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1/06/2021 1:40 pm  #1

The Red Lion

So there have been a few comments in the "More Good News Coming" thread about Lindy's Red Lion (or the Lion as it was often called).  I would love to comment on that, but doing so would break my own rule about letting a thread topic get hijacked.  With that, I'm starting a new thread here for anyone who wishes to comment.

For me the Lion brings almost 100% great memories.  My only negative memory is when I went there on a first date during my freshman year and, while seated at a table along the railing upstairs, I accidentally knocked over a drink that spilled out on a body builder who was standing at the bar below.  

No need to get into how it devolved from there, but there was no second date.

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1/07/2021 10:39 am  #2

Re: The Red Lion

I actually WORKED at Bon Appetit my sophomore year (1975-1976)!  Great fun, and the Burl Ives will live on in infamy to me!


1/07/2021 10:58 am  #3

Re: The Red Lion

My first night on campus was spent at the Red Lion. I was a mid-year transfer and it was a snow day in DC and The Lion was the only thing open. It was not my last trip. And The Bone was probably my main source of caloric intake in DC (yes, I would order the Burl Ives! A great burger!)


1/07/2021 1:39 pm  #4

Re: The Red Lion

LOVED the Burl Ives.  While I went to Manoch when I needed a hot dog, the Burl Ives' combo taste was just right.  

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1/07/2021 10:52 pm  #5

Re: The Red Lion

I'm lovin the Burl Ives love!

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1/08/2021 7:04 am  #6

Re: The Red Lion

I spent most of my GW career at the Lion... visited during my on-campus tour before I enrolled, was there before and after games, lived next door in Calhoun freshman year, installed our friends in server positions to reap after-hours parties and 90% discounts on pitchers throughout my time on campus. The Red Lion is GW.


1/08/2021 7:05 am  #7

Re: The Red Lion

And I still remember the tinfoil Bon Apetit used to wrap its souvlakis.


1/08/2021 9:33 am  #8

Re: The Red Lion

I always found it odd that they did their double burgers side-by-side instead of one on top of the other.  However, many a good meals were had at Lindy's.


1/08/2021 1:33 pm  #9

Re: The Red Lion

Keith!!! I want to apologies for being responsible for making you write x-this and x-that on  my Reuben order!!!!

During your time at the Bone, I had just graduated and was working at the computer center at Stuart Hall on G. As a sign of those times, I talk the manager to let me  work a full 40 hour work week from Friday night midnight to Sunday midnight. I took one 8 hr shift to sleep.  Each Friday evening, I would grab a bag of your burgers and subs and keep them in the fridge for the weekend. The rest of the week, I worked out of the Parklane where I had an office for my first business. I would pass by as I went to Stuart to use the computer center for my consulting work.

Keith, so I was on  a zoom call with people from all over the country, two GW grads,, 20 people some relatives of some of the folks--I used to post all sort of grilled food I spent 2 years just cooking on my grill and a microwave. Some of the folks have run some famish restaurants in DC. They were all talking about the meals for Christmas and then a friend asked me what I had for dinner. I said, "I made myself a Number 6". Two people burst out laughing.

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1/08/2021 1:44 pm  #10

Re: The Red Lion

Red Lion and the Astor. Didn't the rugby team take over the top floor of the Red Lion? Didn't want to mess with those guys.


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