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11/06/2023 11:06 pm  #61

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

What a great way to start the new era.  We did what good teams do against inept opponents.  Denied open looks until it was out of reach and kept them on their heels when we had the ball until we found a rhythm and blew it out.

I had forgotten how nice it is to have a bench. Not to mention athleticism and a versatile lineup. 

Bishop - didn’t even have to do anything. Seemed content to get everyone else involved. He only took 6 shots, which is the fewest he’s ever taken in a game for GW. 

Max - looked every bit the all conference player we expected. 5-8 from three and 2-4 from 2.  19 points, 7 boards, and strong defense.  My favorite play of his was when he drove and threw a sick behind the back pass to Garrett, then went back to the 3 point line as the defender ran and Garrett, who passed back to him and he drilled a quick three with basically no time to get set going backwards.

Garrett Johnson- what a debut.  For those who didn’t see it, he looked fantastic. 5-7 from three including a turnaround three and a step back three.  My favorite play of his was a very quick drive when a defender jumped to contest a three.  It was a quick and athletic move that I didn’t expect. He also showed good speed on a defensive play chasing down a loose ball and throwing it off the other team. 

Autry - huge shout out to his defense.  He’s so strong and plays a very mature defensive game.  Doesn’t look like a freshman.  The shots weren’t falling, but they will eventually (1-8 from three).  He also has a sweet alleyoop pass.

Stretch - really nice debut.  Was as advertised as a defensive player with raw offensive game.  4 blocks and 3 steals and forced many more misses by players scared of his presence. Even had two strong buckets.  My favorite play was his back to back blocks followed by the Dikembe finger wag.

Schroder - forced it in the first half, but let the game come to him in the second and gave us so attacking punch off the bench.  Hit a three (just 1-4) but he’s clearly at his best getting downhill. My favorite play of his was a beautiful cut and inside finish in traffic off the dish.

Buchanan - impressive debut. Tried to do too much at first, but settled down. Great speed and agility for a guy that big. Had some sweet drives and gave us 9 points and 4 boards.

Hutchinson - very impressed by his debut. He’s a real pass first point guard with the handle, size; and strength to get inside the paint. He also settled down in 2H and got a lot of playing time (including with the walk one, which I loved because it let the walk ons get into the offense. 5 points, 6 boards, 4 dimes (and could have had more assists) is solid bench production.

Those guys looked like a very strong 8 man rotation 

Zam Weluch-Ume - could see some size and athleticism and even a little handle on one drive, but seemed raw.  Only played when we were up like 30. 

Keegan - looks noticeably bigger and did seem to try when he we under the glass, but he’s lately the same player.

Walk-ons - great fun and I loved seeing the team go absolutely bonkers on the bench hen Laziz had he wraparound assist to Cronin and then hit a three with a man in his face. Also loved when Arrington unselfishly tried to throw an alley oop to Cronin. Any other forward and that’s a dunk. 

All in all, it’s just one game vs a bad team, but the way the team settled into the game and had fun after pressing a bit in the first half was truly a sight to see. 

Can’t wait for the next game.


11/06/2023 11:54 pm  #62

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

GW0509 wrote:

I think our KenPom might be improving a little bit after tonight.

Hope nothing’s wrong with Christian Jones? Didn’t see any action tonight.

Also saw Max’s friend Ish Massoud in attendance tonight with a cast on his wrist. Maybe a little remorse he didn’t choose to run with the Revs?

No Antoine Smith either.  Can't believe they would give the walk ons time but not these 2 newcomers unless there is an injury.   


11/06/2023 11:56 pm  #63

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

GW0509 wrote:

Starting 5
Bishop Edwards Benny DBJ Stretch

The real question is O/U .5 points for Laziz!

If you took the over, you are a winner.


11/06/2023 11:59 pm  #64

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Also, did you notice Stretch's finger waggle after blocking a shot ala Dikembe Mutumbo?


11/07/2023 1:04 am  #65

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Really fun game and you could tell it was cathartic for many of the players (Johnson in particular). Stonehill may not be the best opponent but winning by 45 is never a bad thing.

