that this was at all the case.  Keep in mind that Makur Maker was part of last year's recruiting class and while the team did not have much of an opportunity to play alongside him, it stood to reason that Kenny Blakeney would upgrade the talent to play with him.  Maker is of course gone but two former de Matha players remain including Steve settle and Elijah Hawkins who was last year's conference freshman of the year.  Throw in Jelani Williams, the transfer from Penn who looks like a very solid player and suddenly, that gap in talent as narrowed considerably.  This is not your father's Howard University basketball program.

As for tonight, I'd like to see more "small-ball" so to speak, meaning a lineup with both Hunter and Noel on the bench.  Noel may be valuable to this team pending certain specific matchups but right now, he looks like the square peg trying to fit into the round hole.  The default has been a lineup with Ricky and Qwanzi playing together but if the matchups were right, I would not mind seeing a stretch where James, Brendan, EJ, Max and Ricky play together.  Worth testing a couple of rotations against an OOC opponent to see if the strengths of such a lineup outweigh the vulnerabilities.  


11/14/2022 3:26 pm  #22

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Hofstra beat Arkansas last year and took Houston to OT, at Houston (Final 4 and Elite 8 team the last 2 years, ranked #3 right now)

Big test for us tonight  

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11/14/2022 5:40 pm  #23

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

James could be due for a big game.
Don't know if that will be the outcome, but it would help.


11/14/2022 6:32 pm  #24

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Starting 5


11/14/2022 6:53 pm  #25

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

does anyone have an "illegal" site they recommend. I cant even get sucky Flohoops to work



11/14/2022 7:10 pm  #26

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Disastrous start.  Not getting inside the zone, chucking bad shots ((1-7 or 8) and giving up easy baskets every time Hofstra comes down the floor. 

Hopefully Caputo can settle them down because we are getting slaughtered in the first five minutes, like so many colonials road games over the years.


11/14/2022 7:16 pm  #27

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Class 'o 70 wrote:

does anyone have an "illegal" site they recommend. I cant even get sucky Flohoops to work


Seems the pirate sites are having the same issues. Only one (stream2watch) lists it, but it is not working there either. The women´s game is available for free on Howard´s site, so...


11/14/2022 7:18 pm  #28

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Second 4 minutes went much better.  We turned up the defense and went on a 7-2 run and Bishop is going to the line after the time out.  Back in the game at 17-10 (we were down 15-3) and hopefully he hits the FTs to make it a 5 point game.   Bishop had the first 7 and then Adams hit a three when his defender backed off and let him shoot.


11/14/2022 7:29 pm  #29

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Third 4 minute stretch was neutral.  Down 27-20.  Bishop out of the game and we had a bunch of a turnovers, but on we had one great possession where we moved the ball fast and Amir Harris buried an open three in the corner. Otherwise game got a little sloppy (including travels from Dean and Edwards), and stretch ended with monster Lindo block on Estrada. 

Unfortunately we are up to 7 turnovers in 12:30, which is clearly too much.  Need to take better care of the ball and stop penetration so we don’t have to pack the inside and leave open shots.


11/14/2022 7:38 pm  #30

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Under 4 time out and it’s the Aaron Estrada show.  Guy can’t miss.  He’s got 23 points and he’s hitting fadeaways left and right.  Unstoppable. 

Fortunately we are 6-9 from deep to stay in the game with Adams going 3-3.  Bishop also having a huge game with 13 points and 4 assists, but Estrada has 23 on 9-11 shooting and 4-5 from three.

After the 15-3 start and the Estrada nuclear explosion, we are fortunate to be down 41-33.  Still hanging around

Edit: we missed 2 layups to start the last 4 minute period.  Could have really cut into this lead.

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11/14/2022 7:43 pm  #31

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Wasnt wondering who the player of the half would be.


11/14/2022 7:46 pm  #32

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Wow....Bishop. But bigger wow this guy Estrada is an absolute monster.   That's one of the better halves you'll see 

Estrada vs Bishop.  10-9 round.   Impressive stuff.


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11/14/2022 7:47 pm  #33

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Damn, poor GW made a good play on D but then Hofstra jumped on them for a jump ball.  Half ends with a Hofstra 3.  

Really hope we can come back and make this a game in the second half.  Estrada is really freaking good.


11/14/2022 7:48 pm  #34

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

They’re so much quicker than we are - can’t stay with them defensively 


11/14/2022 7:52 pm  #35

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread


Estrada 23
Bishop 17. 

Hofstra 48
GW 37.

Unfortunate end to the half.  We tried to go 2 for 1, so Bishop took a quick 25 footer he airballed.  But then we got the stop on d with 11 seconds to go but the ball went out of bounds off us.  Then we disrupted their offense and forced a tie up, but they had the possession arrow.  On their third try, Hofstra predictably hit a three at the buzzer.

We were essentially down 15-3 at the first media time out.  Once we settled down, our offense was pretty good other than the one stretch with turnovers when Bishop was out - but they matched us with the Estrada explosion and shooting 6-10 from deep.   

Have to think the offenses cool off in the second half.  But what we’ve seen the last few years is that if we managed to hang around in a game like this, we’d open the second half giving up like a 13-2 run and being out of it.   Need to stay in contact with them and make their shooting cool off.


11/14/2022 7:56 pm  #36

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

18-8 deficit on the boards - they have 7 offensive 


11/14/2022 8:05 pm  #37

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Can't ask for a better start to the half


11/14/2022 8:06 pm  #38

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Nice little 7-0 run start to get back in it!  Edwards is money in those corner threes. And apparently Estrada can’t just hit stepback 3s all game.


11/14/2022 8:06 pm  #39

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

7-0 run to start the half - barrage of jumpers from Bishop, Adams, Maximus.

19 for Bishop on 7-12 shooting.  Question is can we contain Estrada.  Good start to half 2

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11/14/2022 8:08 pm  #40

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

We need Lindo to show up


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