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12/06/2020 9:18 pm  #41

Re: James Bishop IV

Does Bishop as PG make the other players better?
Does it make best use of enormously athletic JNJ, Jamison,Maceo,Chase or anyone not named Moyer?
Is this one-person  approach,which makes Armel seem uninvolved by comparison, sustainable or wise?
What about defense?


12/07/2020 7:08 pm  #42

Re: James Bishop IV

Did Bishop score a bunch to help us close the gap at the end? Absolutely. Did the team only start to make a real comeback until he was firmly planted on the bench? Yes again! So what can we make of this? Maybe Bishop needs to be a SG who doesn't come down the court and control the ball for the full shot clock or who just rams it to the hoop. Or maybe coach has to instill him that making at least one pass before he shoots is necessary. I'm not really sure here. 

As for his defense, it was once again ghastly. I don't know how many times I saw him not close out on an open three shooter when it was clearly his guy to guard. He also seemed completely lost playing zone. When he was forcing full court pressure I'll admit he was much better. Needs to keep his hands up more (JNJ was responsible for so many redirects because he did so), but otherwise the pressure he was implementing was much better than in previous games.


12/31/2020 1:08 pm  #43

Re: James Bishop IV

Through 8 games James Bishop is averaging 20.0 points 6.4 Dimes and 4 boards a game.
He's #1 among A10 players in points produced per game, 10th best in the nation.

His assist % is also #1 in the A10 and 13th best in the nation at 41.6%.

He's #2 in both assists per game and points per game and #4 in offensive win shares #8 in Win Shares.

52% from 2, he's #1 in 2 FGs made and 41% from 3, 10th best.

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12/31/2020 1:44 pm  #44

Re: James Bishop IV

And yet, we are 2-6, with the second win coming after 7 games.


12/31/2020 3:15 pm  #45

Re: James Bishop IV

To the regulars on this board...please don't fall for this crap.

Don't let The Dude's man-crush of James Bishop cause you to go against James Bishop.  Anyone who has been paying attention knows that James is a very gifted player.  We don't need The Dude to convince us of this.

And at the same time, practically all of us excluding The Dude know that James has been a bit careless with the ball, selfish, and lackadaisical  on defense at times.  Yesterday's win was James's least selfish game of the year by far.  And, we won it by 24 points.

All GW fans are rooting hard for James for his real success should translate to the team's success.    


12/31/2020 3:45 pm  #46

Re: James Bishop IV

One additional advanced stat:Led by James Bishop, #1

Players creating the most points in all of NCAA by total passing and shooting

All Passes tracked + All Shots = Total SQ Points Created


2/22/2021 2:40 pm  #47

Re: James Bishop IV

The Bishop show returns, after a 35 day hiatus.

For the season, Bishop is averaging 21 points 6 assists shooting 37% from 3 and 48% from 2

He's #1 in the league in points per game, #3 in assists per game, #1 in the A10 in points produced and 7th in the nation   

Points Produced Per Game2020-21 NCAA 21.2 (7th)2020-21 A-10 21.2 (1st)

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3/02/2021 2:17 pm  #48

Re: James Bishop IV

Well, he's leading the league in scoring, so I guess the question is, 1st team all A10?
2nd team, given our record??


3/02/2021 2:40 pm  #49

Re: James Bishop IV

Dude, probably 2nd team in my opinion.  Just a gut that his turnovers will keep him off first team.

For what it's worth, he's passed the eye test with me.  The beginning of the season I felt he was a liability (despite the scoring).  Now, he looks like he's taken it up a notch.  I hope he comes back for two more years, but I don't fault anyone who transfers.  


3/02/2021 2:42 pm  #50

Re: James Bishop IV

Probably Third team at best.  Someone has to score points, even on a bad team.  I think more credit is going to go to the more established players on better teams.  My guess is that Hyland (VCU), Crutcher (Dayton), Grady (Davidson), Russell (URI) and Gilyard (Rich) all are above him. 