WRGW sports blog on the game:


11/07/2023 11:32 am  #66

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

What a fun game to watch. I know it's Stonehill (and just the first game of the year), but it's been a long time since I've seen us win in a rout like that in quite some time regardless of how bad an opponent is. There will be some "crashing back down to Earth moments" at some point, but I'll enjoy what happened last night. It helped that the Skyhawks couldn't buy a bucket - they made as many FGs as we made threes, and Max/Garrett combined doubled the number of threes they made as a team. According to KenPom, we had the #1 defensive FG percentage of the night which is obviously not going to stand all year, but overall I thought more importantly the intensity was there all game (minus a few missed rotations on three point attempts here and there which is to be expected).

12 out of 13 players scored - I would have liked to have seen Amir get an attempt in the final minute but even the walk-ons looked good. It's easy to forget that Luke Cronin had multiple D1 offers out of HS. The talent top to bottom on this roster looks as good as it's been in a long time. This is probably an overreaction, but even ML's good teams at the end of the depth chart were susceptible to giving up leads to inferior opponents. I think as of now there's a clear eight man rotation for conference play - JB, Max, Garrett, Trey, Baba, Jacoi, Benny, and Darren - but I don't feel like it's a tremendous dropoff if Smith and Zam were needed as well.

Garrett! I think more attention needs to be paid when it comes to talent in the Ivy League. Just a lot of skilled and very smart players, but Garrett has great athleticism on top of that. Very happy for him that he had that kind of a game after all he's been through. On a side note, maybe I should be a bit higher on Loyola than I was earlier given the number of Ivy guys they brought in. Princeton seems to have not missed a beat either having knocked off Rutgers last night.

Max is one of my most favorite players to watch in recent memory. He plays with so much swagger while playing loose (not to the point of recklessness a la JoeBam) and just being himself out there. I'll be honest, I thought he could get to second team all-conference this year but didn't have him there to start. We'll see what happens over the course of the season but he definitely looked like he took the next step last night.

It was refreshing to see a Babatunde Akingbola on the floor and finally have a presence at the rim. Initially, it seemed like he's a bit too thin to hang down low but he had great positioning consistently and altered shots without fouling. That was my biggest concern with him against really any team (and may still be in the future), but he did a great job there yesterday. Got some nice stick backs as well, although one time where he should have had more confidence to go up with it.

JB looked the best that I've seen him defensively, and playing fewer minutes looked to make a world of difference. Saw a number of deflections that won't show up in the box score. He seemed to be content with being pass-first last night and then attempting shots in bunches when he felt like it.

Trey had an off night from three, but I don't think he really took any bad shots. It happens, and I know a 15-20 point outing is on the horizon from him at some point in the OOC slate. He looks like a player and showed great vision kicking it out for a Max 3 in the second half.

Jacoi actually led the team in minutes last night. Like Autry, he looks ready to play major minutes right away. Both of them were very aggressive in passing lanes - loved to see that! I'm not as sold on his jump shot, but really liked when he penetrated as he reliably made good decisions when to attempt a shot vs passing it to another player. He visibly had great chemistry with Darren during the game and the two should be on the court together as often as possible.

Benny made quite the opening statement by making a three while getting fouled. Like I saw during the FIBA championships, what really stands out with him is not just his slashing ability but his cutting off the ball. I think FQ alluded to that play above where JB found him. That was really well executed.

Darren had some really nice takes to the basket that I think will fall moving forward. As mentioned during commentary, he looks a lot taller than his listed height and honestly looks like a good Ricky replacement minus the frustrating moments so far. Really really happy we have him for a few years. He's a good one.

Zam looked solid out there - I didn't realize he played 14 minutes. I honestly think his lack of aggression is the majority of his issue right now, because he does look physically able to play and minus a slightly fumbled pass he didn't really do anything wrong persay on the floor. Had a nice stroke on his FTs on one of his takes to the hoop. I definitely want him to continue to get some minutes during OOC play even though it's unlikely he'll play much once conference play begins.

Shoutout to Laziz at the end. The three was a great moment (and I loved what I saw from the bench during that) but his assist to Luke in particular was pretty impressive.

