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11/14/2023 9:20 am  #41

Re: Other Games Thread

moneybox wrote:

Georgetown aside, let's hope that our team is ready to play a really tough Hofstra team tonight that is 4 to 8 point favorites over us or we will join the 1-loss group!

We’re a 2.5 point favorite tonight


11/14/2023 1:39 pm  #42

Re: Other Games Thread

Going to take some time to rebuild Georgetown. Something no one has been able to do not named John Thompson.  Ed Cooley may just be the man to get it done my $ in on Ed long-term.  What a job he did at Providence

The season really gets in gear tonight for GW and across the country

The main event Kansas versus Kentucky.  Doesn't get much more Blue blood than that

Two programs that to their credit always play a tough OOC

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11/15/2023 8:36 am  #43

Re: Other Games Thread

St Joes beat Stonehill by 44, one less point than us. Continued signs that we’re a top-100 team by the Stonehill Index.


11/15/2023 1:18 pm  #44

Re: Other Games Thread

Stonehill taking some on the chin!

The Gonzaga opponents as well. 123-57.

Kansas beat Kentucky in a game between two teams who look like Final 4 squads.  Kentucky is loaded with NBA talent and Kansas looks like the team to beat, epic performance by Hunter Dickinson. The NBA doesn't want him?  I get he's not the prototypical 5 of the modern game

Providence pasted Wisconsin. 

Some good ones tonight including Rutgers vs Georgetown in the Javitt tourney

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11/15/2023 8:32 pm  #45

Re: Other Games Thread

The Georgetown-Rutgers game is about to tip off on FS1. Rutgers is a 10 point favorite!! I'm seeing that former UMass guard Noah Fernandes is now the starting point guard at Rutgers The extra COVID year seems to have allowed guys to be in college for 7 or 8 years!! lol

The Dude, the NBA phasing out back-to-the-basket post players like Dickinson (and guys like Sonogo from UConn and Luka Garza in previous years) is kind of a shame to me, the NBA game is a little too one dimensional now with everyone shooting 3's and over dribbling!! 

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11/15/2023 11:22 pm  #46

Re: Other Games Thread

Mason beats a good Cornell team.  The Ivy League is across the board pretty solid.  

Rutgers 71 G'town 60.  Ed Cooley is going to need a few years minimum to turn that program around, starting in the gutter.

Thomas, that's why I was surprised to see Sonogo come out.  Dickinson is so big, and so skilled offensively, 27 points 21 boards vs Kentucky! I thought there would be a spot for him.  I see that Donovan Clingan is already on top 10 Draft Boards, is he a better NBA prospect than Dickinson? I guess he's a little more agile.  

Thing about Dickinson,.. he CAN shoot and make the 3s! He'd fit in... D would be an issue defending the pick and roll for sure. 

The Hibberts went extinct and fast!  Roy was a back to back All Star under 10 years ago, now there's no one in the league left like that!  I guess Boban is about the only and he hardly plays 

Speaking of UMASS transfers Tre Mitchell is starting for Kentucky.   When the A10 comes up short in At Large bids, losing guys like that over and over is a lot of the reason.  That, and the rigged criteria.


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11/16/2023 2:36 pm  #47

Re: Other Games Thread

Good slate today starting with Hunter Dean and LSU vs Dayton

4pm on ESPN

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11/16/2023 4:04 pm  #48

Re: Other Games Thread

Dean played 2 minutes vs Nicholls State and 10 minutes in a blowout over Mississippi Valley State. He scored a total of 5 points in those games. Sometimes the grass is not greener.


11/16/2023 4:11 pm  #49

Re: Other Games Thread

Especially since we needed his position and he was given great opportunity here. Perhaps so much Noel
saw no future..
Hope for his sake, Hunter really wanted to go back to Louisiana or he got some sort of NIL deal.


11/16/2023 4:27 pm  #50

Re: Other Games Thread

Saint Louis takes down a not bad Wyoming team by 10 in the first game of this tourney, Dayton and LSU just getting started

These are the kind of games the A10 needs to win come selection Sunday.  Good start for Dayton.  LSU is 1.5 favs.   Dayton and LSU both look like bubble caliber teams

Dean was unfortunate for all parties, is he going to actually play a lot in the SEC?  We could really use him in the frontcout, we have very little size or depth, which is going to be an issue against bigger better teams on the horizon. What happens when Stretch invariably gets into early foul trouble against teams with interior size and scoring?
I guess Dean justed to go back home, hope they were honest with him about his PT before he made this decision

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11/16/2023 6:30 pm  #51

Re: Other Games Thread

Big win for Dayton. Came back from 14 down in the second half.  This LSU team is not a tourney team, but they are still ok and got a big offensive explosion early in the second half (especially from hot and cold Will Baker). 

It was the worst game I’ve ever seen DaRon Holmes play (on both ends), but they came back with a press that forced a bunch of turnovers and Nate Santos, Javob Bennett, and Kobe Brea hit big shots to get a win that helps the league.

