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3/29/2021 12:06 am  #1

Softball (Spring) 2021

The team has won the last ELEVEN games, including 2 blowouts today against St. Louis, completing a four-game weekend SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!

Last weekend's sweep against Mason included Jenna Cone's history making three-home-run game.

(Next up, two games at James Madison this coming Wednesday.)

Raise High.


4/25/2021 4:26 pm  #2

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Took 3 of 4 over the weekend.  In the top 40 in the nation.


5/09/2021 4:48 pm  #3

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Great year.  Only 1 loss in conference A-10 regular season champs
#1 seed in conf tournament


5/09/2021 8:06 pm  #4

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

The team has to be ready for a double elimination tourney.
 Thursday, May 13
Game 1: #1 George Washington vs. #4 Dayton, 11:00 AM
  |  Watch Live on ESPN+  
Game 2: #2 Saint Joseph's vs. #3 Fordham, 1:30 PM  |  Watch Live on ESPN+ 
Game 3: #3: Loser of Game 1 vs. Loser of Game 2, 4:00 PM  |  Watch Live on ESPN+

 Friday, May 14

Game 4: Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2, 12:00 PM  |  Watch Live on ESPN+
Game 5: Winner of Game 3 vs. Loser of Game 4, 2:30 PM  |  Watch Live on ESPN+  
Saturday, May 15

Game 6: Winner of Game 4 vs. Winner of Game 5, 12:00 PM  |  Watch Live on ESPN+ 
Game 7: If Necessary, 2:30 PM

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5/13/2021 10:32 am  #5

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

A10 Awards are out for Softball.  GW Women did very well.


5/13/2021 10:33 am  #6

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Wouldn't it be nice if the basketball teams could do half so well.


5/13/2021 2:26 pm  #7

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Women lose first game of A10 tournament (double elimination) to Dayton 2 - zip.


5/13/2021 6:42 pm  #8

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

GW wins the second Game 8-0 and lives to see another day.


5/13/2021 6:47 pm  #9

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

BC wrote:

Women lose first game of A10 tournament (double elimination) to Dayton 2 - zip.

They come back to win their second game against St. Joe's. Maybe Dayton will beat Fordham. GW has to beat both of those teams to win out.

Game two was a game of base running and less long ball.  The bottom of the order produced.



5/14/2021 3:12 am  #10

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

First game Friday (later) starting at non is between Dayton and Fordham. The loser has to play us at 2:30. Hoping that gives an edge.

Then the Friday game 2 winner has to win both Saturday to take the title. Lange will probably start the game Friday and If wee can slip her in Weber will probably get an inning in relief. As we did in the second game Thursday.

For poetic justice, if we win the second game at 2:30 today, we get to Saturday and hoping for a win in game one on Saturday, There is rain possible for the start for game 2 on Saturday. A10 didn't play a rain out game last time and screwed GW and just awarded the title to Fordham for winning the regular season. GW is the current season champ on perc wins.


5/14/2021 4:44 pm  #11

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

GW explodes in the bottom of the 6th for 8 runs to take an 8-1 lead.   Fordham gets two runners on in the top of the seventh for nought.  GW goes on to play tomorrow for the championship.


5/14/2021 5:44 pm  #12

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Well, lets see of our team can string some good offense together for two games tomorrow. Bullis may pitch for Dayton in the first game and she has been tough this week. GW hitters need to be focused when they face her. They need to stay away from bad pitches. 


5/15/2021 2:13 pm  #13

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Took 9 innings but GW won the first game today against Dayton 3-2.   Second game going on now (3:14 ET)


5/15/2021 3:50 pm  #14

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

GW swipes the Champion Saturday.


5/15/2021 3:55 pm  #15

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

District of Champions

University of Champions

Go GW Softball!!!


5/15/2021 4:04 pm  #16

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Won the Championship the hard way. Won last game 7-2. First Softball Championship ever for GW.  Way to go! 


5/16/2021 1:24 pm  #17

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

GW´s name will be called out for the first time ever at today´s selection show. Nearest regional venue is VPI followed by Kentucky. Some fans might even be able to attend.


5/16/2021 5:37 pm  #18

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

End the season #32 ranked per RPI.  Hopefully they are ready and can make a run in the NCAA


5/16/2021 10:04 pm  #19

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

Team is sent to Baton Rouge in a regional with LSU, Ooohh LaLa and McNeese St. Weather forecast for southern Louisiana is hot and muggy with a chance of thunderstorms and a 100% guarantee of free-flowing alcohol (actually, I have not checked but I am just assuming).


5/17/2021 1:21 am  #20

Re: Softball (Spring) 2021

The team knows what it has t do because they just did it. Force the the pitchers to throw strikes and drive the ball to the fence; They w/lil catch the Tigers in game 1. And will have to find a way to survive a game 2. We will have fun watching -- good for recruiting. 


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