Whenever Antoine gets back from injury that should only help with spacing on the floor. Is Christian a redshirt candidate?

Next up: Revenge against William & Mary. I'm sure JB will be ready for that one.


11/07/2023 11:32 am  #67

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Anyone know where Torvik has GW this morning?  Have we crept into the 280's yet?

While you can say that it was just Stonehill all you want, this was a team that finished tied for second in the NEC last season, behind a Fairleigh Dickinson team which went on to win a historic game at the Dance.  Put another way, we just dismantled a Division 1 team, filled with skilled players as any Division 1 team would have to have.  I don't care who you're's not easy to make 15 3's in a game, or to hold a team to 7-40 shooting in the first half.  It will likely be rare to see such a thorough domination on both ends of the court again, but it ought to be clear that this team has it in them.  They understand the quality of depth that they have and that understanding translates to confidence which in turn translates to having fun on the court.  And this was all without Antoine Smith and Christian Jones, two players who figure to gain minutes before the walk-ons take the court.

IMO, one of the most important keys to this season is for JBIV to consistently understand that his personal stats will be practically meaningless if this team wins.  He has already proven his ability to score and pass.  Now, it's about improving his defense, three point shooting, and above all else, winning.  Having played just 20 minutes (has that ever happened while at GW?), JBIV was all smiles, taking it all in and cheering for his teammates.  This shows maturity and one can only hope that there aren't any games where he is forcing shots just to get the average up.  After Game 1, there's absolutely no sign of this.

Like all of you, I could not get over Garrett Johnson.  He looked effortless making play after play.  But of course, what makes this so fantastic is that injuries along with a benign tumor on his hip forced Garrett to miss 2 1/2 years of playing competitive basketball.  That first time back would be nerve-wracking for just about anyone but as Garrett pointed out, after the first 3 went down, he was just fine.

Tough night for Trey but there will be much better ones ahead.  Watching him at Kenner, he appeared to be a streak shooter who could easily make his next 4 after missing his first four.  One thing to note was that at Kenner, he was effective at scoring near the rim when his outside shot wasn't falling.  The psychology of putting the ball through the rim should not be understated.  Once he did this, the outside shots started falling.  Last night, all of his attempts were from 3.  He would be wise to revisit the Kenner playbook and go get a few higher percentage shots when the outside shots aren't initially falling.  Aside from this, loved his defense and energy.  Pretty rare to watch a true freshman assert himself like this.

Stretch is just what this team needs.  He not only blocks shots, not only alters even more shots, but he's like a middle linebacker barking at his teammates.  Guys ought to absolutely love playing with him.

Could not help but think a bit of Yegor Mescherikov when watching Benny play.  Benny certainly does not have Yegor's bulk but his fearlessness with the ball while maintaining control (most of the time) was reminiscent of Yegor.  As advertised, this guy is a scorer.

Think Max may have worked on his range in the off-season?

Jacoi looked very steady at the point.  Am thinking that freshman Jacoi is going to help senior JBIV become a better point guard.  And, it will be very exciting to watch the two of them play together.

Darren possesses some very unique talent.  His game does need some refining...I am concerned that he may foul out of a game by committing 5 charges.  A lot of this is over exuberance which is more than fine.  It will be interesting to see how high his ceiling will be.

Great night, great start to the season.  Now, the revenge tour begins.  We owe both William & Mary and Hofstra some payback.


11/07/2023 12:23 pm  #68

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Johnson has a Garino feel to his game.  Kind of the way he runs and moves, fairly static upper body, even the shot release is similar.  TBD on the defensive end.  I also remember Garino turning the ball over a million times as a freshman, so grateful Johnson doesn't need to bring the ball up and we don't need to find out. 


11/07/2023 12:51 pm  #69

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game


11/07/2023 1:37 pm  #70

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

I thought Johnson was young Battle-like in the first 10 minutes, but then he started driving and dunking and rebounding and I had no easy comps.  Only potential hole I see is at the post.  Stretch could have been (and will be) called for more fouls and will have to sit more.  Behind him, Kegan seems like a few steps down and  Darren plays too fast like he did in Kenner.

