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11/08/2022 8:04 am  #61

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

A few things, besides Zacapa 23...only saw the second half.

1. I'm in South Florida and had no problems with ESPN +

2. Nice team win against an inferior opponent.  Liked Max once he got going.

3. Dean looked good, which will be key this year.

4. Any recruits in the stands??

5. Really liked the logo on Caputo's polo!

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11/08/2022 8:56 am  #62

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Thanks for the nice comments on the preview everyone!

jf wrote:

Stunning to see that student turnout for most any game, much less one against a D2 team in early November. They were all over the student areas and spilling into the other side.
Excellent job Ryan and George's Army leadership!

Seconded, the student turnout was impressive! Great job Ryan.

Thought yesterday's performance was generally positive which I'm happy to say because generally games against this kind of competition usually lead to disappointment as players aren't engaged. There were some careless passes here and there, but I saw more passes "around the horn" in this game than in JC's tenure combined. We were usually making the extra pass more often than not. We struggled a bit against VSU's zone in the second half but I'm sure CC will work with the team on that. Probably needed to get into the offense a bit quicker as we hoisted a few shots late in the shot clock that were largely contested from the perimeter/drained the shot clock a bit too much on consecutive possessions. With the better passing, I feel more comfortable taking our time in the halfcourt, although I'd prefer us to get a shot closer to 10-15 seconds left in the clock than 5.

Not worried about free throw shooting yet. Seemed like everything was rimming out, both for VSU and us.

Liked CC's "inside-out" approach to defense better than the "outside-in" approach from JC. We were fortunate on a few occasions that VSU missed some bunnies near the hoop, but I thought Noel/Hunter did a good job contesting and generally the activity down low made it harder to finish. We were able to recover decently well and defend the three point line. VSU isn't exactly Davidson from distance, so it will be interesting to see how this holds up against better shooting offenses.

While I was hoping we would concede fewer offensive rebounds, I was pretty happy with the rebounding effort yesterday. Both Noel and Hunter secured the ball better than they did last season, and even Max/JB/Brendan fought for boards more than our guards have in the recent past. Granted, this was still against D2 competition, but after being outrebounded by WCSU, I will take a +7 margin.

JB was solid as usual. He was definitely making an effort to get others involved. Still think we don't have many scoring outlets offensively so I am OK with him looking for his shot sometimes. His block that came from a VSU player trying to score in transition was a product of CC's "don't make anything easy" philosophy on defense. That was one of many examples during the game where VSU just wasn't able to finish in transition by us just playing hard.

If Brendan is hitting those open threes like that all season, that would give the offense a huge lift moving forward. Liked his activity rebounding, but I have to laugh at classifying him as a "point guard". He may bring the ball up the court, but it's handed off to JB pretty much right after he crosses halfcourt. If even a couple of his turnovers were assists, I think this would have been a perfect game from him.

Max had some very freshman-like moments, but it was nice to see him get going in the second half. One thing that stuck out to me from a "second half adjustment" is that CC made an effort to get both Ricky and Max going when they didn't have the best first half which was cool to see. I don't believe Max even shot the ball once before halftime which was kind of strange to me. He attacks the glass harder on the offensive end than any guard I feel like we've had in recent memory (partly due to philosophy, but still). As LSF mentioned above, glad CC held Max accountable for a bad possession and pulled him from the game when he went up the court and hoisted a jumper without any passes made. Refreshing - even if it was brief because the roster is thin, that message needs to be sent early on.

Ricky continues to be frustrating. There were actually periods in the game where I thought he played in control on both ends, and there was an improvement in avoiding the silly fouls he tends to commit. He was great overall defensively, and rebounded very well as he usually does. I guess this is more of an offensive issue still - I would prefer if more of his shots were "assisted". He can certainly create for himself - whether pulling up from 3 or driving it inside, but results have mostly been negative when that happens. I think his jumpers rimming out was just a bad game. I liked that he wasn't settling for jumpers in the second half, but when he drives to the hoop it's usually out of control and he doesn't give the ball up. I'm still not convinced he can be a #2 option on the team.

