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11/18/2022 6:07 pm  #81

Re: Other Games Thread

GW0509 wrote:

For those wondering why the heck Washington State is playing on the road at a KenPom #316 school, the game was part of the Pac 12/SWAC Legacy Series.  This series has already featured Colorado losing at Grambling State and Arizona State losing at Texas Southern.  While the purpose behind the series is laudable, it certainly has not helped the Pac-12's overall conference rating.

Thanks for the explanation. I saw highlights of this game on YouTube and was shocked that Texas Southern was the host team, the game was played at a bigger venue in Houston. Is this a multi-year thing? The fact that 2 Pac 12 teams lost to SWAC teams leads me to believe that this will not be a long-term arrangement. Like you wrote, the Pac12 agreeing to play these games which helps out the SWAC teams tremendously is great. 


11/18/2022 6:15 pm  #82

Re: Other Games Thread

Georgetown is in the midst of a colossal choke job in a tournament game in Jamaica against Loyola Marymount. They were up by 10(42-32) at the half and now trail by 12(63-51) with about 8 minutes left in the game, you can see this on CBS Sports Network. If Georgetown loses, they'll play La Salle in the consolation game. 


11/19/2022 12:14 am  #83

Re: Other Games Thread

How many rebounds did Marfo get for Quinnipiac tonight?


11/19/2022 1:54 pm  #84

Re: Other Games Thread

Umd taking st Louis to the shed


11/19/2022 3:02 pm  #85

Re: Other Games Thread

Hofstra-St. Mary’s looking like a big mid-major matchup tonight. If the Pride can somehow come out on top, would make the GW loss look pretty good (I think it’s already a decent loss considering where the program is at).

Didn’t realize Princeton and Iona, who Hofstra also beat, were expected to win both their leagues.


11/20/2022 9:57 pm  #86

Re: Other Games Thread

Gonzaga 78 Kentucky 62

Excellent day for the A10.  UMASS rolls on. Big win for Saint Louis

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11/21/2022 12:04 pm  #87

Re: Other Games Thread

South Carolina has lost to Davison and Furman (by 19) in recent days, ranking near worst in the country in points scored. Take this one off the "automatic loss" column for now.


11/21/2022 10:02 pm  #88

Re: Other Games Thread

Rhode Island loses by 20 to K State

Brayon Freeman back in action for URI. 3-11 FG, 1-5 3pt FG, 4-4 FT, 3 TO, 1 A, 11 pts


11/22/2022 3:53 pm  #89

Re: Other Games Thread

Texas Tech is beating Louisville 44-13

incredible how far they've fallen


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11/22/2022 11:44 pm  #90

Re: Other Games Thread

St Johns beat Syracuse to win the Empire Classic Title game.   One of the great rivalries back in the day

Mike Anderson appears to have turned it around in Queens,  top 35 KenPom and undefeated St Johns.  Richmond beat Temple to take 3rd place. 

Creighton beat Arkansas in a thriller - top 10 Creighton is legit contender, Arkansas has 3 NBA expected 1st round picks on this team


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11/23/2022 1:30 pm  #91

Re: Other Games Thread

American just beat Georgetown for the first time since 1982.

Pat Ewing is in a gotsa go situation.

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11/23/2022 1:34 pm  #92

Re: Other Games Thread

AU over GU.  They could win the DC championship


11/23/2022 1:57 pm  #93

Re: Other Games Thread

This win makes some sense, incredible they somehow beat Ewing and Wingate in 1982

The decision to run JT3 out of town,after 7 NCAA tourneys, 9 tourney wins, a Final 4, is looking rather short-sighted.

What has G'town ever done without a guy named John Thompson named as Coach?

Rhode Island won 57-44

21 points for Brayon Freeman.    Brayon had 18 points 5 assists 4 boards last night

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11/23/2022 2:42 pm  #94

Re: Other Games Thread

What's even worse for Georgetown is, American U's leading scorer(Colin Smalls) did not play in this game. Georgetown may have some difficulty winning any Big East games again this year.

