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12/21/2022 10:07 pm  #281

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta looking real good with 10 points midway through the 2nd quarter. Getting plenty of mentions from the NBA TV announcers and David Aldridge even noted that Yuta is leading the league in 3point percentage.


12/23/2022 11:39 pm  #282

Re: Yuta Update

8 straight wins for the 21-12 Nets, another good game for Yuta!!


12/23/2022 11:46 pm  #283

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta was on the team that won out in Hawaii. Seems like a long time ago.


12/26/2022 7:33 pm  #284

Re: Yuta Update

Nets on NBATV tonight, Yuta the first man into the game for the Nets

Winners of 12 of 13 including 8 straight almost all lopsided wins, Nets looking every part the NBA title contender

Nets win again, that's 9 in a row, another great game for Yuta

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12/27/2022 11:19 am  #285

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta played 20 minutes, scored 10 points, shot 4 for 5 (including 2 of 3 from three). He is clearly in the 8 man rotation.


12/27/2022 8:54 pm  #286

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta Leads the NBA in  3 %     54%.   

He's up to 39.8% career


12/28/2022 8:19 pm  #287

Re: Yuta Update

Nets win again, the 10th straight win for Yuta and The Nets 

Great video about Yuta's career and rise including GW chapters

Yuta the NBA 3 point King


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12/31/2022 8:17 pm  #288

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta 1st half stat stuffer

12 minutes 5 points 4 rebounds 3 steals 1 assist


1/01/2023 12:40 pm  #289

Re: Yuta Update

5 steals for Yuta

Nets win again 11 straight wins 16 out of 17.

2nd best record in the NBA


1/02/2023 8:14 pm  #290

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta and The Nets going for their 12th straight win tonight

Yuta with a highlight reel dunk and a 3 fueling a huge 20 point lead for the Nets

The Nets win 139-103 their  12th straight win


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1/06/2023 8:32 pm  #291

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta has played 3 minutes and has a +9

Nailed a 3 instantly

Nets going for their 14th win in the last 15 games tonight on ESPN


1/07/2023 12:09 pm  #292

Re: Yuta Update

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1/07/2023 12:47 pm  #293

Re: Yuta Update

Great article!

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving do a lot of the heavy lifting for the Nets, but role players are always what take teams to the next level. That’s been true for Brooklyn this season as they have a nice rotation of players at their disposal off the bench.

The Nets gave fully guaranteed contracts to Yuta Watanabe, Edmond Sumner, and Markieff Morris. All three are deserving of these contracts and have all played a big role for Brooklyn.

Nets had their best month in franchise history going 11-1. Kevin Durant and the Nets had a 12-game win streak Not only have Brooklyn’s superstars been playing lights out, their role players have are making a serious impact as well.
. New York Sports Betting sites have the Nets at (+675) to win the Finals this season.


1/08/2023 1:43 am  #294

Re: Yuta Update

Congrats to Yuta!

now time to hit him up for a big donation check /s


1/08/2023 11:04 pm  #295

Re: Yuta Update

Yuta's battle for an offensive rebound with a few seconds left helped lead to a game winner from Royce O'neal tonight

Yuta and the Nets have won 14 out of 15, 18 out of 20 the best stretch in franchise history.



1/09/2023 9:09 am  #296

Re: Yuta Update

Funny thing is because he’s leading the league in 3 pt shooting, he may get a reputation as just a shooter, but he does so much more than that.  Really an excellent 3 and D guy who defends and gets to balls as well as he shoots. 

Happy for him. He’s worked hard for this.


1/09/2023 10:33 am  #297

Re: Yuta Update

brod wrote:

Congrats to Yuta!

now time to hit him up for a big donation check /s

Honestly, that is not a bad idea.


1/09/2023 4:55 pm  #298

Re: Yuta Update

I love what Yuta is doing for the Nets; I was watching the end of the game last night and he was guarding Jimmy Butler on the last possession. Butler beat him to the basket but but missed the game winner under pressure from another Net defender.


1/09/2023 5:12 pm  #299

Re: Yuta Update

The fact that he was on the court at the end of a tight game shows you the confidence that the Nets have in him.


1/09/2023 6:13 pm  #300

Re: Yuta Update

Fifteen minute program including lots of Yuta content

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