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3/13/2023 9:46 pm  #1

Tournament Contest

Hello to all.

So, for many years I've run tournament contests for friends and am doing so again this year.  Mine is not a bracket challenge where you pick every game.  Instead, it requires you to choose one and only one team of each seed number (or both teams of a seed that are playing each other in the First Four).  The team you pick is the one you think will do better than any other team of that seed number.

If your team is the best, you earn 25 points.  If your team is 2nd best, you get 10 points.  If your team is 3rd best, you get 5 points (for all of the above, the caveat is that a team must win at least one game in the 64-team bracket to qualify for any points).  If two teams of a given seed go equally as far, the point totals earned for both spots are averaged for each team.

Additionally, you select your Final Four.  You get 25 points for getting a team correct, another 25 for making it to the championship game, and another 25 points for winning the title.

This is a $10 entry fee with the top four submissions earning money back (50%/25%/15%/10%).  Each participant can submit up to two entries, and all payments are made by Venmo unless I approve otherwise.

If you are interested, please send me a direct message through this site and I'll reply with the submission link.  NOTE:  You cannot remain anonymous to me in this contest.  I'll know you from your Venmo account and your real name will appear in the standings, which will be visible to all of the participants.



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