Hunter Dean didn’t play in the second half.  I didn’t see the first, but given the box score, I think he only got a minute or two.


11/16/2023 8:46 pm  #52

Re: Other Games Thread

Great day for the A10. First SLU over Wyoming, then Dayton with the comeback win over LSU, and no St Bonaventure beats Ok St. 

Boba’s center, Chad Venning fouled out with the Bonnie’s holding a small lead, which meant Noel Brown played the last few minutes. His lack of rim protection was an issue with Ok St scoring 3 or 4 at the rim to take the lead, but the Bonniee hit a couple shots and got some stops to take the lead.   With 7 seconds left and Bona up 1, OK St missed and Noel picked up the loose ball and got fouled.  He hit 1 of 2 of FTs, and then the Cowboys missed at the buzzer.  Noel finished with 3 points, 2 boards, and a steal.


11/16/2023 11:43 pm  #53

Re: Other Games Thread

The A14 has started at a blistering pace with a record of 36-9.  It’ll definitely help our collective RPI ratings at year’s end.


11/17/2023 8:27 am  #54

Re: Other Games Thread

oldish wrote:

The A14 has started at a blistering pace with a record of 36-9.  It’ll definitely help our collective RPI ratings at year’s end.

It’s A15 now. 

Also, there is no more RPI.  There’s the net, for which record helps, but margin of victory/efficiency counts more.

Regardless, it is a strong start for the league, making last year look like a bad fluke. Hopefully we keep it up.


11/17/2023 10:15 am  #55

Re: Other Games Thread

Fun with numbers:  Per KenPom, A-10 is rated 10th best conference, behind the power 6, Mountain West, West Coast Conference and AAC.  The highest rated team is Dayton at 64 while the lowest is Fordham at 197.  At 172, GW is 12th best in the conference, ahead of only Fordham, Lasalle and UMass (who is 173).  A good upcoming test will be Ohio, rated at 116. (Hope you all remember your FloHoops user name and password).  Despite some lofty efficiency numbers, our overall ranking is being weighed down by a strenght of schedule ranking of 328, with our 3 wins coming against Stonehill (349), William and Mary (280) and Hofstra (at 155).   FWIW...last season the A-10 finished ranked at 13th, so there is some progress.


11/17/2023 11:18 am  #56

Re: Other Games Thread

It's definitely a great sign that the A10 is beating all these BCS teams early in the season, we haven't seen this in a while or maybe we have and I've forgotten!! Santos played very well for Dayton, I didn't think he was on the team last year so I just typed his name in search box and Pittsburgh came up, I'll assume he transferred in from Pittsburgh!! LSU has a very good post player named Baker who is taller and a lot more skilled than Dean, I think Dean will have a hard time getting playing time as long as Baker is healthy.

Vermont vs. St. Louis          noon  ESPN
St.John's vs. Dayton           2pm  ESPN2 - if Dayton wins, they'll likely face #6 Houston in the Championship Game
Auburn vs. St.Bonaventure  7pm  ESPN2

Maryland vs.#21 Villanova   8pm   FS1 - for those of you who may enjoy seeing Maryland take it on the chin(lol), you should watch this one!

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11/17/2023 12:43 pm  #57

Re: Other Games Thread

Looks like Hunter Dean had played just 15 minutes over 3 games for LSU, second lowest on the team.   But he did play all 3 games.   I was wondering how we would have used him had he stayed.   Not sure he would have gotten big minutes this season at GW, especially with the team's offensive and defensive changes from last season.  He could never be on the court at the same time as Stretch, and I am not sure that CC would have jumped him ahead of Buchanan in the rotation, although I could see him and Buchanan on the court at the same time.  Further, there appears to be an emphasis on quicker rotations on defense and Hunter is not quick.  On offense Dean was strictly low post  scorer, although he did try to expand his horizons those last few games of last season, but this season, our offensive has pretty much been drive to the basket or rotate for the three, neither of which suit Dean's skills.  Further, last season he was the 4th or 5th offensive option and this year would have been no different.  I was disappointed when he left but on reflection not so much now.   Move still perplexes me from Hunter's standpoint.  I understand the desire to play close to home, but he must have known that he wasn't going to play much at LSU (unless he was sold a bill of goods) and as nice as it must be for him to be at home, I don't know if I would have trading that to be on the back end of the bench my last season, especially when he seemed to be skilled enough to be playing pro someplace upon his graduation.

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11/17/2023 3:32 pm  #58

Re: Other Games Thread

St. Louis loses to Vermont.  The Billikens were without one of their top scorers- Sincere Parker - was hurt in game 1.  No idea how bad the injury was

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11/17/2023 3:42 pm  #59

Re: Other Games Thread

Also Vermont is loaded with upperclassmen and KenPom 99.


11/17/2023 4:02 pm  #60

Re: Other Games Thread

Dayton about to beat St Johns 

Dayton looks very much the part of an NCAA Tourney team, this is the kind of OOC the A10 has needed for years

Nate Santos is a heckuva player, how'd that guy not play more at Pitt?? 

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