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1/16/2021 9:14 am  #21

Re: Yuta Update

Chris Monroe is an easy one.


1/16/2021 9:20 am  #22

Re: Yuta Update

You old timers will remember him, but I always thought that Mike Zagardo was one of the hardest centers I had seen at GW.   I would add Yegor also at the 4.  Pato was a very hard worker also.   As was Mike Hall.  I am also having trouble coming up with guards.  Clearly Shawnta, who was all over the place on the court and at 5'4" could hold his own on the boards.   On the current team, I am very impressed with the work ethic of Jamison Battle, who hwas worked very hard to expand his game.    Matt Moyer also impresses me as being a hard worker on both offense and defense.

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1/16/2021 9:38 am  #23

Re: Yuta Update

Pete Young was 110% hustle all game long. Kristen McArdle worked her butt off every time down the court, too.

And will no one mention Danilo Pinnock?

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1/16/2021 10:52 am  #24

Re: Yuta Update

Some not mentioned above:
Mike Battle, Walt SzererbiakMike Samson, Mike Hall, Bill Brigham, Joe MacDonald.

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1/16/2021 11:01 am  #25

Re: Yuta Update

Also Matt Hart!


1/16/2021 12:51 pm  #26

Re: Yuta Update

With Dayton in mind...
There will always be Joe Mac. How about this hustle to follow Savage... for the game winner
(Start at the 4:10 mark)

And there will always be Carl Elliott



1/16/2021 3:57 pm  #27

Re: Yuta Update

Withers Brothers in limited minutes.


1/16/2021 3:58 pm  #28

Re: Yuta Update

And of course, Pops had a high motor.


1/16/2021 5:00 pm  #29

Re: Yuta Update

John Holloran and Mike O’Reilly. Especially agree about Mike Battle, a 6’7”:undersized center who had to go up against guys like Artis Gilmore, Kermit Washington and Len Elmore.


1/16/2021 7:52 pm  #30

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta and the Raptors are playing against the Charlotte Hornets right now on NBA TV, the game started about 10 minutes ago. 


1/16/2021 10:21 pm  #31

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta only got 4 minutes of playing time so he wasn't able to have much of an impact.


1/17/2021 2:21 pm  #32

Re: Yuta Update

Discussion of hardest working players has to include Tyler Cavanaugh and Patricio Garino.  Agree with Mile Hall and Chris Monroe being on the list.


1/17/2021 8:11 pm  #33

Re: Yuta Update

although i was not fond of him, dan sullivan did more with less than anyone else i can think of.


1/25/2021 8:06 pm  #34

Re: Yuta Update

With injuries stacking up for the Raptors, Yuta is getting some serious minutes. In their last game, Yuta recorded 21 minutes of play and was asked to guard Indiana’s guards for most of the fourth quarter.

Here is a great video of a tired Yuta post game:

And here is a great piece about the players stepping up while injuries stack up. Kyle Lowry had very high praise for Yuta saying he plays with some real toughness and puts in 110%.


1/25/2021 10:36 pm  #35

Re: Yuta Update

Good find,B&B Bandit.
Tonight Yuta played 15 minutes,scored 9 points,got 5 rebounds and a steal.
Hope for continued minutes and success for Yuta,a hard working team player.


1/26/2021 2:31 pm  #36

Re: Yuta Update

Thanks for the Yuta updates.
Yuta was the consummate GW player - smart, hard working, respectful, hustler.


1/26/2021 2:56 pm  #37

Re: Yuta Update

jf wrote:

Tonight Yuta played 15 minutes,scored 9 points,got 5 rebounds and a steal.
Hope for continued minutes and success for Yuta,a hard working team player.

Some highlights:



1/26/2021 3:03 pm  #38

Re: Yuta Update

I watched Yuta play the other day for a few minutes.  That's about my NBA viewing for the season.  He missed a few open shots but made a great block and had a few other defensive stops.  He has always given it his all.

Am always curious when a discussion like who our hardest working player of all-time was because how would anyone really know?  Not only would you need to be at practice every day but you'd have to have done so over the course of decades to give a true answer to this.  Instead, I believe people formulate their answers, based on witnessing games only, based on the following:

1. Great defensive player.  You don't even have to have much offense to receive the distinction of hardest working.  Some guys work incredibly hard on their offensive game but this somehow gets ignored.  Related to #1 is:
1a. Willingness and ability to draw charges.  Yes, this one is huge.  Sacrificing one's body often equates to "hardest working" when performing this analysis.
2. High motor player..You will never be thought of as hard working if you coast up and down the court.
3. Two-way players.  Again, you don't have to be a two way player but if you can contribute consistently on offense, your defense can likely drop just a notch and you'll still be OK. .  

So based on this, here are my top 10 candidates:

Andrei Krivinos, Antzon Iturbe, Patricio Garino, Bill Brigham, Darnell Miller, Shawnta Rogers, JR Pinnock, Mike Hall, Yuta Watanabe, Zeke Armwood,  



1/29/2021 9:59 pm  #39

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta is having his best game of the season (possibly of his career). Just drained a shot with under a minute to go to bring the Raptors within 1. Kings come back on the next possession and hit a 3. Yuta has been getting some major minutes in the 4th and has hit some BIG shots. Will update with final stat line once the game ends.


1/29/2021 10:13 pm  #40

Re: Yuta Update

Final Stats:
24 Minutes (4th most minutes on the team)
12 points, 4-5 FG, 2-3 3pt
6 Rebounds (2 offensive)
2 assists
2 steals
+10 (tied for best on the team)


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