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5/25/2023 6:34 pm  #101

Re: Ricky Lindo

¬†fepabapanama Nothing is impossible ūüó£ÔłŹ The words of inspiration from our national team Ricardo Lindo for the young Panamanians #VamosPaEncima¬†



8/09/2023 9:33 am  #102

Re: Ricky Lindo

Ricky will begin his pro career in Finland. I hope his new team has a backup big when he inevitably picks up his second foul five minutes into the game trying to go for a steal. All kidding aside, I'm happy for him and am excited to see what he's able to do at his next stop!

Kouvot @Kouvot Aug 8
SOPIMUSUUTISIA!! 203-senttinen Ricky Lindo Jr Kouvojen tulevan kauden sentteriksi… #kouvot #kouvotbasket [url=ä?src=hashtag_click]#unelmiayhdessä[/url] #korisliiga


8/11/2023 11:36 am  #103

Re: Ricky Lindo

Is it a bit obnoxious to add that the second foul that Ricky inevitably picks up which dmvpiranha has alluded to naturally takes place 35 feet away from the basket?

We kid because we love.  Am very happy for Ricky and Brendan.  Two more examples of GW being a great place to prepare for a career in professional basketball.


7/03/2024 2:42 pm  #104

Re: Ricky Lindo

Ricky has signed on to play with the Dallas Mavs in the Summer League. Hope he kills it!


7/03/2024 3:00 pm  #105

Re: Ricky Lindo

Way to go Ricky! good luck to you sir!


7/14/2024 6:39 am  #106

Re: Ricky Lindo

DNP-CD in Game 1


7/14/2024 7:15 am  #107

Re: Ricky Lindo

Too bad he's not related to Lebron and getting 20 minutes more a night that should go to more worthy players!
That Bronny is even on an NBA team after having trouble getting anything done on a very bad USC team is pretty hilarious.  ESPN sure loves the story though, its their front page day after day. 

Lindo will get some run soon...


7/16/2024 6:38 am  #108

Re: Ricky Lindo

Stat-line for Game 2

3 mins
0-2 from the field.  His first layup attempt was blocked.  His second was a missed wiiiiiiiide open layup.  One of those "almost too open" situations.
1 foul
-4 +/-

BTW, you can watch the replay here:

Ricky comes into the game at about the 4:30 mark of the 1st Quarter.

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7/16/2024 1:42 pm  #109

Re: Ricky Lindo

It's always nice to see our guys receive chances on big stages but truth be told, Ricky, James and Brendan just aren't NBA players.  Compare Ricky to Mike Hall, who played in the League for a week or two, and there really isn't a comparison.  James has explosiveness but can't shoot at a high enough level, play strong enough defense, or instinctively help make his teammates better to be a bona fide candidate.  Brendan had a great final season at GW but there are just so many guys with his size and skill set that it makes standing out that much more difficult.

Jameson is an interesting possibility because he learned how to be a scorer on top of his great shooting.  It didn't hurt that he played on a shitty Gopher team where Big 10 defenses could key on him and yet he still put up numbers.  Then, he substantially improved his shooting while being less of a marked man on a better Ohio State team.

I'd say the next best hope of someone landing in the NBA with GW ties would be Jun.  He has a long way to go but does possess the combination of size, speed, agility, ball handling, court vision and shooting touch that can be a matchup problem for many defenses.   


7/17/2024 7:03 pm  #110

Re: Ricky Lindo

DNP-CD in game 3.

The Mavs summer league team is being coached by former BC Eagle and Washington Wizard Jared Dudley so any complaints should be directed towards him.


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