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2/23/2023 2:30 pm  #1

A Statistic That Does Not Mean Too Much

GW's Saturday game vs La Salle marks their final 2022-23 regular season opponent that will be a rematch.  GW has split the home and homes with Mason, St. Joe's and Richmond, with both road teams wining in the Mason series and matchups against Richmond and St. Joe's all holding serve at home.  GW won its return game with Richmond and lost return games against Mason and St. Joe's.  A win over La Salle means that all four series will have resulted in season splits.

This led me to think whether this has been a popular trend in the conference this season, what with few if any truly dominant teams at the top and no true pieces of dreck at the bottom.  Turns out that GW so far has been more the exception than the rule.  In fact, despite several matchups still to be played, they are the only A10 school that has not swept or been swept by a conference opponent.  Thus far, a total of 35 return conference games have been played.  The outcome has gone the same way 18 times, and the return game has resulted in a split 17 times.  The only teams not to have achieved a split so far are UMASS which has two more opportunities, and La Salle which has 3 more opportunities starting with GW on Saturday.

Like I said, probably does not mean an awful lot. 


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