Dayton just tipped off with Wisconsin in the opening round of the Battle 4 Atlantis on ESPN2. If Dayton wins they'll face Kansas in the next round 


11/23/2022 4:47 pm  #95

Re: Other Games Thread

Would have watched the game if I thought this would happen.
Was plausible, but AU without their leading scorer, is quite humiliating. 
Which is just fine.


11/23/2022 4:58 pm  #96

Re: Other Games Thread

The good news ... Georgetown loses to AU
The bad news ... Georgetown loses to AU meaning Georgetown is one-step closer to completely breaking from the JT era and getting a coach who will have a chance of turning the program around.


11/23/2022 10:51 pm  #97

Re: Other Games Thread

Jamison Battle and Minnesota just tipped off against UNLV in the championship game of the SoCal challenge on CBS Sports Network. They mentioned that this was his second game of the year after having foot surgery in the off season

I believe Ronny Thompson still has a high position at Georgetown, so Big John still looms over the program even though he is no longer with us. Also, as long as Ewing stays at Georgetown and keeps burning things down, it allows Caputo the opportunity to beat out Georgetown for recruits.


11/23/2022 11:46 pm  #98

Re: Other Games Thread

From the times I've watched Primo Spears play, he just doesn't strike me as a winning player. Always looking for his own shot instead of making the right play and usually takes an isolation midrange shot that disrupts offensive flow. Don't think it's a coincidence that Duquesne was such a poor team (especially passing) last year and that's carried over to Georgetown this year...

Regardless, Georgetown should be a lot better. I think the ceiling just isn't the same as it was in the past, but the program should be certainly better than it is now. Last year's team wasn't very talented. Not sure that is the excuse this year. The team has been DISASTROUS in the second half - they have been outscored by 69 points combined in the last four games by heavyweights American, La Salle, Loyola Marymount, and Northwestern. That just points to poor adjustments by Ewing.

Green Bay (the basketball team) doesn't count because they really suck and the Coppin game went to OT.


11/24/2022 12:28 am  #99

Re: Other Games Thread

3 years into JT3 they were in the Final 4 and had Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, Vernon Macklin, DeJuan Summers, Ewing Jr, all drafted in the NBA. Jeff Green is STILL in the league.

Consider the talent on that team vs the talent Ewing has brought in.

7 years later they had a 2 seed NCAA tourney team with Otto Porter (famously lost to FGC)  there was a Greg Monroe team in between.

Who has been on the Ewing teams that really belongs on a Big East team?

I've never got into the anti-G'town thing seems a little silly, but when both GW and Gtown are both struggling this much very silly.   Even if you hate them its a lot more fun to root against good Gtown teams 


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11/24/2022 5:27 pm  #100

Re: Other Games Thread

Oklahoma(Joe Bamisile) is now playing Nebraska on ESPN in the opening round of the ESPN Events Invitational. I don't think Bamisile played in the first half. 

About Georgetown, on paper it looked like they had a significant upgrade in talent with the 7 or 8 transfers they signed, but the same problems still remain..disorganized offensive sets, terrible defense and they can't establish a strong post presence even though they have 2 talented post players in Akok and Wahab. To DMVPirahna's point about Primo Spears taking questionable shots that disrupt the flow of the offense, Georgetown has like 2 or 3 other guys(Murray, Mozone) who do the exact same thing. I do sort of feel bad for Georgetown because Patrick Ewing pretty much singlehandedly built the program when he arrived in 1981, and 40 years later he has sunk the program to its lowest point!!

The Dude,  the problem is, when JTIII got fired for missing the NCAA tournament, I don't think they thought the program could get worse, they thought they were at rock bottom, not realizing the worst was yet to come with home losses to middle of the pack mid-majors and going winless in conference. Maybe they should have hired someone outside of the Thompson family tree who would come in and sign the elite players from the area, sort of like what Willard appears to be doing at Maryland

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