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4/13/2022 3:06 pm  #21

Re: GW Hoops Links

Personally, embrace negativity here because well...longtime GW fan.
And there's not enough bad things that can be said about the last six years, particularly
what triggered it, so to speak.
  But also must note that the right thing was done in getting a new coach. And whether one agrees or
not, there's a new slate with an ambitious and energetic coach, with a lot of high-level recruiting experience and an excellent coaching pedigree.
  We'll see. But while always acknowledging the problems of the past that brought us here, also believe that this is again a hopeful and perhaps even exciting time.


4/13/2022 3:56 pm  #22

Re: GW Hoops Links

Joel Joseph wrote:

FYI: The basketballforum A-10 site rarely mentions GW for obvious reasons the past several years.
I was suprised that our new coach selection didn't even result in a new thread.
Maybe this can change again if we win a few games and get more than 13 people to follow our current D-1 program.

Barry, was I too harsh or did I go outside the recommended narrative we want to put out there?

I used to post there years ago but all that’s left now is a few Bonnies fans and maybe two other guys. Used to be a good forum. Not worth your time anymore.


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