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11/25/2023 5:32 pm  #141

Re: GW Beats Ohio Game

Gwmayhem wrote:

Way to go Alum1 and Hoopsfan23.  Since my moneyline was only +160, I am a bit jealous.  But still, OK.
Have been saying this since before the season started but if you like to wager, the time to make money with this team is now, while these computer rankings are unable to rapidly adjust from their underrated pre-season rankings that were based largely on so many inexperienced players joining the team. Is it still  a problem that DBJ hadn't played college ball prior to the start of the season?  Should we still be assuming that Stretch won't possibly be a factor because he played so little at Auburn? Are freshmen Trey and Jacoi just here to learn this season without really contributing?

Now to be fair, GW was at its most infuriating as well against a well coached Ohio team.  Way too many turnovers, often of the unforced variety.  Not closing nearly fast enough against open three point shooters.  Maybe playing a longer bench helps to reduce these issues, but it does seem apparent that CC is not at all inclined to go beyond 8 unless the game has all but been decided.  How else might you explain playing five players at least 34 minutes, two more 19 apiece, and Benny for 7, for the first game of three in three nights?  We've been told that James and Max are in the best condition of their careers and it showed.

What a game for Max in particular.  Early on, lackadaisical would best describe his performance.  Max fell for that play where the defender looks away from the play while running up court, only to quickly turn around and make a steal or intercept a pass in the backcourt.  Other than his consistent rebounding, Max was not giving the team much of anything.   And then down the stretch, he came up with 2 amazing steals including one where he pulled that same trick that had been pulled on him earlier.  And the 3 3's in the second OT all but won the game for GW, including the final one which he somehow managed to catch a cross court pass and shoot with under 2 seconds on the shot clock.  Not only was that the dagger but it may end up also being the most remarkable play we see all season.

Other quick notes:

It's nothing short of genius to watch DBJ take a slower defender off the dribble, from the top of the key, with both JB and Jacoi (two very capable point guards) on the court with him.  This guy, plain and simple, is a matchup nightmare for opponents.  So much quicker than most guys his size, and can steamroll over smaller defenders as well.

I think I've seen more smiles out of JB through 5 games than in any of his other full seasons at GW.  So this is what it's like to lead a team with this much talent.

Not one of Jacoi's most memorable games, but his perfect pass to Garrett for a wide open three was an absolute thing of beauty.

Speaking of Garrett, really nice to see him play 40 minutes.

Some atrocious calls which FQ did a nice job at chronicling in real time.  It certainly did seem as if they were making every effort to keep Ohio in the game.  A few of the calls against Stretch were just awful.

I looked up the bio of the color commentator and among his professional accomplishments includes having served as Athletic Director at Beverly Hills High.  I cut him some slack after that as I'd imagine it's difficult to go from calling games with Brandon Walsh, Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay to calling Division 1 college basketball.

I’d hold off on that slack. Understand he was instrumental in the Board’s decision not wanting to allow Donna Martin to graduate. Also heard some scuttlebutt about involvement with Kelly Taylor (or maybe it was with her mom) but I tend to discount that as merely a product of malicious adolescent rumor mongering. Besides, yet to see color commentary affecting the players on the court. Not as confident saying that about the weird ceiling.


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