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1/04/2023 9:36 pm  #1

Injury News-EJ Clark & Daniel Nixon

The GWMBB Twitter account reports E.J. Clark (foot) and Daniel Nixon (knee) both underwent successful surgeries yesterday. Both are out for the season. #RaiseHigh

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1/05/2023 10:22 am  #2

Re: Injury News-EJ Clark & Daniel Nixon

This is a real kick to the stomach.  First, my dream of E.J Clark picking up an NIL deal from P.J. Clarke's now appears to have disappeared.  But on  afar more serious note, losing E.J. for the season just sucks all the way around.  From E.J.'s perspective, after a collegiate career that saw him play as a JUCO as well as at Alabama State, I'd say he proved his value as an A10 caliber player who truly belonged.  From the team's perspective, he gave the backcourt needed depth, speed and shooting. And from my own perspective, I really enjoyed watching him play.  Have to believe he's played too much to qualify for a redshirt and that this will likely be the end of his collegiate playing career.  Really a shame to go out this way.

Of course, I feel equally as bad for Daniel Nixon as well.  His college career is hopefully far from over.  As frustrating as it's been for fans to now have to endure a second season without truly knowing where he may ultimately fit in a rotation, I'd have to believe that nobody is more frustrated than Daniel himself.

Wishing both players a complete and speedy recovery.


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