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2/28/2022 9:32 am  #1

GWU in the A10 Tournament

GW takes on St. Bonaventure to open the 2022 A10 Tournament. The Wednesday 1:30 ET tip-off takes place in Wilmington Delaware, a neutral site for all A10 teams.

We know the Bonnies well, having split our two games against them in the past month. If we can get past the first game, we have a winnable contest versus LaSalle, who we contested closely in our last game of the regular season.

Given our offensive weaknesses, beating the Bonnies is a big IF. Their main advantage is having All-A10 guard Asianae Johnson, someone who can take over a close game down the stretch. The Colonials have yet to identify a such a player have had little success in these situations. Their front court (Tobi Harris and I’yanna Lops) will also present a challenge, so it will be critical for Taiwo and Engels to stay out of foul trouble. Besides that, we need to find some reliable scoring from the backcourt and take advantage of every free throw opportunity.

Let's just go out, have some fun, and see what happens.

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3/02/2022 2:42 pm  #2

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

We had a 14-4 lead late in the 1st quarter and proceeded to score 4 points during the next 13 minutes of gameplay....Currently down 5 heading into the 4th


3/02/2022 3:11 pm  #3

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Pulled it out in the 4th quarter and win 54-49.


3/02/2022 3:11 pm  #4

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

W!! 54-49!


3/02/2022 3:14 pm  #5

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Conference Tournament W


3/02/2022 3:15 pm  #6

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

GW comes back for a 54-49 victory after a disastrous 2nd quarter.

Came out gangbusters but faltered late in the 1st quarter to only lead by 16-9. Wheels fell off when subs started 2nd quarter and we only managed 2 points the entire quarter. I would have thought the tourney meant a shorter rotation, but we played our usual set who seemed to be outmatched by their counterparts. Laureano was really forcing things and taking bad shots or turning over the ball. Easy to see why we fell behind 23-18 to end the half.

In the second half, we started playing better and some shots started to drop. We still had problems stopping their 1-2 punch (Johnson and Harris) and couldn’t make up any ground. After an even 3rd quarter, the score stood 41-36. Stout defense and some clutch shots propels GW to the 1st round victory. Taiwo again brilliant with 14 points and 10 boards. Engel with 12 points, and Frames with 17 points, including two big 3-pointers at the end of the game.

We meet LaSalle tomorrow.

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3/02/2022 3:18 pm  #7

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

LaSalle's head coach's name is Mountain.  They play a very chippy and grabby game, at least they did at the home finale at the Smith Center which we could have won if we shot the ball better.  Let's turn Mountain into a Mole Hill!


3/02/2022 3:40 pm  #8

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Some other points of interest in this game.

In the last few minutes, we did a great job on Asianae Johnson. We let her control the ball without doing any damage, and she was left with very poor shots with the clock running down. For the first three quarters, it was hard to stop her or Tori Harris. They combined for 35 of SBU’s 49 points.

We out rebounded the Bonnies 40-28, and by 17-3 on the offensive boards. Brown had 7 offensive boards and finished with 12 rebounds for the game.

Engel started out hot and score 10 points in the 1st quarter. She didn’t score again until she hit two free throws with 1.2 seconds left in the game.

We had 14 assists in the game, with Laureano and Brown dishing out 5 each. Laureano is a good passer, but she takes too many forced shots. She was 2-12 from the field, but had she chosen to pass on some of the 10 shots that were missed, we might have gotten some better results.

Taiwo’s numbers: 14 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists, and 5 steals. She continues to impress.

Less significant - our bench was outscored 5-2 and we outshot SBU from the free throw line. They were 5-9 and we were 6-10.

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3/02/2022 4:08 pm  #9

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Round 2 of the A10 Tourney

GW meets LaSalle at 1:30 tomorrow (Thursday 3-3-2022). We know the Explorers very well having just met this past Saturday. Despite losing 62-55, we can win this game if we hit our open shots. We had numerous missed opportunities in the first game, and if we’re to win the rematch, our shooting has to improve.

Like the Bonnies, LaSalle has a great 1-2 punch in Kayla Spruill (All A10 1st Team) and Gabby Crawford. If we can keep them in check, especially Spruill from the 3-point line, we have a great chance. Hopefully, our comeback victory didn’t take too much out of us and we have the legs to go all out tomorrow.

The winner of tomorrow’s game takes on VCU on Friday. VCU is another team we could have beat earlier this had we not sent them to the free throw line 30 times. But first thing first.

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3/03/2022 3:17 pm  #10

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

GW wins again! 

Survive and advance



3/03/2022 3:33 pm  #11

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Score is 64-54.   GW added much excitement to the end of the game by hitting only 50% of it's FTs, still a victory.


3/03/2022 3:46 pm  #12

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

GW wins 64-54 - on to the quarterfinals.

Laureano was 0-5 and Engel was held scoreless without taking a shot, but our defense holds the Explorers to 6-28 from the field and we take a 28-20 lead into halftime. Taiwo and Engel, with 2 fouls each, sit for most of the 2nd quarter and play only 12 minutes each. Timely scoring from Frames (8 points) and Webster (7 points) helped us to maintain the lead. Still, we missed a few easy shots and failed to take advantage of numerous defensive stops to allow LaSalle to stay within striking distance.

