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1/15/2020 1:43 pm  #1


GW Hoops users, sorry about the ALL CAPS...kind of rude of me.  But I want this to be seen.

As you may have seen in the post I just closed, I an done with the vitriol that comes from rehashing the past coach/AD issues, and I am equally done with people hiding behind pseudonyms when they say something that is highly critical of the program (and especially when highly critical of another board user).  You're entitled to an opinion, and to voice it, but if it is not based upon proven fact or I believe it is not respectful or conducive to the environment of this GW Hoops community, I maintain the right to remove your board privileges. 

Today's situation involved someone who created a new email account just for this board, and then on their first post tried to create a discussion that I just don't think we need.  It is ridiculous to think that this user wasn't already on the board under a different name.  I am going to be contacting them to let them know I'm removing them from the site under the new user name unless they give me a compelling reason not to do so.

If someone is a suspected multi-user, I also may reach out to them and ask them to tell me who they are (real name).  

I don't have the time for the BS that this situation or any like it create.  If I feel like someone is trying to game the system, I'll delete all user names.

Not to be an ass...but my board, my rules.

Thanks for understanding.




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