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1/18/2020 3:23 pm  #1

Davidson 62 - GW 55

Women came back from a miserable 1st half where they scored a total of 15 points to get close at the end, but not quite enough to win.   Davidson now 5-0 in the A10.


1/18/2020 5:31 pm  #2

Re: Davidson 62 - GW 55

Team actually played OK, especially solid on defense. One stat that sticks out: 1-19 from 3pt range. 
Glass half full - played top A10 team at their court, hit 1-19 from three and was still competitive, especially with great play inside the paint.

Team has to get more consistent. Came into the game shooting 34% from 3pt range. Few of the 3s were forced, but many were open looks that we seemed to rush. The first half would have been close if we could have hit a few.

Like the men's team, this team drives a little too often, many times with bad results. 

I thought Levy came in today and gave some good minutes. MoKwuah and Maund were good inside.

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