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3/01/2024 1:15 am  #41

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Enormous Quad 1 win, once again on the road for Gonzaga who opened up a 30 point 2nd half lead to win 88-66 
The Slipper Still Fits!

The Zags will be dancing for The 25th year in a row under Mark Few.  25 seasons, 25 NCAA Tourneys. 

 41 NCAA Tourney wins, 2 National Title Games,  and counting for Mark Few's Gonzaga squads.


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3/02/2024 8:21 pm  #42

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Brutal bubble loss of the day goes to Virginia losing 73 to 48

Came into the game with KenPom 60s and a resume light on top wins in a down ACC

Hard to justify putting them into a field over a team 47 spots ahead of them in the computer.

Gonzaga beats #13 Saint Mary's on the road

A dominating road Quad 1 win that locks up a tourney spot for Gonzaga for the 26th straight season

The Sipper Still Fits The Zags will be Dancing!

"a season-shaping week for Gonzaga. Go on the road and hammer San Francisco and Saint Mary's, handing the Gaels their first conference loss of the season. Likely ends any bubble discussion for the Zags. Three Quad 1 wins, great metrics, no Q3/Q4 losses."

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3/03/2024 9:10 am  #43

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Screw UVA. Still bitter about how their douchebag fans treated us when they played at Smith Center. Still bitter about their mind-numbing brand of basketball. UVA losing by 25 always brightens my day.


3/03/2024 2:31 pm  #44

Re: The March Madness Bubble

DeCourcy has 7 Gonzaga as a 7 seed, Palm has Gonzaga now an 8 seed.  So much for the Bubble for The Zags.

Two A10 teams in both fields.

St Johns in the field as well 

UConn beat Seton Hall by 30, the defending national champions look like the number one overall seed

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3/04/2024 11:02 pm  #45

Re: The March Madness Bubble

NC State Blown out at home, Texas looks like they are about to lose

The Power 5 Bubble teams piling up losses.


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3/05/2024 11:41 pm  #46

Re: The March Madness Bubble

Brutal bubble loss of the night goes to Wake Forest, playing at home in a low Quad 3 game vs an awful Ga Tech team.
Tech wins 70-69 at the buzzer, after Wake had come back down 22 to take their first lead in the final seconds.

Ole Miss loses to Georgia #104 Georgia, Ole Miss now has a NET in the 80s.

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3/06/2024 11:16 pm  #47

Re: The March Madness Bubble

UConn pounds Marquette on the road for the season sweep of Marquette, winning the 2 games by a combined 44 points.

Danny Hurley's defending National Champions have to be the #1 overall seed and the favorite to win back to back National Titles.  

Illustrating how far back from the depths Danny Hurley has brought the program, UConn had not won ANY road game vs any top 25 team in a DECADE.      

Richmond won again, their 23rd win and 14th win in Quad 2 and 3.  They also beat Dayton in Quad 1.
Sure looks like a resume that should at least be a mention on The Bubble.   1-2 vs the NET top 30, and 14-5 vs Quad 2 & 3.


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