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3/06/2024 10:21 am  #361

Re: James Bishop IV

If you are in the DC area this evening, I really hope you will come out for James's Senior Night.  For many, it will be the last chance to see James play in person, and he deserves a tremendous show of support.

JB is one of the top offensive players to ever wear a GW uniform.  We expect the most out of those who possess the most and by that standard, it was easy over the past 4 years to grow frustrated at times with JB's play.  This however should not detract from his enviable accomplishments.  Far more often than not, he was a joy to watch in person, coming up with unbelievable plays and clutch moments that we could only dream about.  

It's been said here, more than once, that JB may go down as GW's most underappreciated star player.  While this may in fact be true (note to season thread...GW's most polarizing or underappreciated players), tonight is the night to show your appreciation.  If you can be there tonight, make sure you are.

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3/06/2024 11:26 am  #362

Re: James Bishop IV

A future hall of famer, he may also be our most overrated and under appreciated player ever

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3/06/2024 11:44 am  #363

Re: James Bishop IV

Wrote this about JB ahead of his senior night:


3/06/2024 12:07 pm  #364

Re: James Bishop IV

Thanks for the article GWS. I for one am looking forward to attending Bishop's senior night tonight. It would be great if they could get a win for him, but failure to do so will not diminish my last chance to see him play in person. I hope he does great things in his soon to be professional career.

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3/06/2024 1:18 pm  #365

Re: James Bishop IV

Here is to James Bishop on senior night!

One of the most prolific and entertaining players in GW history and a man who is all over the all-time leaderboard

Like with Chris Monroe the all-time leading scorer before him when GW was victorious it was  largely because of him, and when we did not it was often in spite of their heroics.


3/06/2024 1:42 pm  #366

Re: James Bishop IV

I’m pulling for JBIV tonight and appreciate what he’s done during his time at GW.  What impressed me the most, and often goes unnoticed, was his durability.  Last year he played an obscene number of minutes and did it again this year.

He’s a uniquely skilled player who faced some serious  challenges both as a result of coaching and Covid factors.

Bob and Pat Tallent played significant roles in my freshman year back in 1971.  The historic significance of what JBIV has accomplished can’t be emphasized enough. 

Thank you James!!


3/06/2024 2:20 pm  #367

Re: James Bishop IV

There are some very nice tributes to James, as well as a great article by gwstudent2024, over on the James Bishop IV thread.


3/06/2024 3:20 pm  #368

Re: James Bishop IV

It would be incredibly sweet to get a victory for JB. 


3/06/2024 3:29 pm  #369

Re: James Bishop IV

I know JB is a soft-spoken guy, but for one night he should channel his inner Mike Hall and bust out Mike's UNCW huddle speech. 

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3/06/2024 3:32 pm  #370

Re: James Bishop IV

Our biggest hope is that the emotion of senior night will propel a win, despite the last 12 games
 While not sure I would bet on it, it's at least a possibility.
      We're due and James, along with our two departing 1-year additions playing their last home game, could propel us to get it together for tonight's game. Certainly hope so, anyway.



3/06/2024 9:17 pm  #371

Re: James Bishop IV

Absolute masterpiece from James on Senior Night

27 points 6 assists 8-13. 5-9 from 3

What a performance and victorious upset in his final home game.  Great win for GW

Way to go James !  Way to go GW.


3/06/2024 9:47 pm  #372

Re: James Bishop IV

Great interview after the game with James. What a good guy - was really excited about the win and the whole night. Really proud to have him represent GW.


3/07/2024 1:36 pm  #373

Re: James Bishop IV

James is shooting :

84% from the line

38% from 3

Last season when he was 1st team all Atlantic 10 he shot 29.9% from three and 77% line

Enormous improvement in the shooting this season from his 1st team all Atlantic 10 season a year ago.

He's also 3rd in the league in assists and third in the league in scoring

What a GW career for James Bishop IV

“He’s carried me for two years.” Caputo said. “I don’t know what the heck we’ll do when he’s gone. Every time we win I’m like, ‘Oh, we won because he played great.’ He’s one for the ages here."

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3/12/2024 11:51 am  #374

Re: James Bishop IV

Bishop earns a postseason All-Conference honor for the third-straight season, becoming the first GW player to do so since Chris Monroe in 2001-2003.

The senior guard is third in the league in scoring at 18.3 ppg, his fourth-straight year finishing among the league's top three in points per game. He also averaged 4.4 assists per game to finish fourth in the A-10. He was the only player in the league to rank among the top five in both categories.


3/12/2024 12:13 pm  #375

Re: James Bishop IV

GW0509 wrote:

Long Suffering Fan wrote:

An old basketball adage….There is no more overrated player than the leading scorer on a bad team

The comp for JBIV right now is Ryan Daly from a few years back at St Joe’s. Averaged something like 20 ppg for a bad SJU team and got 3rd team all conference.

Good, correct call GW0509.  Far more insightful than the early season barrage of "James should be the Player of the Year" calls, or the later amended "James is likely all-First Team" calls, each monotonously suggested only by The Dude.


4/16/2024 1:44 pm  #376

Re: James Bishop IV

JB is going to participate in the Pre-combine tournament this year. Congrats to him and good luck!

P.I.T. @PIT_Basketball Apr 14
The final player in our field of 64 joins us from @GW_MBB! Welcome James Bishop IV #PIT24

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4/16/2024 4:18 pm  #377

Re: James Bishop IV

More on JB this week in Portsmouth.  He will first play this Thursday night at 7:00 pm.  He will then play at either 3:15 on Friday (should his team lose) or at 9:00 pm on Friday (should his team win).  On Saturday, he could play at either 11 am, 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm or 7:00 pm .  All games may be streamed.

He is playing on the Sales Systems, Ltd. team along with the following teammates:

Fardaws Aimaq                Cal
Kalib Boone                      UNLV
Jaylin Williams                  Auburn
Riley Minix                        Morehead State
Vonterius Woolbright         Western Carolina
Tyrece Radford                 Texas A & M
Max Abmas                       Texas (formerly the hero at Oral Roberts who upset the Buckeyes)



4/19/2024 9:35 am  #378

Re: James Bishop IV

JB's final stat line in Game 1: 11 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, 2 steals; 5-7 FG, 1-2 3-PT in 22 minutes. Not a bad showing, although he had four turnovers and his team lost by 18. They play again later today at 3:15 PM.

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4/19/2024 12:38 pm  #379

Re: James Bishop IV

dmvpiranha wrote:

JB's final stat line in Game 1: 11 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists, 2 steals; 5-7 FG, 1-2 3-PT in 22 minutes. Not a bad showing, although he had four turnovers and his team lost by 18. They play again later today at 3:15 PM.

7 shots, two assists, four turnovers. Where have I seen stats like that from him before?


4/19/2024 4:28 pm  #380

Re: James Bishop IV


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