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8/19/2023 6:15 pm  #1

Patricio Garino with Argentina in Olympic qualifying

There are two good teams in this world: Chile, and whomever is beating Argentina. Alas, Patricio Garino played for neither today, scoring 4 points and getting 4 boards in 16 mins in Argentina´s 87-79 win over Chile in the semifinals of the Olympic pre-Qualification tournament. The winner of the final on Sunday (against either NBA-laden Bahamas or traditional power Uruguay) goes on to the 24-team qualifying tournament next year that will send four teams to the Paris Olympics.
Pato had foul trouble today and the low level of opposition (Chile has a guy who played for So Miss and 11 guys who are nowhere near DI-level) limited his playing time. My feed was not HD, but it looked like he has added some muscle to his biceps (along with some tatoos). I will drink pisco and take comfort in the fact that my county is not a bankrupt economic basket case with crummy vinegar sold as wine, so that puts me in a better position than Patricio and his co-nationals...

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8/20/2023 1:02 pm  #2

Re: Patricio Garino with Argentina in Olympic qualifying

Argentina to play Bahamas tonight for the spot in the final Olympic qualfying tournament. Available on the FIBA "Courtside" streaming service, TyC Deportes (in South America) and wherever good pirate sites can be found.

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8/20/2023 10:59 pm  #3

Re: Patricio Garino with Argentina in Olympic qualifying

Unless Pato takes up another sport, no Paris Olympics for Garino and Argentina after they lose to  75-82 to Bahamas. Pato played 11 mins and scored two points and three boards in the losing effort.
(Also, Panama-- Ricky Lindo and perhaps still Danilo-- dropped out of this tournment at the last second, much to the chagrin of the broadcaster which had to refund advertisers. It may be a while before Panama is allowed to participate in global tournaments again)

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