It's also slightly frustrating at times when Noel is out there, but that might be more due to his lack of playing time in previous seasons. I think JC stunted Noel's growth by not getting him more minutes last year. Noel has real promise defensively, and has the size and strength to make an impact. Offense has taken a step forward, but the timing still needs to be developed when he goes up with the ball/passes to others. He is also prone to fumbling the ball when he receives it - which may again be a product of insufficient court time. I think if he can improve on that, he can definitely be a force but that's been an issue for a couple seasons. He did a great job attacking the VSU zone in the second half on consecutive possessions. I'm glad he started, and I think I prefer Noel starting and Hunter coming off the bench/finishing the game moving forward. Noel just needs playing time.

Hunter was on a minutes restriction, but looked really good when he was in the game, and I liked that he was slightly more aggressive when he got the ball compared to last year. Others need to do a better job of getting him the ball in the mid-post, which would have helped us against the zone in the second half. He is also an underrated passer and most importantly plays under control.

EJ gave us some really nice energy - if he can provide 2 baskets per game like he did yesterday that will really give the bench a lift. He actually reminded me a bit of Alex Mitola in his play style - I did like that he tried to push the ball off a stop and his three point shooting is really good. He failed to stay in front of his man on a couple of occasions, but certainly tried on defense. I want to believe his effort (which is much appreciated) will outweigh height limitations when we get to A10 play, but he should at least be a fixture for the remainder of OOC season.

My thoughts on Qwanzi have changed since A10 play last year. I think he is a decent reserve who has started to make an impact as a "glue guy" who can shoot, rebound, and make good passes. Anything more than that is probably asking too much. He is limited offensively, but I don't hate his three point attempts. He has shown he can knock them down fairly reliably, and they were all good/open shots. I don't doubt that more will fall in the future when he takes them.

Amir definitely makes an impact on the defensive end. That's where I notice when he's in the game. He has quick hands in swiping the ball away and closes out very well when the opposition gets shots up. However, he needs to be more threatening on offense to play 15 minutes a game. Amir can be a good passer, but he is always scared to shoot the ball and all teams know that. We can't be playing 4 on 5 when he's in the game. He showed he can make a three in the WCSU game - but we need to empower him to be more aggressive offensively.

I want Keegan to get an opportunity for a few minutes here and there because I think his shooting provides interesting looks on offense. However, he needs to be more of a factor rebounding the ball and playing good defense. Unfortunately, his thin frame will likely mean he is on the outside looking in when the rotation gets trimmed entering conference play. Perhaps even during OOC.

I will say Daniel looked more "in sync" than he did in very limited minutes last year. I liked his effort on the boards, but am still not really sure how he fits with the rest of the pieces on the team. He is raw as a passer, and usually doesn't give the ball up when he gets the chance on offense. I still don't see him being in the rotation this year.

Laziz wasted NO time lofting that three at the end of the game. Was hoping he made that shot but he rushed it a bit too much.

Next up is a tougher test against Howard. Looking forward to seeing what adjustments CC makes.


11/08/2022 11:44 am  #63

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

My favorite thing about the game is that the kids played hard.  For the last couple of seasons, that’s something that generally didn’t happen until January. 

We’re clearly going to be undermanned in many games, but I like the way the team is playing.


11/08/2022 11:53 am  #64

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Free Quebec wrote:

My favorite thing about the game is that the kids played hard. For the last couple of seasons, that’s something that generally didn’t happen until January.

We’re clearly going to be undermanned in many games, but I like the way the team is playing.

Hit the nail on the head, and I think that comes from better coaching.  Hopefully the new coaching quality and experience will show this year, even without 2 stars from last years team.    


11/08/2022 12:00 pm  #65

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

I'll write mine and then go back and read DMV's.

First point, kudos to Virginia State.  That team played hard, was physical, and was obviously well-coached.  They challenged ballhandlers and attempted to disrupt passing lanes seemingly almost every possession.  Their challenges were clearly on offense as they could not make any kind of decent run to get themselves back into the game.  This is worth mentioning because GW teams have been susceptible to allowing these types of runs.  Plenty of 12 point leads trimmed to 3 and the like.  Not last night.  VA State only scored 7 second half field goals and our defense had to have had something to do with that.

On offense, there was a lot to like, starting with the actual running of the offense.  I can't recall a single instance where a dribbler (often James in the past) allowed the shot clock to dwindle while four teammates stood around and waited to see what the dribbler was going to end up doing.  Instead, the ball was shared and moved very well.  The high picks were not the token "run through the motions" picks we've seen in the past but were very meaningful picks that did in fact free up a jump shooter.  The Dean/Brown combo was one we would all clearly sign up for.  Hunter was very active far from the basket and was able to show his athleticism.  Noel finished which is key for him.  Again, those who saw some of these Kenner reports and concluded that he was going to be a solid low post option for us are going to be disappointed.  But as someone who can putback offensive rebounds or finish when his man leaves him to help stop penetration, Noel should add real value.

