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11/15/2022 5:15 pm  #81

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Agree with all your points LSF.  We probably could've won last night had we not got caught up in the moment taking those ill advised shots and trying ill advised passes.  I just think losing to this Hofstra team is not "same old GW" losing to an inferior opponent like we have for the past 4 seasons.  Hofstra currently better than about half of the A10.

Now if we lose to Radford, even though we play them on the road, THAT may be evidence of "same old GW."



11/15/2022 5:41 pm  #82

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

First of all, this GW team losing to almost every D1 program in America on the road should not be considered a shock.  There's a reason why home teams have I believe the highest winning percentage in college basketball relative to the 4 major pro sports and college football.  It's because it's HARD to win road games.  Young men often playing in loud and sometimes hostile environments.  But perhaps more to the point...this GW team is essentially the same GW team who improved a bit last year but by no means resembled the better Jarvis, Hobbs or Lonergan teams.  Nowhere close.  Again, it's essentially Edwards and Clark in for Bamisile and Freeman.  And of course, new coaches.

Yes, if the coaching is indeed better, this should help.  But only to an extent.  CC and staff have already shown an ability to upgrade this team from the high school ranks, but that does not help us right now.

If we're going to be disappointed over how the team played in a 5 point loss to a better opponent on their home court in the first road game of the season, brace yourselves for a long season.  I get great as Bishop was, nobody wants to see us be so reliant on a single player for scoring and keeping the team in the game.  But, this is basketball.  Sometimes, only one guy may be feeling it and as long as he's being highly productive, you simply have to ride this.  If we're really going to get on JBIV's case for taking a couple of ill advised shots after that performance, then God help us.  Kind of like George Carlin's Let's Make a Deal bit when the host say to the contestant "you've won a new Ferrari" and he responds "oh, we already have a small car."

My main point is this....despite any or all optimism, and despite a well credentialed coaching staff, this team will likely continue to be what it is, which is to say a team with some transparent flaws.  No defensive stopper like Pato or Yuta?  Sure, that's one of them.  There are assuredly plenty of others.  Great coaching attempts to maximize strengths while minimizing these flaws. Let's give it some time and see whether a team that has been accused of stagnating quite a bit on offense the past several years can evolve into a far more exciting and cohesive group that plays together and ultimately becomes more successful than a season ago.    


11/20/2022 8:42 am  #83

Re: GW vs Hofstra Game Thread

Hofstra shoots 1-16 from 3 (6.3%) and loses 76-48. Yikes


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