3/02/2021 7:18 pm  #51

Re: James Bishop IV

He was voted Third Team and Transfer of the Year in the A-10 Media awards:


3/02/2021 7:34 pm  #52

Re: James Bishop IV

Good find, Transfer of the year as well for Bishop, pretty cool.

I'm guessing Battle if not for the concussion would have cracked a team as well



3/02/2021 9:37 pm  #53

Re: James Bishop IV

I would have Battle as 3rd team rather than Bishop.


3/04/2021 8:04 pm  #54

Re: James Bishop IV

29 points today, to cap a brilliant first Colonial season for James Bishop, the league's leading scorer

Also remains among the leader's in the nation in Assists % and points produced



3/04/2021 8:18 pm  #55

Re: James Bishop IV

I assume there is no need to mention his 15 missed shots, two turnovers and zero rebounds tonight.


3/04/2021 9:09 pm  #56

Re: James Bishop IV

The Dude wrote:

29 points today, to cap a brilliant first Colonial season for James Bishop, the league's leading scorer

Also remains among the leader's in the nation in Assists % and points produced


Hey Dude, don't get too excited over his assists leadership. His 43rd in the country. And only two players in the top 65 in assists per game have a worse assists to turnovers ratio than Bishop. He is going to need to reduce turnovers and improve his shooting percentage before we can call next season "brillant." 


3/04/2021 9:31 pm  #57

Re: James Bishop IV

Ball hog....look at tape of the his teammates when he hoists up the wild shots.  


3/04/2021 10:01 pm  #58

Re: James Bishop IV

His decision making isn’t perfect, but it’s way too easy for fans to blame the guy who takes the most shots.

Bishop had 29 points on 24 shots today. 
Rest of team 30 points on 33 shots. 

Bishop shot a lot because who else was going to get a shot? 

Chase Paar, who hit a three to start the game and then had 2 misses and 1 rebound the rest of the game?

Hunter Dean, who was left wide open all game and did nothing but stop the ball?

Lincoln ball, who attempted zero shots in 7 minutes?

Brown, who attempted 2 shots in 25 minutes during the A10 tourney?

Brelsford, who went 3 for 10 in the A10 tourney?

Ricky Lindo, who was just 2-7 today’s and clearly didn’t have the legs for offense (but gave it his all on the boards and D)?

And he did give up lots of shots to Battle who took lots of forced,
Contested shots because (like Bishop) he had to, and only made 5-17 today. 

Maybe it’s a lack of creativity in offensive design, or maybe he’s chucking some bad shots because there’s really no other better option.  Certainly he needs to improve his decision making next year,  but give the guy a break.  He’s a warrior who carried this team for long stretches when he was often out there with almost no one else who could put the ball in the basket.


3/04/2021 10:26 pm  #59

Re: James Bishop IV

Concur, and both James Bishop and Battle were negatively impacted by such poor offensive options around them all season, and still managed to shine, two unique very skilled talents.

We have some guys who are just left wide open the other team refuses to even guard, which draws so many defenders and attention on our two stars.

Battle, took many contested, forced shots of his own at times, and like Bishop, made many and often it was the only real option. He had a 27 foot 3 today and an absurdly difficult, not great decision, that he canned on a step back contested long 2. 

There isn't a team in the A10 that wouldn't love to have either of those guys, nor is there a good A10 team that's playing a few of the guys we are are forced to regularly play in the rotation.  such is the state of things, for us, for the time being.  Further integrate Lindo, land some top recruits (as we have, on paper at least) and another good transfer or two and thing will look vastly different.

James Bishop was a lot of fun to watch, he blew by anyone who tried to defend him all year, on a team with better options and floor spacers, he'd be truly dynamic.



3/04/2021 10:50 pm  #60

Re: James Bishop IV

There may be a reason his teammates don 't shoot more.


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