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9/29/2023 4:02 pm  #21

Re: Welcome Babatunde "Stretch" Akingbola!

You know, "long suffering" and "long deliriously happy" are not mutually exclusive.  It is a difficult balance, but can be done.  (If there was a like feature, I would have put one after GW69's comment).


9/29/2023 4:04 pm  #22

Re: Welcome Babatunde "Stretch" Akingbola!

Thanks. Let's both move on. One reason why I went with the negative rather than the positive is what you have stated in your last response. I've been following the team now for 58 years and I agree with you that, unfortunately, I, like many others, have been conditioned to expect the worst. My hope is that Coach Caputo can change that scenario. So far, he's certainly heading that way. 


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