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7/15/2022 11:16 pm  #341

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

I wasn’t but I’m interested to see how he does.  One constant in the guys we did hear about is that they were plus plus shooters.  CC really wants shooters, and this guy was literally the best catch and shoot shooter in the swac per synergy sports.  I can’t tell you why he only averaged 8 ppg - maybe he needs better players around him to draw the defense - but a great catch and shoot shooter is something w desperately needed. 

If Caputo can get him playing A10 defense, this signing could be a big role player. 

Welcome To GW, EJ!


7/16/2022 1:29 pm  #342

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

I'm glad that we picked up a guy who can shoot, because the team isn't particularly good on that front from what we have returning. Apart from Lindo and hopefully Harvey, the three point shooting isn't there, and that is especially true in the backcourt (Bishop has been average, perhaps Caputo's system can open things up for him more). Agree that hopefully better players around Clark will hopefully lead to better efficiency.

Clark averaged only 8 ppg because his role wasn't to score at Alabama State. I think the "best catch and shoot shooter" in the SWAC is somewhat misleading because the guy didn't even average 2 three point attempts per game (the number raises slightly to 2.6 per game looking only at SWAC play). He certainly has a good stroke though (albeit a slight hitch in the shot) and his free throw shooting is indicative of a strong shooter. From the few Alabama State games I did catch during the season, he tended to defer to others and shoot more opportunistically but did have the ball in his hands more down the stretch. Clark was seventh on the team in field goal attempts at 5.5 per game. I imagine at GW that's probably closer to maybe 3 attempts per game, with maybe a couple more if he's having a good shooting day. 38% of Clark's scoring production came at the free throw line, which was significantly more than anyone on our team last season. I think that sums up how jump shot focused our team was last year. I don't believe any player from last year's squad even had 25% of their points coming from the line.

For me, I am actually looking forward to what he can give us at the point since the team has a pretty big hole there. I like that he had an assist to turnover ratio above 1.5. He split duties with DJ Jackson at the point, but handled the ball more down the stretch of close games because he's a good free throw shooter and Jackson wasn't. It's obviously a big step up in competition, but the SWAC is a league where teams like to swarm the ball defensively so Clark should have good experience going up against pressure at the very least.

Defense is the major question mark especially due to height. Clark was certainly not one of the more impactful defenders on the team (not that the Hornets were good defensively in general) but he certainly tried on that side of the ball. That will probably decide how many minutes he gets in the rotation. His height also impacted his ability to finish over taller players when driving to the hoop (thus why he shot only 37% inside the arc).

Not sure that there have been many SWAC to A10 transfers that have happened in the recent past. Kam'Ron Cunningham of Mississippi Valley State comes to mind as he was at Fordham last year. His role was expected to be a lot smaller, but he averaged about 2 ppg in 11 A10 contests after averaging 10 for the Delta Devils the previous year. I think if Clark can average about 5 ppg and give us 2 buckets a game that will give us what we need. Alabama State wasn't good last year, but they were still significantly better than MVSU, and enough for Mo Williams to get the Jackson State job in his hometown this offseason.

Overall, I think we did the best we could given what was available in mid July. Clark is a one year rental who can hopefully patch a couple holes on this team when on the court, we added a good connection to have within the ProSkills AAU Program (I believe one of their seniors recently committed to Texas Tech), and we get the scholarship back for next year. Would certainly take Clark any day over an open spot for sure.


7/16/2022 1:57 pm  #343

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

dmypiranha, great write on Clark. Like you said, there isn't a huge sample from last season to judge his work. But there's a lot to like in his stats from the free throw line and on 3-pt shooting. However, are you wondering about his field goal percentage on 2-pt shots? He shot .373, which would have ranked 10th on GW last season.  


7/16/2022 2:24 pm  #344

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

I’m shocked DMV caught a few Alabama State games this past season!!!!


7/16/2022 9:52 pm  #345

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

Very well done, giving us some knowledge on Clark.
Quite helpful post by DMV.


7/17/2022 2:46 pm  #346

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

Thanks guys!

Haha Mike K I try to watch as many teams as I can during the season although I can tell you the SWAC games can get rough! I don't generally watch A10 games if GW isn't playing unless it's like the Friday ESPN game or something. I'd rather watch other teams I haven't seen.


7/17/2022 4:51 pm  #347

Re: 2022 Transfer Targets

Man I thought I watched a lot of college basketball, but got DMV to have watched multiple Alabama St games during the season, I have to bow down.

Then again, the last couple of years, my viewing is heavily influenced by whoever I’m using in Draft Kings college basketball daily fantasy contests.


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