Laureano breaks out in the second half for 12 points to help GW build a 17 point lead in the 3rd quarter and we hold on to take a 10 point win. A very controlled offense that took only 44 shots today, but hit on 22 for 50% for the game. Taiwo with another double-double (10-10), and Frames doing a great job running the offense at the point. She finished with 14 points. Key contributions from Webster (9 points) and stout defense that held LaSalle to 32.8% from the field and only 5-25 from distance. GW was 8-11 (72.7%) from beyond the arc. Best effort and victory in Coach McCombs first year.

VCU tomorrow; a talented squad, but no matter, we’re in the quarters, and anything can happen.

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3/03/2022 4:16 pm  #13

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

That is surely the best win of the Caroline McCombs era so far. A really complete performance and it was nice to see them have some offensive success after the struggles they've had on that end of the floor this season. It was only a three point loss to VCU when they played earlier this season so hopefully they can keep this run going


3/03/2022 5:00 pm  #14

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

One key play was Frames's long pass to Laureano for the lay-up, her first basket I believe.  GW had trouble late with the press, so Frames just dribbled to the front court herself.  Gritty effort, but yeah, gotta do better from the line.  LaSalle missed some easy shots late, but some credit goes to GW defense for getting them to rush shots and losing their confidence.  I forget who wrote about Explorers' aggressiveness, but they were trying to push GW around often.  And they are whiners, including Mountain.  Credit to McCombs and the team.  Raise High.


3/03/2022 5:02 pm  #15

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Wonderful wins.


3/03/2022 5:14 pm  #16

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Quarterfinals of the A10 Tournament (or GW’s next stop on Redemption Road)

Tomorrow’s (3-4-2022) tipoff features GW versus Virginia Commonwealth University. In our previous meeting in early February, we essentially handed the game to VCU in the fourth quarter by sending them to the foul line time and again. 11 of their 18 4th quarter points came on free throws and that was the difference in the game. We outplayed them in the most critical aspects of the game but came out on the short end. We outshot them (34.4% to 32.1%), outrebounded them (40-35), had more assists (11-3), and held their top two players (Sarah Te-Biasu and Taya Robinson) to 5-18 from the field and 21 points. Not to say that VCU is by any means easy. They are tall, physical, and talented enough to have won 9 A10 games to earn the 4th seed in the tournament. If we can match their intensity and play defense like we did in the first matchup (minus the fouling), we have a great shot at a win.

We did a lot of good things in the LaSalle game. We shot well (22-44) and didn’t take a lot of bad shots. We hit our open 3-point shots (8-11). We outrebounded our opponent (37-32) and had double figures in assists (13) for the second straight game. But we did some not-so-great stuff. We had 20 TOs, most of which resulted from bad/lazy passes or dribbling in traffic. We were only 12-25 (48%) from the free throw line. Finally, we gave up too many offensive rebounds (11). We have to improve in these areas to give ourselves the best opportunity to win.

Needless to say, the bench has to rise to the occasion. We are certain to have some tired legs in the starting lineup, so the rotation players could be a huge in the game. Let’s hope the GW Women get a lot of well-deserved whirlpool time and are well rested for tomorrow’s tip off.

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3/04/2022 2:39 pm  #17

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Not watching the game, but I see the score at the half is GW by 4.   Fingers crossed!


3/04/2022 3:10 pm  #18

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Down by 5 heading into the 4th. Pretty awful 3rd quarter where we only manage 6 points.


3/04/2022 4:00 pm  #19

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

GW is on the short end of a 55-47 game and our season officially comes to a close.

The game had a late start because the Dayton-Davidson game went into OT. Thankfully, our legs could use all the rest they could get. Great defense and a big first half by Nya Lok (9 points on 3-3 from 3-point range) help us get ahead of the Rams and take a 25-21 lead into halftime. The pace was in favor of GW, but the lead was tenuous. We gave the Rams the last 2 points of the half when we decided not to take the last shot and chucked up to early threes instead, so they took the momentum going into the second half. At times we seemed to be playing with tired legs, so there was cause to worry about the remainder of the game.

In the end, we ran out of steam, but still put on a pretty good defense. In the crucial moments, right after we tied the game at 42-all, VCU took advantage of their size and went to the 6’4” Bloom on consecutive possessions and she bulled her way over Webster for easy baskets or got fouled. On other possessions, their forwards created mismatches and backed our defenders to the basket for easy layups. Meanwhile at the other end we had our problems. With Laureano, we have to get used to getting the bad with the good. Although she sparked some runs with her defense, there were too many occasions where her one-on-one play led to bad shots or turnovers. She had 15 points for the game, but it required taking 17 shots. A tired Taiwo missed shots that she usually would have made, but she looked spent at times and still ended up with 8 points and 13 boards.

Happy about how the season ended. Wait till next year.

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3/04/2022 9:10 pm  #20

Re: GWU in the A10 Tournament

Lots to work on, Shooting especially.  We also need to work on getting more height.  But hopeful signs this year, may next year be even better.  Thanks to xAC for providing us with great write-ups!  


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