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1/06/2024 6:15 pm  #41

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

James was fouled!


1/06/2024 6:15 pm  #42

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

What a win. The 11.5 pt spread today was straight up disrespectful. Great win for this team. Week off now to get better. Let's go!


1/06/2024 6:16 pm  #43

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Alum '04 wrote:

When is the last time GW won at VCU? Never?

Second time ever. Bishop is one of the GW’s all time great players, but he needed a moment like this. Hopefully its not his last one this year.


1/06/2024 6:16 pm  #44

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Bishop for the win!!

What a game!!  Epic performance by JBIV what a win for GW

We can compete with just about anyone in the league on most nights

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1/06/2024 6:18 pm  #45

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Wow. And while Bishop gets the free steak dinner for his bucket, play of the game goes to Akingbola for his rejection of JoBam-- a most deserved opportunity to point at the chump and say "Yo' Mama!". Of course, better rebounding and there would have been no need for Bishop's shot, but I will take a W at VCU any way they come.
Hail to the Buff! Hail to the Blue!!!


1/06/2024 6:19 pm  #46

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Wow is the word.  The thing I love about this sport and this game is that if JB’s shot misses and VCU scores—we are all moaning about the shot selection, second chance points, etc etc etc. Instead we’re all happy!

17-21 in the second half is astounding!!!


1/06/2024 6:20 pm  #47

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Stretch blocking Bam at the rim

G Money dunking on Bam's head

JB with the circus shot winner.

I think the Curse of the Goss-bino has been lifted.


1/06/2024 6:20 pm  #48

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

That was a great win, the team didn't fade after the marathon against Fordham.  Bishop.... unbelievable.  This team has something special let's hope it continues.


1/06/2024 6:21 pm  #49

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Great win. League looks very balanced. As someone said earlier Bishop was fouled on the winning shot. Also got some quality minutes from the bench in the 1st half. You have to give them credit. They play hard and can score. Johnson was clutch in the last 2 minutes. If we could stop fouling on the 3’s it would be nice. Although I don’t think Bamiselle was fouled on his 3.


1/06/2024 6:24 pm  #50

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

mrj wrote:

James was fouled!

Correct. On replay angle,on the off arm.
Gutsy win.
Great team effort with Max getting us there in the first half and James at the end.
Garrett especially,Stretch and Darren had their moments.
Believe we won there in ML era,Garino maybe scoring 25,but can look it up.
Nonetheless, smart coaching,tough playing,get win!.



1/06/2024 6:24 pm  #51

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

mrj wrote:

James was fouled!

He was and Max didn’t foul when he got a piece of Shulgas shot that should’ve been reviewed.

There are 2 things I loved about this game.  1)Finally getting the W against VCU and 2) no Patsos

Oh yeah and 3) the “Stretch” block on JoeBamBam right down the throat!

Love this team warts and all!



1/06/2024 6:25 pm  #52

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Agree with balance league.  Loyola 2-0 and VCU 0-2.  And both losses at home!!!


1/06/2024 6:30 pm  #53

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Also,Trey and Jacoi are players and their future at GW is bright.


1/06/2024 6:32 pm  #54

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

What a game. Much nicer watching on TV than using my ESPN app on my phone. Might have to spring for ESPN+
Looking forward to the Smith Center and Davidson. Got snowed out on last visit.


1/06/2024 6:33 pm  #55


1/06/2024 6:51 pm  #56


1/06/2024 6:53 pm  #57

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

GW0509 wrote:

Interesting tidbit is the last two wins vs VCU came in the VCU coach’s first year with the team (Wade in 2016, Rhoades in 2018).

As always, the ref situation at the Siegel Center will be something to monitor. 

I believe I had that one.

And the ref situation WAS something to monitor.  For the first time in forever, VCU was actually called for fouls, including a technical for taunting (should've been called for a second one when Zeb Jackson slapped the floor).  We shot 4 more FTs than VCU.  Dr. John even mentioned how the Siegel Center didn't have the same atmosphere it once did.  

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1/06/2024 6:54 pm  #58

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Hearing VCU fans complain about fouls…..after years of hacking that they called defense…is just hilarious

Knowing VCU fans, proud of James talking to them after the game. Am sure they were all “polite” the entire game


1/06/2024 7:52 pm  #59

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Few things:

1. Thought this might be a Quad 1 win, for now its a Quad 2 win until VCU climbs back in the top 75, which they may well do. Either way, very good win

2. We beat VCU on the road on a day they shot 46% from 3. Who saw that coming??

3.  Zam is a few minutes nailed a 3.  He seems to be a good 3 point shooter? Do you expect he may join the rotation?

4.  5 more blocks for Stretch.  What an addition. 

5.  JBIV  28-5-3-2.   One of the truly great clutch players in GW history,

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1/06/2024 8:30 pm  #60

Re: GW beats VCU Game!

Can't find if GW had a press conference but a little "read between the lines" here with an answer from Bamisile.  Maybe they didn't get along too well?

@ 2:00

Q: "How many times have you seen Bishop do that when you were up there?  I mean, you know he's capable of it, but how do you defend someone like that?"

Bam: "ehhh...I don't want to talk about James, but he's a good player."



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