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12/27/2021 9:43 am  #1

GW versus West Chester University Thread

At this point in time, the December 28 game is still on, so here goes.

West Chester University, a Division II program located in West Chester, PA., is our next scheduled opponent.

WCU plays in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC), a DII conference made up of 18 in-state institutions. WCU was projected to finish 7th in the preseason PSAC prognostications. Their record stands at 3-7 in what appears to be only DII competition, so GW represents the only Division I opponent they face this year.

They are led by Leah Johnson, a 5’5” sophomore guard, who averages 16.3 ppg, 7 rpg, and 5.1 apg. Alexa Abonizio, a 5’7” freshmen guard, averages 10 ppg. Between the two, they’ve launched almost 100 3-pointers, hitting on 32% of them. As a team, they score 64.5 ppg on 40% shooting (33% from distance), while allowing 70.9 ppg.

It will be interesting to see how Coach McCombs approaches this game. As a tune-up for the start of the A10, there are certainly things to work on, but a lot depends on who is available to play. This would be a good opportunity to further improve our offensive flow, which would really help Lok and Laureano, who seem to be rhythm offensive players. It may open the door for more minutes for our freshman and maybe for the debut of Leila Patel (if she’s out of Covid protocol) and Piper Macke, who has also yet to play this year.

There are still health questions. Covid continues to be the elephant in the room (besides Patel, Taiwo and Haydon in protocol for Lehigh game). Otherwise, the only question seems to be whether Ty Moore re-injured herself in the Lehigh contest. She limped off the court, but in what was a good sign, she did return to play later in the game.


12/28/2021 3:13 pm  #2

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

Congrats to Maxine Engel being voted the A10 Rookie of the Week


12/28/2021 4:42 pm  #3

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

Women leading at the half 31-20, but shooting horribly from behind the arc: 1-14 or 7.1%  Yesh


12/28/2021 5:47 pm  #4

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

Women win 64-31 after stepping up their defense in the 3rd qtr allowing just 2 points.    Offense stunk considering who they were playing.  Oh well, a victory is a victory.


12/28/2021 5:53 pm  #5

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

Not a whole lot to learn from today’s 64-31 win over an outmanned West Chester team.  Three Covid protocol players still out. Good for team to get some play in. Ty Moore looked much better. Maddie Loder apparently got temporary reprieve from her exclusive residence in the persona non grata doghouse with 4+ minutes left in game. Piper Macke got in about the same time. Bummer note was Sheslanie Laureano coming out with ankle injury and Loder colliding with opponent on final play of game and limping off the court. Still, nice to be 7-6 heading into conference play. Will GW ever have all players available in the same game? Stay tuned.


12/28/2021 6:04 pm  #6

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

A classic DI versus DII game, with GW having a decided size and athleticism advantage. Doubled West Chester’s score and rebounding (67-34, with 28 ORs).. At least we figured out they could be dominated on the inside, and stopped throwing up 3’s in the second half. Shooting 31% against them was abysmal. I say abysmal, because their defense gave us numerous wide open 3’s that we just missed (2-19!), and once again, we missed numerous fast break and driving layups.

Clearly, West Chester was over matched, but you could see that their lead guard had a great handle and was clearly the best one on one player on the court, even though she finished 4-18 from the field. She didn’t get much help and had to throw up a lot of shots late on the clock.

Not much else to say other than that Ty Moore looks healthy, and it’s unfortunate for Patel, because she probably would have logged in her first minutes as a collegian. Hopefully, protocol allows all three of our players to return in time for St. Louis on New Year's day. 

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12/28/2021 9:32 pm  #7

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

Ditto to everything that has already been mentioned. I'm glad to see them above .500 heading into conference play and the defense is outstanding. I noticed assistant coach Adam Call was absent from the bench, so I'm assuming he also contracted COVID. Hopefully they can get healthy and avoid COVID as much as possible.


12/28/2021 11:12 pm  #8

Re: GW versus West Chester University Thread

Things are trending up for our women, very good signs all over the program, solid progress being made.


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