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11/25/2023 11:19 pm  #61

Re: GW vs UIC

Tomorrow will be a good challenge.  Delaware has 5 seniors among their top 6 players. Very experienced team that takes good shots and doesn’t beat themselves. Hopefully we have the legs and can play with real energy despite the disappointment of not being in the championship game (and playing again on several hours less rest than our opponent).

They aren’t loaded with shooters, so that should help. Their three point shooting is really concentrated in two guys, Reilly and Houser, who are a combined 20-37 - so really need to get up on them (though they only play about 28 and 18 mpg respectively, so most of the time, only one is on the court). Houser is their tallest player, but since he’s mostly on the perimeter, it makes sense for stretch to guard someone else (or have Darrin out there when Houser is).

The rest of the team only shoots a combined 28.3% on only about 7.5 attempts per game.  So basically don’t let the two shooters get free and the rest of the team stop penetration.  I’m hoping we get a Stretch block party tomorrow and that Max brings his A game.


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