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1/29/2021 11:33 pm  #41

Re: Yuta Update

Good post,MG14.
Great performance by someone who deserved a full NBA contract even before this. Everyone's been noting Yuta's hard work, hustle and most importantly, impact.


1/30/2021 9:51 am  #42

Re: Yuta Update

Check out post game interviews with Coach Nurse and Kyle Lowry for their take on Yuta.

Also, Raptor's G League affiliate already in the bubble preparing for season that starts in about 10 days, but I don't think Yuta will be going there anytime soon.


1/30/2021 12:19 pm  #43

Re: Yuta Update



1/30/2021 12:33 pm  #44

Re: Yuta Update

Quite a bit about Yuta's game last night on the internet and the highlights from DMV are great. This article chronicles Yuta's impact on the game last night, with the video highlights (and more) interleaved.

He's getting some well-deserved notice-- really working hard.


1/30/2021 1:05 pm  #45

Re: Yuta Update

This is probably Yuta's most impressive NBA game as MG14 wrote due to the fact that he played well in a competitive game, he wasn't playing in garbage time. Let's hope that Nick Nurse keeps him in the rotation and he can get 20-25 minutes a game off the bench for the rest of the season.

On a side note, I looked at the box score of this game and saw that former St.Joe's star DeAndre Bembry is also on the Raptors and comes off the bench like Yuta.  


1/30/2021 1:45 pm  #46

Re: Yuta Update

Congrats to Yuta on the great play and additional playing time.  Now for him to make most of this playing time as the season progresses.


1/31/2021 9:04 pm  #47

Re: Yuta Update

Tonight,Yuta has 8 points,3 blocks (2 in 4th quarter within three or so minutes) and 1 steal with about 8 min. left in game.

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1/31/2021 9:41 pm  #48


2/01/2021 8:07 am  #49

Re: Yuta Update

Great highlight block from Yuta on that play. Good defensive rotation.

Final Stats for Yuta:
19 Minutes
11 Points (3-4 FG; 3-3 from 3 point; 2-2 FT)
1 Offensive Rebound
1 Steal
3 Blocks


2/01/2021 8:13 am  #50

Re: Yuta Update

As Coach Nurse alluded to in post game presser, Yuta was -8 in the last two minutes of the game (with teammates trying to get into the scoring column), so he was actually + in the minutes that counted.


2/01/2021 1:10 pm  #51

Re: Yuta Update

xAC wrote:

As Coach Nurse alluded to in post game presser, Yuta was -8 in the last two minutes of the game (with teammates trying to get into the scoring column), so he was actually + in the minutes that counted.

Thanks for pointing that out. I wasn't able to watch the game so I appreciate the clarification.


2/01/2021 2:48 pm  #52

Re: Yuta Update

Highlights vs. Orlando



2/01/2021 8:32 pm  #53

Re: Yuta Update

After watching DMV's video he found, I again am reminded how I should have found a message board platform that allows for Likes.  Damn, Yuta looks great.



2/02/2021 5:24 pm  #54

Re: Yuta Update

Top post on the NBA subreddit right now:

Yuta Watanabe during an interview: “When I hear opponent coaches yelling ‘Don’t let No.18 (Yuta’s number) get open!’, I think to myself ‘Wow, I’m actually on their scouting report.’ and I get a little excited.”
This was in his response to a reporter asking whether he feels like he has started to be on opponents’ scouting reports recently.
The interview is in Japanese, and can be heard here from 7:54.

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2/04/2021 11:24 am  #55

Re: Yuta Update

Nice Interview/Compilation with Yuta, Nick Nurse, and Kyle Lowry.


2/05/2021 6:52 pm  #56

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta and the Raptors play the Brooklyn Nets tonight at 7:30 on ESPN


2/05/2021 8:35 pm  #57

Re: Yuta Update

Just turned on the game and thought it was pretty cool to see Yuta on offense being covered by Kevin Durant.  That's got to be a pretty surreal feeling for him.


2/05/2021 8:36 pm  #58

Re: Yuta Update

Went up against Jeff Green. Closest we’ve come to a GW/Georgetown battle royale since the 80’s.


2/10/2021 4:18 pm  #60

Re: Yuta Update

For those of you in the D.C. area, the Raptors play the Wizards tonight at 7 on NBC Sports Washington 


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