Loved Autry and Jacoi having their arms out the whole time on D a-la Pato and Yuta.  Judging by how he played at Kenner, Autry had a bad game beyond the poor shooting.


11/07/2023 1:40 pm  #71

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

adclub wrote:

Johnson has a Garino feel to his game.  Kind of the way he runs and moves, fairly static upper body, even the shot release is similar.  TBD on the defensive end.  I also remember Garino turning the ball over a million times as a freshman, so grateful Johnson doesn't need to bring the ball up and we don't need to find out. 

I had said the same thing about Johnson and Garino.


11/07/2023 2:03 pm  #72

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Best part was seeing this:

(Also WRGW, whoever is doing that blog, great job)

“We’ve got many, many more guys that can make threes.” Caputo said. “We wanted to surround James with more guys who could do that. The way it worked out, we were a little bit younger in doing it, but you know when Garrett makes five, obviously Max can shoot, Benny made one, Jacoi made one.”

Johnson also spoke to the gravity James Bishop demands from the defense, and how it opens up scoring opportunities for everyone else.

“JB gives us a lot of confidence.” Johnson said. “Obviously he’s done a lot here already and teams know how good he is. So we’re gonna be ready for the ball and he’s gonna find us and that just kind of speaks to what we did in the summer. We all trust each other out there.”

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11/07/2023 4:05 pm  #73

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Missed my first home opener in probably 25 years last night except for the COVID year. Unfortunately, I didn't read the calendar correctly and had a conflict. 

However, I did catch most of it. Here's what I would say. We did what we were supposed to do and put away a terrible opponent. That actually is progress from the last 6 years. I think we have some depth and I think on a given night we have a number of players who could beat you. That bodes well.

That said, I won't read too much into the result as far as to where we are as a team until we play a better opponent. Frankly, Stonehill was awful. However, I suspect our first real test will be next Tuesday versus Hofstra.



11/07/2023 6:18 pm  #74

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Long Suffering Fan wrote:

Also, did you notice Stretch's finger waggle after blocking a shot ala Dikembe Mutumbo?

Yeah that finger waggle was missing after he air balled his layup.


11/07/2023 6:47 pm  #75

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

I've noticed through the years that it is usually hard to come by highlight packages for GW's games, so I'm going to try and put some together this season. You can find the video for last night below!

If I'm able to keep making these going forward in terms of finding the spare time and not getting nuked by ESPN's copyright system, are there any mediums besides Twitter that any of you find convenient to view these on?

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11/07/2023 9:50 pm  #76

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Thanks GWF4!


11/07/2023 11:22 pm  #77

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

GWFinalFour, great hightlights, went looking for them last night, didn't see any. 
Shouldn't GW do their own?

Well done, how do you do that?  

Just 1 game but dang did Maximus and GJ look good!!

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11/08/2023 2:13 am  #78

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

I believe that 45 point win was our biggest since the first game of the season 9 years ago when we beat Howard 92-40.  Pains me to say but that season was the last time we made the NCAAs (after like 8 appearances in 15 years, it’s hard to believe it’s been 9 since any and 1 in like 16 years).


11/08/2023 7:10 am  #79

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

Garrett Johnson scored  21 points in 24 minutes, shooting 8-10 from the field and 5-7 from the three.  He had 9 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal.   Does anyone remember a more auspicious start at GW for anyone playing his first college game GW?  Or for that matter, his first game at GW, even if not the first college game?   

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11/08/2023 8:30 am  #80

Re: GW vs Stonehill Game

would you play for this guy?

Seems so!!! Is 2023 the return of GWU Hoops? It starts with recruiting. Why did Johnson start? Because he was going to score 20+ and pull 9 boards? He is a sound player and can keep the ball moving and as the coach said, he is a threat if you don't cover him. We have a team now that is set up to drub our opponents with a two man game on offense. We didn't bother against Stonehill. As Caputo suggested with the joy over Johnson's night exploding, we have the shooters. We had numerous good personal appearances in short chances. Our load of young guards, our depth with the young bigs....on and on.

The true tests are on the way.

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