Brendan looked more comfortable playing the point and taking what was a multitude of wide open shots as we saw all of last season.  The turnovers are worrisome but I think it's important to understand that while we may refer to Brendan as our starting point guard, he will seemingly always be on the court with James or EJ, meaning the pressure to withstand pressure will not be as great as it otherwise could be.

EJ:  Think he'll be fun to watch?  The two made threes were a bonus; his defense and overall hustle were on display and were admirable.  We generally don't get smallish, super quick hustle guys like this (not since Shawnta, anyway).  He will most definitely contribute.

Can't give enough credit to James for the game he played.  Took maybe 1 bad shot, got his teammates involved, and made several tremendous plays on defense.  If he can consistently play like this all season, he will be a first team All-A10 player.  Also worth keeping in mind that there was no need for him or anyone to play "hero ball" against this particular opponent.  He's got to remember this when we're up against tougher opponents.

Ricky looked like someone interested in putting up big numbers and likely applied too much pressure on himself.  A concern to keep an eye on is whether he will assume the role of "second best option" on offense, even if he isn't.  Am not at all there yet but some final-year players with professional aspirations tend to play like they're auditioning for the scouts game after game.  Let's hope Ricjky allows the game to come to him rather than force the issue.

Long first half for Max who was undoubtedly stoked to play in front of so many students.  Great job by CC to give him playing time down the stretch to help build confidence, after he had sat quite a bit up until this point.  You can just see how smooth his game is from that late stretch...made 3, easy drive, hits the boards, etc.  Really looking forward to watching his development.

Nice to see made 3's from Qwanzi and Keegan.  Not one of Qwanzi's better performances but I suspect he is being counted upon to perform well off the bench.  Love to see someone like Keegan who looks so effortless taking a three.  However, the fact that he looked very lost on the other end should be enough to restrict his minutes.  As for Amir, I wish I knew how he fit.  Am really rooting hard for him after all he's been through medically.  He can really give this team a lot of different things even if scoring does not appear to be one of them.  Simply put, I need to see way more of Daniel, and am unsure whether this will or should be the case.

Finally, came away very impressed with the coaching staff.  Nobody lost their cool.  Lots of teaching going on.  Am not even sure that CC questioned  a single call all night.  (And there were plenty to choose from though the subpar refereeing went both ways.)

All in all, an impressive start!


11/08/2022 12:17 pm  #66

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Not to be Debbie Downer because I thought there were definitely some encouraging moments during the game but there is no way you will convince me that anything we saw last night other than Bishop's performance (and only because he has done it before fairly consistently) automatically translates to D1 games against better opponents. It might but it also might not. We will have a much better understanding of where we are in the next couple of weeks. Again, I look at this year as a stopgap for CC's program and nothing more or less. We will have mostly a new team next year and then we will see what the future will begin to look like. To me, this year is solely an exercise of hoping that the guys graduating or leaving have the best year that they can.

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11/08/2022 1:03 pm  #67

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

GWRising wrote:

Not to be Debbie Downer because I thought there were definitely some encouraging moments during the game but there is no way you will convince me that anything we saw last night other than Bishop's performance (and only because he has done it before fairly consistently) automatically translates to D1 games against better opponents. It might but it also might not. We will have a much better understanding of where we are in the next couple of weeks. Again, I look at this year as a stopgap for CC's program and nothing more or less. We will have mostly a new team next year and then we will see what the future will begin to look like. To me, this is year is solely an exercise of hoping that the guys graduating or leaving have the best year that they can.

OK Rising, I'll play.  You wrote, "...but there is no way you will convince me that anything we saw last night other than Bishop's performance automatically translates to D1 games against better opponents."

Who exactly is trying to convince you of this?  Who has stated this?  Who has implied this?  Am not sure anyone here actually even thinks this so I'm curious as to why you would write this.


