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5/08/2023 5:57 pm  #1

Transfer Trades

With the escalation of transfers coinciding with the advent of the transfer portal, it was always going to be a matter of time before a new college basketball concept would emerge...let's call this transfer trades unless you've got something better.

We're seeing more and more of it lately.  Benny Schroeder was the player to be named in the Joe Bamisile deal with Oklahoma.  Hunter Dean now joins Bernard Woodside in the deal which brought James Bishop and Regis Koundjia to GW from LSU (making this a more equitable trade but still slanting heavily towards GW getting the better end.)

Here is a high powered deal..Gerald Jackson straight-up with Minnesota for Jamison Battle.  A more even trade than you might recall.

Want more?  Do you like Lasan Kromah straight up for Brendan Adams?  I think it's a good deal but UCONN wanted more particularly since they did provide us with Karl Hobbs.  So, we threw Dan Guest into the deal.

If coaches are fair game, that opens things up.  We came so close to a Mezie Offerum for Jamion Christian deal with Mt. St. Mary's but Jamion had to do that one year at Siena.  Not to worry, we still get a Mezie deal for Ace Stallings.  Mike Lonergan went from Vermont to DC while Justin Mazzoula went that route in reverse.  It took nearly 40 years but Miami gave us a great gift in Chris Caputo after it plucked Tim Dawson in their mid-1980's expansion draft.  And not to be disrespectful, but Indiana must have felt bad enough over sending Gerry Gimelstob our way that the transfer Gods made up for it by sending us Mo Creek for one memorable season.

Then there are the one sided deals that really aren't deals because the other side, as far as I can tell, have received nothing in return.  Brian Magid, Mark Karver and Ricky Lindo were all once former Terps but have any GW players ended up in College Park?  Virginia Tech has brought us Wynton Weatherspoon, Joe Bamisile, Darren Buchanan and nearly Nygel Munson, but what have we ever done for VA Tech (besides score a grand total of 36 points the last time we played them)?  This works both ways.  Lots of former GW players land at AU, Towson, and in Delaware, but I don't recall any of these Eagles, Tigers or Blue Hens suiting up for the Blue F..., whatever.  We've also seen players transfer to and from schools who are in our conference at the time of transfer (Brayon to URI), in our conference today but not at the time of transfer (Penny Elliott came from VCU), and with schools formerly in the conference (Randy Davis-Charlotte).

Please let me know if I'm missing any.  Am sure I may be regarding activity before my time.  But remember, someone like Bob Tallent does not count unless GW had a former player subsequently play for Kentucky.



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