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7/23/2019 10:06 am  #1

Hatchet Article on Bautista

Found this article from today's GW Hatchet.  Who knew they printed the Hatchet in the Summer?


7/25/2019 9:07 am  #2

Re: Hatchet Article on Bautista

I did! In the old paper-only days, there was one issue a month in the summer.


7/25/2019 9:13 am  #3

Re: Hatchet Article on Bautista

Yesterday, in the second round of the William Jones Cup (Asian version of Pan AM Games), Japan beat Gilas Pilipinas (Philippines) 85-82. In that game Mei Lyn scored 16 points, including 4 from beyond the arc. Details from the first game, where the Philippines was routed by New Zealand, were scarce, so it's not clear whether Mei Lyn played in that game.
As an aside, Watanabe was the leading scorer for Japan. 

Just an update: Mei Lyn did play in the first game and had eight points. News story said:
"Hayes added 17 points, built on three triples, for Gilas while felllow floor general Mei-Lyn Bautista added eight points." "Floor general" just doing her thing. 

Next game is tomorrow.

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7/28/2019 7:14 am  #4

Re: Hatchet Article on Bautista

Gilas Pilipinas just completed a brutal 5 games in 5 days in the Williams Jones Cup. The team was 0-5, but they were competitive in 4 of the games. Mei Lyn did OK for her first international competition, but from the video I saw, she seemed not to be in mid season basketball shape. Her scoring line for the five games was: 8, 16, 8, 12, 5. 
Hopefully, she'll be able to continue playing via this venue in the future.


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