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1/21/2023 5:18 pm  #1

A-10 inserts day off into 2023 tournament

Just noticed today that the A-10 is doing something new with its men's basketball conference tournament--giving teams a day off before the semis. Not sure if any other league has tried this.

But really it's only novel because the A-10 tournament is completely bloated. 14th and 13th place teams should not be playing in conference tournaments, it's OK that they don't.

It's also OK to have your #1 and #2 teams win three games in three days. I can see why they're trying this for tournament bid reasons, but it makes the fans pay for an extra day with no action.


1/23/2023 11:39 am  #2

Re: A-10 inserts day off into 2023 tournament

I assume this is being done for TV reasons, since $$$ seems to be what decides everything.  After taking a look at the link, I didn't realize that since the A-10 now has 15 teams with Loyola, the 10 seed now plays the 15 in the opening round, in addition to 11-14 and 12-13


1/23/2023 2:23 pm  #3

Re: A-10 inserts day off into 2023 tournament

Not sure what is the point. But it could actually play in our favor this year.
For the traveling fans, not the best move in the world. We can go in and out, depending on the timing.
Doesn't work with an evening game, though and a good portion of the league can't get to NY so quickly.
   Also, a large commitment of time in general. Cooling your heels for a day with no games would not help.
On the other hand, with a very thin bench, this could work for us, if we somehow get this day of rest opportunity.


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