11/08/2022 1:12 pm  #68

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Couple of quick responses to Mayhen:

-I was one who saw Brown (2X) in the Kenner.   As I mentioned then, he was making shots that we use to say "how could he miss those".  I think he has gotten stronger, a pretty good passer and is coachable (maybe a little too mechanical?).  But I am in the camp that he will be a solid contributor.  In fact, at least at this stage, I would still  rather see Hunter start and maybe get a few more minutes than Brown, but I suspect the minutes division may be driven by who is or isn't in foul trouble.  
Had to mention your comment about Bishop not playing hero ball.   There was a stretch in the second half, whien the lead was cut to 7 or 8, we were turning it over or just missing shots and it was still a game.  During that stretch, I was looking to see if Bishop would revert to hero ball and try to take over.  Admittedly, the way we were playing then, I was half hoping that myself.   He absolultely did not, things calmed down, on the court and 10 mnutes later we were up 32.  I have absolutely loved James' game over the exhibibition and the opener and hope he can sustain that for the season.  It would appear that the better James may be a by product of different coaching. more thing.  We keep hearing of Ricky as being a "second best option".  By start of conference, I am expecting Max to be that second best option and Ricky being a player we can depend on being close to a quiet double/double each and every game but not necessarily one whose number I would call in the final minute of a tight game.
Does anyone else feel that Max' game kinda reminds of Kethen?

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11/08/2022 1:36 pm  #69

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Gwmayhem I would suggest you re-read your own post ... but it wasn't just you - there are multiple statements and implications based on this game:

Just one example from your post ...

"He will most definitely contribute." No offense to anyone specific but that remains to be seen and determining that off a game against a D2 could be fool's gold. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but need to see a lot more before becoming comfortable with that statement.



11/08/2022 2:09 pm  #70

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

LSF, I certainly hope you are correct about Noel because we can really use an easy source of points on one end and a rim protector on the other.  Am just not sure that Noel will ever be productive as a back-to-the-basket, low post center.  Would love to be wrong about this.

Rising, that comment about EJ had far more to do with the shooting statistics he compiled at Alabama State than what I viewed last night.  I felt he would be a definite contributor well before last night because this team really can use a backup point guard with his skill set.  With only one year of eligibility remaining and an unused scholarship to give, EJ was a brilliant 11th hour pickup by the staff.


11/08/2022 3:03 pm  #71

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Rising and Mayhem-I look forward to a spirited discourse this year between the two of you-and some others-
I always learn a lot and enjoy the repartee.


11/08/2022 5:27 pm  #72

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

I can see Brown as an efficient low post offensive threat before I can see him as a rim protector due to his not being that fast.


11/08/2022 5:57 pm  #73

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Watched on ESPN+, feed was ok for me. I don't have much else to add, it is really nice to see Bishop sharing the ball. Looking forward to see what we can do against some D1 competition. Loved the student turnout, just makes such a difference and the team was feeding off that for sure. Patsos sounded like McGruff the Crime Dog.  Not sure if he was sick or what, but his voice was gravelly for sure. 


11/08/2022 7:13 pm  #74

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

Actually agree that this doesn't show much on the optimism side. D2 team.
Though the increased (or should we say newfound?) passing, if it continues, is a huge plus.
But it's possible this game can show some weaknesses.
As pointed out, even with a big Noel height mismatch at times, we didn't
feed the post at all. Now, I did note during the game, you don't know if Noel will catch or hold onto the ball or not. But Noel can put the ball in the basket from close-in.
 And as you can see from the Hunter/Noel combination, it's worth a try or several.
Both for potential and to try and help at least slightly take the focus off the many 3s we apparently like to shoot.
  Also, as noted in a post above, Noel is a sophomore at best because he got limited playing time his first two years.


11/09/2022 7:54 am  #75

Re: GW vs Virginia St Game Thread

I would guess that for the previous two seasons, no successful coaching took place addressing rebounding at GW. Since, the hiring announcement, we have started to see improvement. Last year, it was all about out jumping the other team. Now, at half time you see the team start to body the VSU players and win under the rim. The changes after VSU went to a zone was a quick game time fix.

Caputo is  clearly adding parts that he needs for a complete team. All the guards give us a special skill. Clark is the quick guard, and  Harris  is the big guard defender. Each one can add to a well oiled offense and produce a point or pull an important board.(or provide a tap-in. I asked the Q or Lindo question before the game and what wee came away with was both are useful. We could run for a stretch with those two at the 4 and 5. If Harvey gives us a couple minutes this season and goes one for two, that is a positive.

The fact that Nixon got a first half look and  didn't look out of place at the end  of the game. Caputo is progressively building his bench.


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